Since my friend Andy claims he couldn’t find my dice pictures on twitter, I might as well post them here. 🙂 See, I’m not a D&D player. The only dice I’ve ever owned are those that came with certain board games, or Yahtzee. So, I decided that I wanted D&D dice, for no other reason than to have them. 🙂 And I wanted pretty dice. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping at DiceShop (i.e. browsing the web page), and here’s the result. 2 x 7 piece set, and 1 translucent purple, just because I thought it was pretty, lol. And a little black bag to store the dice in.

Micki's dice

My new fav die

And to start off the day, a little video (the picture is a link to youtube). This song has been spinning in my head a lot.

I'm just a girl

Have a wonderful week, and take care.

Love, Micki

22 comments on “Dice

  1. Problem with dnd is that combat in real life is much longer than in computer games, where they can be easily implemented. You should try Neverwinter nights or Neverwinter nights 2 (better graphics, 3.5 rules, more bugz, eats your CPU and memory, plus needz good videocard).

    Altho temple of elemental evil(old game based on 3.5) has the true feeling of dnd, its just it has a lvl cap of 10.

    Altho alternative solution would be launching a Roleplay-only guild, which means you have to play your character as if you were an actor:P
    “Get yer face outta ‘ere ya bloody bastard.” -dwarf speech. Tho they usually have a dialect similar to those used in Scotland.

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