This weekend in DDO

I have been skipping my friday runs on Cannith for irl stuff a few times lately, so this friday I skipped a party for DDO πŸ™‚ On Cannith, we have a static group, we used to be 5 and now we’re down to 3: clonk (me), rogue and druid. This friday we ran some Necro 4 (again) to get the last pieces for the sigil, one run of Litany, took lvl 18 and started running the Web of Chaos chain.

Keronna in Lords of Dust. Was a very good run.

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Maidae update: A New Invasion

Maidae is my first TR and she is currently on her second life as a monk, at lvl 21.Β  Last life I TR’d at 20, so I never unlocked the ED’s or flagged for ToD. Grim has been running with me/ helping me flag, and we left A New Invasion until last, as it’s the most difficult one. Not the quest itself, but the end fight. I lfm’d and we got a rogue and an arti, and used 2 hirelings. I lfm’d for “ip, send tell, heals + caster”. As I got a tell from a healer, we lag froze, and before I was able to get a reply to him, he had logged off. We restarted and got a wizard as an addition to the party. Second time went a lot better, and we got to the end fight with good time left on the clock. I figure we might just as well all go in, but it didn’t go so well. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Boss reset. and again. Wizard wanted to try and solo, as we didn’t do so well as a group, and we let him. Ding. Wizard dead. He said he didn’t have time for more, and left.Β  I should point out that we were running elite on level, so the highest level char was 21.

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Cerge update: lvl 4

Cerge is my 2nd TR and is currently on his second life, this time as a rogue/ wizard. He does very well on traps atm, while his spell dc is pretty low (at 1rogue/ 3 wiz). This week we did habor and market lvl 2’s, then a few lvl 3’s.Β  Here’s the pics I managed/ remembered to take πŸ˜›

Cerge did ok in The swiped signed, managed to get a bit past the shrine before he died πŸ˜›


We had a lot more problems in Where the smoke’s at…


Ty for reading and remember to have fun πŸ™‚

Trying FoT U17.1 epic elite

I went out on Friday night for the first time in a long while, slept in on Saturday and then had a bunch of chores I wanted to do before logging on to ddo. So, I didn’t log on til 10pm. I saw Supergimp on an lfm for ee FoT, sent him a tell that I was considering it, no reply, so lfm’d for CitW Normal. I barely got it up before Super sent me a tell asking me to join him instead, and when Demonnibler joined me I asked if he wanted to go join Super instead.

First try, we enter with a full group and plan was to follow the same tactics as on normal or hard. Things got messy and the dragons killed us, one by one. Divine intervention saved me, but as everyone else was dead, I didn’t last long after getting up.

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The new Cerge

As you who follow me on Twitter know, I just TR’d Cerge, my level 25 warforged sorcerer. He is currently a warforged 1 rogue/2 wizard, as I write this post. I spent way too much time on the “look” screen when recreating him, because I couldn’t quite decide how he should look. After creation, I felt like I might have made him look almost the same as before. Here are my before and after pictures:

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Maidae update; Epics

My first and so far only TR Maidae hit 20 on Wednesday and early this Sunday I wanted to take her into her first epics: eH VON 5-6 and eH ADQ 1-2. My exceptions were to suck badly and to die easily. Turns out that her dps is maybe a bit low for epics hards still (took me a while to take out single mobs solo), but I had the right wraps, and my +3 paralyzing handwraps of pure good would even work in eH. πŸ™‚ in VON6 I was right up there with the melee during fire (Maidae still has just under 500hp) and I I don’t remember noticing taking any damage at all. Maidae got just over 100k xp from VON5 (first time ever running it and on eH) and something like 40?k from VON6.

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Maidae update; Dreaming Dark

Short blog. πŸ™‚ Grim’s been helping me level my first and only TR Maidae. It’s been a while since I TR’d, and levelling has been slow, even with farming the Necros. I decided to take 19 and Maidae is currently missing only 50k xp for level 20.

On Monday we had decided to run the Dreaming Dark chain, elite on level. I crafted myself +5 anarchic burst handwraps of pure good for the boss, since my 2 harry beaters are either ml20 or not good (going to combine them with a tod ring).

Me and grim started with hirelings, but before the boss fight in the first quest (Eye of the titan), we had a full group (I think party was lvl 18-19). We ran the flagging quests somewhat quickly, then headed for Dreaming Dark…elite. I told the party that DD elite on level is very hard, but except for people failing the jumps, it was rather easy. Enter boss fight, me and grim kept the earth dragon finisher going and since the living nightmare bugged and didn’t spawn, boss fight was easy, with no deaths. Rerun short man on hard (we lost the fvs and arti), the nightmare spawned and I think everyone died in turns, except my hireling. πŸ˜› Go Kiln!

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Weekend post

Blog time. πŸ™‚ I haven’t had much time to “fix” my wordpress blog. It’ll take some time for me to get used to it/ be happy with it. We’ll see what happens.

This Friday I passed on Cannith night, as I had a couple of friends + my sister coming over for drinks and games (Buzz quizes). πŸ™‚ We had a nice time, prolly a bit too much to drink, and the ppl stayed til 4am on Saturday morning. My sister was staying over, so on Saturday we decided to go bowling and to see a movie (ended up picking Oz the Great and Powerful). I’m not a great bowler, but playing with a bit of a hang over seemed to work very well, lol. Second round I bowled a perfect round, i.e. didn’t miss a single pin the whole round, got a few strikes and the rest was spares. 195 points, and my best round so far. πŸ™‚ Very cool.

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Jarvanna is growing up April 2, 2013


Oh noes. I said I’d take a break from blogging, but meh. I don’t like my new home yet. Maybe I’ll get used to it? I don’t know. But, but I wanted to show you my baby druid. Slowly, slowly she’s growing up. She just capped for 12 and took 11. I’m levelling no faster or slower than my sister and her druid, and we’ve been running together only about once a week, so it’s been going slow. πŸ™‚ But look at her.

She’s changed her hair colour twice and she keeps changing outfits and weapons. She just picked up a scimitar of poison from VON3 and it’s all green! πŸ™‚ Need to try it out. And with level 11 she got dire bear form and the mud man summon.

Ok, so this wasn’t the most intelligent post I’ve written, but look at her?! πŸ˜€

Take care and see you around.

Cheers, Micki