Weekend raid marathon

Since I had things to do on Sunday, my plan was to run raids on Saturday night until I was too tired. Instead I ended up running til I was out of time, a total of 18h.

Here’s a short run down of what I did:

1. Thazara – Solo ToD Normal – DC in part 2.


2. Cerge – hit a hard shroud lfm – Completion.

3. Thazara – joined Gimpfest’s hard FoT – lagged out, wipe. Was the last one standing, lol.


4. Cerge – lfm for ADQ pre eN, raid eH – Solo 4 rooms, joined by 2 for the last 2, then 3 more for completion. 6 manned eH raid. Completion.

5. Cerge – joined Item’s Titan raid as the 12th person – Completion.


6. Maidae – joined Item’s Abbot raid – about 1h, several restarts, hard completion.

7. Thazara – joined Definitely’s (Dark Prophecy’s) eVON – pre eN, raid eH, completion.

8. Thazara – joined an elite shroud lfm as the first person, filled quickly – nice and smooth, completion.

9. Thazara – lfm’d for hard ToD – raid filled quickly, good smooth run, completion.

10. Thazara – lfm’d for eADQ, got 2 groups – pre eN, raid eH, quick and smooth, completion.

11. Thazara – lfm’d for hard CitW, filled quickly – lagged badly in leg fight and after, decided to restart. Lost half the party. New lfm, dps a bit lower, hard end fight, but we got through it, completion.


12. Cerge – joined Cleazy’s eVON lfm – pre eN, raid eH. Good and smooth run, completion.

13. Thazara – joined Pixie’s hard FoT – difficult fight, but victory in the end, completion.

14. Cerge – lfm’d for CitW – Cleazy and other guildie joined. Filled slowly. Good and smooth run, completion.

15. Cerge – joined Cleazy’s lfm for FoT normal – difficult fight, lots of deaths and resources spent, wipe as reaver and dracolich were prepped.

FoT Normal

Maidae picked up a Purging the Pantheon from Abbot and Thaz got 4 comms total from CitW and FoT. Cerge picked up a Nightmare from CitW, since no one else wanted it, and both Thaz and Cerge got some tokens/ frags. Shroud gave some mats.

That was just a short blog about a long game time last weekend, lol.
Ty for reading and have a wonderful rest of the week.


7 comments on “Weekend raid marathon

  1. Grats x13 😛

    Dont think i could play that long, maybe i could but would be afraid of computer exploding lol

  2. Lagging badly in the last few days, otherwise we would have joined the Maidae LFM for Sinister Storage etc…

    Is it my imagination or has the lag on Orien gotten much worse in the last week?

  3. @Samius 🙂 yeah, most of it was fun. Didn’t like Pixie yelling at me in FoT, though. I mean, u don’t have to constantly yell for heals, when u’ve got 2 healers looking after u…

    @legend 🙂 u did notice, that we had a few wipes as well?

    @MnaSidhe 🙂 hi there. No, haven’t noticed lag getting worse. It got worse with U16 and especially during early Saturdays for me, it’s been really laggy.

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