Fairwell myddo

I don’t know when exactly myddo will be removed. I didn’t even know about it until someone on twitter pointed me towards it. I’ve been busy. Busy trying to get everything done while making some time for ddo.

I went to a sports physiotherapist on Thursday and she told me I’m constantly over working my lower back, that it’s like a brick atm. I’m not using my inner abs, and my upper back is really stiff and locked up, so my lower back is having to do all the work, and it is complaining a lot lately. I’m just not giving my back any rest, and that includes all the time I sit by the computer.

Oh, back to myddo going down. I’ve loved this blog. I made some friends. I actually found a home, in my opinion. So, I really don’t have any inspiration to move to another site. Maybe if they introduce blogging on ddo.com, or if I just start missing it too much? I don’t know. My problem is that with the pictures I like adding to my blog, it takes me anything from an hour to a few to finish a blog. That’s time away from ddo and other stuff, so I’ve been finding it hard to make time for it lately, and inspiration has been down.

On a side note, Thazara did pull the epic elite Shamanic Fetish the other day. 🙂 Thaz very very happy.

I will be around (u can find me on twitter: DDOMicki or via email: mickiherexx@gmail.com).




When we lagged out of a hard FoT on Saturday, someone said it was like out of the 6th sense “I see dead people”. From my point of view it was more like out of a zombie movie, or the Walking Dead. What do you think?

Thazara in FoT 1

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Testing the limits

I made a druid for 2 reasons: to have a toon to run with my sister with, as she was trying out the game, and to try out the druid class. I suggested my sister try a fighter, but she was more interested in the caster classes, and tried a wizard and a cleric and then bought the druid class. As she really liked the druid, I told her she doesn’t have to run the fighter with me, she can play the druid if she so prefers. So, a lot of the time it’s been 2 druids, 2 wolves, 2 hirelings and a minimum of 2 summons (3 when we had Flower and her summon). We’ve been duo’ing quests elite on/under level that I more than once thought would be too hard for just us (like VON1).

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Saturday night is raid night

After 2 weeks of no raids, except an eVON and a hard shroud on Wednesday, I was starting to suffer from raid abstinence. So, my Saturday plan was raids, raids and more raids. I’ve got 2 epic toons, Thazara is flagged for everything, except Reaver’s Fate, as I didn’t bother to reflag her after U17, Cerge is flagged for Titan, Shroud, VON, ADQ, CitW and FoT, and my lvl 18, Maidae is flagged for Titan, VON, Shroud and Abbot. Why Titan, u ask? Well, I have a friend who’s a bit obsessed with that raid, so I ended up flagging all my toons. The gloves would be awesome for Cerge, though.

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…and it’s a wrap!

March 1-10, 2013, Micki decided to make the most out of Crystal Cove and spent all gaming time there. 🙂 Two fridays I got to run on Cannith, and the rest I spent running on Orien, during the week Maidae and Jarvanna and on the weekends Thazara. The most shards we got running CR30, but not all groups were good enough. On Sunday morning I was done with Cove. Here’s the end result.

Items from last year upgraded from tier 2 to tier 3:

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Cove cove cove

I feel so bad, I haven’t blogged in a long while (for me, seeing as I went from blogging almost every day to 1-2 times a week and now nothing). I’ve been stressed. Trying to make time for everything, and give DDO enough time. But, I have been waiting for Cove, and my plans was to run Cove exclusively this time around for the 10 days it’s on. I’m passing on the raids and most of the quests for Cove. We’ll see this weekend, I might end my Cove runs before Sunday night, donno yet.

I started on Cannith with Keronna, getting her a ring and a trinket (the only useful items for a clonk). I’ll upgrade them on Friday. Then a few runs on Orien on our lvl 10’s with my sister (we duo’d with my hire and wolf protecting center, me torching, sis scouting). Then the weekend I did two openings at lvl 18 on Maidae and the rest on Thaz, first running lvl 26’s and then switching to 30. We learned that even with 200 over quota u make 400+ shards, with 300 over quota 500+. Nice amount of shards. Yes, the mobs are a bit tougher at CR30, but it’s supposed to be a challenge, no? 🙂 More than once I ran off down to the bowling room on my own, aggro’d too much stuff, got hit with hamstring and killed. Heh, but who wants to play safe?

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