Saturday night is raid night

After 2 weeks of no raids, except an eVON and a hard shroud on Wednesday, I was starting to suffer from raid abstinence. So, my Saturday plan was raids, raids and more raids. I’ve got 2 epic toons, Thazara is flagged for everything, except Reaver’s Fate, as I didn’t bother to reflag her after U17, Cerge is flagged for Titan, Shroud, VON, ADQ, CitW and FoT, and my lvl 18, Maidae is flagged for Titan, VON, Shroud and Abbot. Why Titan, u ask? Well, I have a friend who’s a bit obsessed with that raid, so I ended up flagging all my toons. The gloves would be awesome for Cerge, though.

Early evening
So, I logged at 8pm and found Andy running eADQ, looking for a 2nd group. I offer to do it. I pretty quickly get 4 ppl, then I dc (my 3G net connection lost the net). I get back, I run to the quest, head for monkey and I dc again, had to restart the client again. I have a full group at this point and when I get back I do bat. On eN bat’s actually very easy for Cerge, I can just spam my mass cold spells and everything dies before they can damage me too much. Thaz is a much slower caster, so she usually has more problems there, although at lvl 25 it’s still kind of easy. We finish, and enter the raid, and lag freeze. Reenter. Lag freeze again. I just make it out, and I dc again. I get back in and the party has re-entered, but are waiting for me at the first gate. Raid itself went very well.

I post for shroud for “quick hard” (which I think sounds rather dirty, lol), and as we’re filling I dc again. Damn 3G! Well, we manage to get a full party with 1 cleric and a druid as healers, our dps is good and we 1 round p4 and don’t park in p5. I forgot to check quest report after, but it was a semi quick run.

Someone in my party says “ToD next?” and I’m like “sure. I’m just gonna clean inventory and switch to Thaz”. Well, I dc before I get the chance to do anything, so I just log on Thaz. I get back to find my group has put up an lfm for ToD “Thaz’s group”. XD lol. Ok. 🙂 We fill somewhat quickly, but as I’m waiting for a 12th, I dc again. Meh. I’m getting seriously frustrated at this point. My memory’s a bit blurry here, but I think we had a bad instance first, so we restarted. Some ppl wanted to do elite, so we did elite. And what do I do? In p1, I run up to the judge to pull him, like I usually do. I fail, hit the jailer, then stand there trying to hit the judge, not paying attention to my hp and “ding!”. 🙂 I told the group “This is embarrassing. I’m blushing here.” 🙂 One more person joined me a while later, but other than that p1 went fine, as did the rest of the raid… except I dc’d again while dead in the penalty box. But I got loot anyway. Yay!

Later on
After ToD someone said they were gonna follow me around the rest of the night, but as I noticed Gimfest (the guild) running eADQ, I wanted too join them instead. I click on one of the group’s lfm, but the leader dc’s right after. So I join the other group, only to dc on my way through Sands. Damn it! And, when I finally make it to the quest, I notice I didn’t even pick it up. Damn it twice! Thaz still gets some XP from ADQ, so I hate arriving late, but at least they waited for me, so I got the completion. Another guy, though, didn’t realise he hadn’t picked it up and wasn’t able to run the raid. Again we had to restart the raid 1-2 times because of a bad instance. Raid itself was good.


I put up an lfm for elite shroud right after, but Andy sends me a tell to go join eVON, and I notice that Gimpfest is running that one too. I join and run there. Andy joins on his cleric. I can’t remember exactly how the raid went, but it was fine. But all Thaz got from the epic chest was a shard. One single item: a shard. I can’t even remember which, but I picked it up cause it was all I got.

At this point in time Item was putting together a party for the first run of Abbot (the Titan channel runs several runs of Abbot every Sat). I got in, then was kicked, because apparently I got someone else’s spot by mistake. Andy who was in the party left to give me his spot, but Item misunderstood and gave it to someone else instead. I was told I could join for the second run, but I wanted to run CitW, so I posted for it.

Night time/ morning
Now, if I’m not completely confused, at this point Cleazy had logged and we both joined a hard FoT. I had not done hard yet, so wanted to (on Thaz). Group was not that good. Or, group might have been good, but the leader wasn’t leading, and that is never good. I mean, u don’t need to lead much, but having a plan and assigned roles makes things so much smoother. We were 3 divine, me, a cleric friend of mine and C. As we enter, both the others die on a trap. I guess I got lucky, cause I managed to stay alive and raise, but some time later I died, after which I died several more times and was getting frustrated over the lack of leadership. But we managed to get through in the end. Nothing dropped for me, but I got a comm, which was nice.

I wanted to run a hard CitW so C put one up for me. Some friends of mine joined. Everything was ok up until the last fight. Our cc died, after which we all dropped one by one and Ana took a mayor beating, so we lost the opt chest. We were a bit low on dps over all, maybe, and the raid felt like it took forever. But a lot of named items dropped. None that I wanted, though.


After I wanted to run FoT on Cerge, so C put one up, this time on Normal. This was a much smoother run. I cannot remember if Cerge got anything, don’t think so. Just the comm. And as a last raid before it was time for me to sleep, we did one more CitW, this time Normal. Normal on Cerge feels easy. On Hard he has some troubles getting through mobs’ spell resistance, but on normal they take a nice amount of damage. 2k+ as an average from his cold spells (I guess in DI ED). Normal CitW didn’t drop anything named. Nothing at all. We only got a few comms.

After a long break from raids, my Saturday night was: 2xeADQ, hard Shroud, elite ToD, eVON, 2xFoT and 2xCitW. I got a couple of comms and raid tokens, that’s about it. On Sunday I did a hard Abbot on Maidae as well, which imo went very well.

That’s all for now, ty for reading and have a great rest of the week.

P.S. Sorry for the long blog.

P.P.S OnMouseOver for pic info


4 comments on “Saturday night is raid night

  1. Yay very nice, i had that in von where there was only a shard, then 2 Fots with nothing and a ToD with just plat 😦

    Seems like everyone wants to raid with you 🙂

  2. LOL Micki for the death in the ToD run … surely The Goddess got her quick hard and by no others than a pair of devils … phew! 😛

    You didn’t mention the time you need it to run all these raids, but I am afraid to ask since by the looks of it must have taken a lot of hours hehe. Cheers for the runs! 😉

  3. @legend. yeah, it sucks when that happens. All that work for nothing. 🙂 I donno, some ppl do, I guess.

    @malinza XD haha. Well, I was on 8pm – 7am. But that includes the dc’s and the waiting for groups to fill.

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