Testing the limits

I made a druid for 2 reasons: to have a toon to run with my sister with, as she was trying out the game, and to try out the druid class. I suggested my sister try a fighter, but she was more interested in the caster classes, and tried a wizard and a cleric and then bought the druid class. As she really liked the druid, I told her she doesn’t have to run the fighter with me, she can play the druid if she so prefers. So, a lot of the time it’s been 2 druids, 2 wolves, 2 hirelings and a minimum of 2 summons (3 when we had Flower and her summon). We’ve been duo’ing quests elite on/under level that I more than once thought would be too hard for just us (like VON1).

So, this Tuesday, I wanted to see how we’d do in the Xorian Cipher. The horror quest, at least when pugging. I invited TorGrimorde to join us on her newly made vet2 toon. We buff, buff the wolves, grab our hirelings and in we go into the Path to Madness elite. First mob attack: “damn that was many arcane skellies”. *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding* *Ding*. Only one still alive was… Awesomesauce. My wolf. Told u he’s awesome, didn’t I? 😀 Release, rebuff and retry. Let’s go slow, ok?

Restart and we moved slower. Pulling the mobs a little at a time. We got to the quest without anyone dying. Inside the quests, druid summon and buff, and on we go. Everything’s pretty good until it’s time for the split. I suggest I do the puzzle and the other do the fight. I go in, start doing the puzzle, then get hit hard and realize I have to take out the mobs in there first. As I’m doing this the others drop one by one in the other room. I finish the puzzle, then wonder how the hell I’m gonna fix the situation. I cast a few firewalls from above, but they do nothing. I also tell my hire to go raise, but she just dies. So I jump down and head for the shrine. On my way there I die, but am close enough to the shrine to get back up. And guess who’s still alive? Awesomesauce of course. I’m trying to stay alive long enough to damage the orange names that followed me, but I’m just dying, so I let Awesomesauce fight instead. He goes down and suddenly my hireling shows up and gets back up again. I keep telling the wolf to get back up after he dies and after a short while the wolf takes out the mobs.

I get up and head back to the main room but there are still arcanes skellies around. I stay back and let the wolf do the work again. 🙂 And he does, as long as the hire is healing him. 🙂 After the mobs are cleared, I can just pick up the stones and we can get back up, shrine and rebuff.

On to the next hallway, which is the trapped one. I cast firewall on the archers and take them out from afar. I park my hireling and wolf before the traps and try to make a run for it. Damn it, I didn’t know there were that many traps. Not only is there the first blade trap, but after it there’s force and spikes. I made it to the spikes. My hire and wolf’s still alive, but I can’t think of a way to get up back up (now I realise I could have just run back to the hire for a raise and run back through the traps before taking it). Grim used a few cakes to get us back up.

Xorian cipher, trapped hallway

The next room has a collapsing floor with a chest and an orange named spider. What we didn’t realise is that the gate closes behind u when the floor falls (so the others got locked out when I walked in). I jump on the side to get the chest, then send my wolf after the spider. Grim raised my hire who had died in the traps on her way to me, and she teleported in on command. Awesomesauce takes out the spider and and I can go get the key in the next room. Oh, and my hireling, Fayden Maeleth, was also awesome in there. She could do all the runes, except the last intelligence one.

Well, sounds like we’re good so far, except for some cakes used? Well, at this point I was out of mana, hirelings were running out, I hadn’t remembered to stock up on wands or pots and had no buffs. My sis could buff a little, but we had no death ward for example (I had dw, just no mana to cast it). So, on to the boss fight exhausted, broken and without almost anything. The dogs proved too much for us and we wiped. Grim to the rescue. She gets us back up and I try to just heal with what little I have and stay alive. *ding*. Dead again. I choose to not fight. I’m a pacifist.

We get rid of all the trash and it’s only the end boss left. My cold dot’s doing nice damage and the echo gives me enough mana to keep casting it, while hiding behind a wall. Grim and sis are meleing. Grim goes down, but my dot takes the doggie out and we only need to pick up the Cipher to complete the quest. Yay! Short man Xorian Cipher completed! Blood, sweat and tears, but victory!

Check out the quest report:

Quest report 1 Quest report 2 Quest report 3

Short man, Xorian Cipher elite on level. On gimp/ semi-gimp, under geared toons. Anything’s possible. 🙂

Ty for reading and happy questing.


5 comments on “Testing the limits

  1. haha, ive had some fun times there.

    3hour run and didnt even finish lol

    One were i took a extremly new sorc, didnt tell him much and being a ice savant he wasnt best pleased

    Then one where some got locked out and had to watch a long and grueling fight

  2. You didn’t mention the “second” shrine, behind the hidden wall – had you used that one too?

    I like XC, but I’ve only run it twice. But Shin and I are favor running, so it’s coming back up the list.


  3. @legend I had a good run in there with a full party on my monk last life, pugs can be a pain.

    @comic, getting to that shrine would have meant running back through the traps, and we weren’t even sure it was there. 🙂

    We might be going back on hard the next time. 🙂

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