My weekend, a quick blog

I was not having the best week. My Thursday gaming was cancelled because of the quickfix and on Friday my internet stopped working for 2.5h. After I finally was able to get on to Cannith for Cannith night, 2/3 of the others had left, and then there was the server restart. We decided to do some questing anyway, but half way through we got kicked out. So I suggested my sis join me on Orien for some VON farming.

As said before, we make a good team us 2 druids, 2 hirelings, 2 wolves and 2 summons. But VON2 elite was still a bit tough for us at lvl 9. This pic isn’t from the elite run, but from one of the hard ones we did after, but check it out, Awesomesauce is tanking the boss, lol.

VON2 boss fight

Saturday did not start off that well, either with lag, lag and more lag. I got a nice group for GH, but as I was getting buffs, the guild ship turned into a lag black hole and Thaz got stuck for over an hour. After the 4th client restart I switched to Cerge and joined some friends in Tor and then CitW. Andy talked me into joining Titan, and then I went back to running GH on Thaz. Cleazy had logged as I was running Titan and he joined me in ToD, after which we teamed up for the rest of my game time. Flagged Thaz and Cerge for FoT, ran 2xFot, then CitW, eADQ, Abbot and eVON. Total game time (including lag time): 18.5h.

This is a cool pic from Cerge’s Fot

FoT Cerge

And then Thaz’s FoT

FoT Thazara

🙂 Ty for reading and have a wonderful week.

P.S. OnMouseOver for pic info.


7 comments on “My weekend, a quick blog

  1. Yeah, I didn’t have a great week, either. Monday was aholiday for us, but I decided I’d rather get sick (stupid me). Then the cold decided it would hang around Tuesday, as well (stupid cold). Then there’s work (stupid work). ‘Nough said.

  2. @Comic 🙂 aww. Sad to hear u were sick. Hope it’s better now (P.S. I like my work, and apparently I never leave, lol)

    @Adiurd ah, that’s too bad. Hope it got better?

  3. 🙂 I got a blue helm, and some other minor stuff that I banked. Currently I don’t want anything from GH for Thaz. I want Cove.

  4. Blue Helmet is not bad if you can find usefulness for it and fit both (plus armor!) into your build. Looks more like a headache to be honest coupled with boring bonuses. I was expecting more from iconic dragon armors (okay, black might be situational decent), but meh I guess they saved us some grind. Yay! 😀

    The number/color of slots though can be good in the future (they promised unique augments after all). One can only hope! 😉

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