My weekend, a quick blog

I was not having the best week. My Thursday gaming was cancelled because of the quickfix and on Friday my internet stopped working for 2.5h. After I finally was able to get on to Cannith for Cannith night, 2/3 of the others had left, and then there was the server restart. We decided to do some questing anyway, but half way through we got kicked out. So I suggested my sis join me on Orien for some VON farming.

As said before, we make a good team us 2 druids, 2 hirelings, 2 wolves and 2 summons. But VON2 elite was still a bit tough for us at lvl 9. This pic isn’t from the elite run, but from one of the hard ones we did after, but check it out, Awesomesauce is tanking the boss, lol.

VON2 boss fight

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Time, again. And my goals

Aargh! The lack of time.

So, U17 is out, and I’ve yet to try it. Any of it. And there is a Cove preview out, haven’t checked that out either. Feels like everyone’s progressing, and I’m just stuck.

Stay clam, relax. Take a deep breath and… aaaah!

I have goals, a lot of goals. It’s the reason I go on. My goals. Everyone needs goals. My goals for my toons are as follows.

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My weekend after the down time

I was going nuts with the server down time. It had been planned for Wednesday, so I planned to not play then.. and then ended up not playing wed-fri, which is the longest break I’ve had from the game without other plans. I did keep myself busy, though.

When the game finally got back on on Saturday, I invited TorGrimorde to help me farm for the base for the spell storing ring. The plan was that she’d kill the opt for my bank toons, so I’d get more loot chances. The most irritating bit of it, was that the rare didn’t even show up half of the time, so took us a lot more than 8 runs to ransack the chest. The ring did not drop.

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Since my friend Andy claims he couldn’t find my dice pictures on twitter, I might as well post them here. 🙂 See, I’m not a D&D player. The only dice I’ve ever owned are those that came with certain board games, or Yahtzee. So, I decided that I wanted D&D dice, for no other reason than to have them. 🙂 And I wanted pretty dice. A couple of weeks ago I went shopping at DiceShop (i.e. browsing the web page), and here’s the result. 2 x 7 piece set, and 1 translucent purple, just because I thought it was pretty, lol. And a little black bag to store the dice in.

Micki's dice

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Instance freezes and stupid ppl

🙂 Sorry for not blogging in a while, and oh, the lack of pictures. I’m gonna post some pics soon. Well, my last week in DDO was good and bad. Instance freezes have been getting more common and it’s getting on ppl’s nerves. How many instance freezes can I count last week? We froze in Gianthold Tor (had to recall), Tharashk Arena (had to recall), Caught in the Web, ToD, only to name a few. The other week Meridia froze and on Sunday Eveningstar and the Marketplace froze. I can understand why ppl haven’t been wanting to do too many raids lately. Is this only on Orien?

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Sometimes things just go wrong

As some of you know, my cleric Thazara, who is my main and has been around since August 2011, has run all quests/ raids in game on elite, except MA normal, LoB and CitW hard. I am a bit obsessed with favor, and I am hoping to get the rest of the favor done (the raids + challenges). So, when I saw an lfm for “The Master Artificer, HH or HE”, I figured it was my chance (HE and EE give the same favor, so except for MotU and the High Road, you don’t need to do stuff EE). I sent the leader a tell asking about it, and he said it was undecided which difficulty. I joined and asked the party about it, said “I’d really love the elite favor, but if it’s too difficult I’m fine with hard”. The party tells me it’s not that hard and we decide to do elite.

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9 days of gaming

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve recently had my winter vacation from work, and spent most of that time playing DDO. Yes, I know, I’m a bit of a loser, lol, but I enjoy socializing in game more than irl. 🙂 And since I was able to run earlier in the day, I got to run with Cleazy all week as well, which I usually only get to do on Saturday nights/ Sundays. So, what have I done this week and last weekend? Let’s see…

Ran some raids; 3x CitW, 3x hard ToD, 2x eADQ, hard shroud, elite shroud (+ one noob party wipe on elite), 2x eVON, 1 Reaver’s and 1 VoD. Worked on getting epic elite favor and some from challenges, worked on levelling/ capping her current ED and did some loot farming. Picked up the Holy Symbol of Lolth when working on Thaz’s 3rd ransack of the chest, and got the Twilight from a lucky roll on the last CitW. 🙂 Thazara has capped Unyielding Sentinel, Exalted Angel, Grandmaster of Flowers and Legendary Dreadnought. She is currently leveling Shadowdancer and is at level 2. After this one she will move on to the arcane circle. Thazara has run all quests and raids in game on elite, except MA normal, LoB and CitW hard.

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Some memorable moments this week

This week I’ve been on vacation from work. I was going to sleep, do household chores, exercise and play ddo, but come Tuesday I got hit by a bad cold and have mostly been playing since (well, I did do household chores as well, and took care of the degus). 🙂 I’ve worked on getting Thaz epic elite favor, ran some raids, worked some on gaining xp for my TR Maidae (she’s currently holding 16) with the help of TorGrimorde and even Jarvanna and Keronna got to come out and play some.

Loot, loot, well moot on the loot. Cerge got his torc on the 20th ADQ and Thazara got her Symbol of Lolth after working on her 3rd eH ransack of the chest where it drops. I also picked up a few +3 or upgrade +3 tomes. I didn’t remember to take too many pictures, but took a few here at the end of the week of some memorable moments (check my epic elite post for others). 🙂

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