Time, again. And my goals

Aargh! The lack of time.

So, U17 is out, and I’ve yet to try it. Any of it. And there is a Cove preview out, haven’t checked that out either. Feels like everyone’s progressing, and I’m just stuck.

Stay clam, relax. Take a deep breath and… aaaah!

I have goals, a lot of goals. It’s the reason I go on. My goals. Everyone needs goals. My goals for my toons are as follows.

To level all the ED’s (which I’m far behind on, since a lot of others have already done this), to get the best gear I can for this kind of toon, which isn’t ur everyday cleric. She is true neutral with no UMD, so no good required can’t be used. She’s also shield using caster with melee as secondary, so she needs gear for all 3 (healing, casting and melee). One of my goals was to solo EE content, but we’ll see if I ever do. Not because I don’t think I can, more because it’ll just take longer than with a party, and I don’t think I want to waste my time. Then, another goal is to prove that a 1st life cleric can do what ever she puts her mind to (just like, just because I’m a girl, don’t tell me I can’t do stuff). I plan to solo ToD in the near future and complete it too. Haven’t decided yet if I will do it with or without optional. I’ve tried it twice so far, and on the second try I got to phase 2, where my tactics failed me, and I died. Next time better tactics, and hopefully I’ll get to phase 3 at least. I will also start doing shadow tank in ToD, since I hate waiting for one. Oh, and I also want to get all favor possible in the game. I’m currently missing many of the challenges, MA, LoB and the new raid.

My goal with Cerge was to TR, TR, TR. I want to do completionist + 3xwiz, 3xfvs, 3xsorc PL’s. But, then I decided I wanted the 20 ADQs and 20 Shrouds (which he already has), and then I decided to flag him for CitW. Currently he doesn’t do much more than run Shroud, eADQ, eVON and CitW. I plan to TR him into a rogue/wizard when Maidae and grim’s monk gets 20. Next life I want to be able to do trapper and also shadow tank in ToD. We’ll see how long it’ll take me to get the PL’s I want, or if I ever do, since I’m not power leveling, but taking my time to learn my role.

Maidae is currently on her second life and is leveling as Shintao. I want to do 3xmonk PL, 1xbarb and 1xfighter on her. First life she was a dex based dark monk, this life a str based light one. I want to do something different every life, and I want her to have evasion every life, so the barb life will be rogue multiclassed and the fighter monk. This life I will flag her for ToD and get her a ToD ring with holy burst, and I will also flag her for CitW. I want to try out my toons abilities in the raids. Her first life I ran elite shroud at lvl 20 and she did quite well (also did hard shroud at level at lvl 18, and she only died after healers ran out of mana).

I don’t really know what I want from this toon. I want to do raids, lol. I don’t currently have any TR plans, but I might do a greater reincarnate just to get her the 32p build. As I never bought the 32p build, if I start on a new server, I don’t have it. Keronna was just my “trying out the perfect cleric”. Dom called her a “one woman army”, lol, which I guess you might call her. Half-elf, monk/cleric with sorcerer dilettante. Her spells hit hard and she can use arcane scrolls. She’s not built for melee, so her melee sucks, and she still doesn’t have enough mana to nuke stuff, but against certain foes (ogres and undead), she’s awesome. Her greater command has a DC of 32? at lvl 15, and her bursts hit undead for around 400.

I made Jarvanna because I wanted to have a toon to run with my sister with, and wanted to try out the druid. Some days I love this toon, other days I don’t care much for her. What I do know is that me and sis can duo stuff on our druids, that I’ve more than once said “might be too hard”. We’ve been duoing on and over level content elite successfully. My sis is a premium player with not that many packs, so mostly we’ve farming the stuff she can run to level her toon. Because of this, and because I have so much plans for my other toons, I haven’t run Jarvanna that much, and she’s been lvl 9 for weeks now (even though capped for 11). If this toon ever gets to the higher levels, I might flag her for stuff (she’s currently flagged for VON).

My goals for me:
Omg. I started playing DDO in August 2011. Just to try it out. It started out just to have a common interest with a friend of mine, and a way to hang out together. After a falling out, I started pugging exclusively and took a real liking to the game. Slowly I increased my hours and now I play about 30h/week, sometimes more. I am torn, though. I love the game, I love the ppl I’ve met through it, but it’s also taking away from my other goals in life, and I’m not sleeping enough. I’m a java developer in real life. I’ve only been working as a java dev for 3 years (before I’ve done plsql, domain admin, IT support, etc), and it’s a learning process. I was supposed to read and do a few certificates (competence tests), but after I started playing DDO I just didn’t have any time or interest in studying. I go to a Spanish class once a week (my 4th? year studying Spanish), but I’ve also lost interest in that because of DDO.

I want to become a triathlete. I actually participated in my first sprint distance last year, and this year I’d like to do the basic distance, which is twice as long as the sprint. I would also like to run a full marathon (I’ve done a bunch of half marathons and shorter distances). But these things require focused training, and I’m currently more interested in playing DDO. 😦 We’ll see. I will do 2 half marathons this year though. The first one in May. Half marathons are a bit like eH’s. Even if you’re not maxed out, you can still get through them. 🙂 My first half marathon, I was suffering from acute sciatica, and ended up walking 2/3 of the run. Still finished in the time limit and got my medal.

Omg, I wrote a long blog… and I was just gonna rant.

😛 Ty for reading and have a wonderful day.

Peace out.

8 comments on “Time, again. And my goals

  1. Interesting read…

    Goals are always good – but so is sleeping!! 😛

    Oh, and I know exactly what you mean about playing this instead of studying for IT certification 😦

  2. 🙂 sleeping is good.. but u know, sleeping alone is no fun at all. XD

    🙂 I have the Java 6 programmer book on my table at home – it’s been there for a few month untouched.

  3. It’s far too easy to get caught up in lots of ddo. I always try to at least have something else I’m working on for when I’m sat waiting for lfms to go up, and I have a set of weights next to my PC too.
    Keep your chin up 🙂

  4. From what you have shared with us in twitter, we can tell you are a hard worker and your boss recognizes that, just don’t forget about that certification, it may give you further chances to grow in your line of work.

    We seem to have similar goals for our arcanes, I’m looking forward to share experiences with you then.

    And yes, sleeping is always good :D!

  5. DDO vice is a tricky and dangerous thing. I know because I’m addictd to it also. It’s like that hate/love drama Smeagol has with the One Ring. I love and hate you DDO 🙂

    Good luck managing your time. RL is more important than DDO (or so my wife tells me, I’m not really convinced at this point) but don’t forget to have fun.

    If this post doesn’t mak e sense its because i had a long day and had a beer with a antihistamine. Just FYI

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