Keronna’s story –>Jan 19, 2013

Shindurza has been waiting for this part of the series, so here it goes. 🙂

Keronna now

How it started
I started writing a blog on myddo in March 2012. Yes, March. Not as much as I do now, and I didn’t have any pictures. At the same time I started reading some of the other blogs and commenting as well. I love interacting with ppl online, and I’ve for a long time been active on different forums and social media. Apparently many of my comments were just a “lol” or something similar, becuase when Shin sent me a message May 16th he started with “…girl dropping the LOL’s in our blogs? :)”. 😛 teehee.Anywho, Shin told me he had made a guild on Cannith strictly for myddo bloggers and commentators, and was asking if I would like to join. I told him that I don’t really think I have the time, since I have a lot of plans for my toons on Orien, but that I’d think about it. Shortly after I learned that Domfig had made an fvs on Cannith, and I started to itch for giving Cannith and the guild a try. So, come the end of May and I made Keronna.

Before I picked what kind of toon to make, and I only had the 28p build to work with as I’ve never bought the 32p one, I asked Shin what class he needs. He told me “The guild on Cannith has exactly ZERO Sorcerers, Zero Favored Souls, and a couple of clerics that are never run.[…]The fact that you like clerics, however, is a nice bonus :)”. I decided to make “the toon I always wanted to make”, that is, a caster clonk (2monk/18cleric) with sorcerer dilettante. I used Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Planner and came up with a build with maxed wisdom, 14 cha, a little bit of int and the rest in con. Dumped dex and str (let me know if you want to see the plan). As I again had an elf like creature, I needed a fitting name and used the Random female elf name generator to search for a name. Keronna means; Ker: spell, onna: caster. Keronna the spell caster.

Questing and levelling
I started out on a new server with a 28p build and no gear. I solo’d Korthos on hard, as elite was a bit too much for a dumped str caster cleric, then lfm’d for help when I got to The Harbour. 🙂 I got some fun ppl that were joking over voice and had a great time. Some time after I pugged the swiped signed and that was just crazy. Ppl were zerging and dying. I was using wands to heal because ppl were taking damage like crazy and we still wiped and re-entered. After that run I met Domfig and shortly after Nessana joined us, and us 3 started running stuff together. No more pugging. 🙂 I kept getting excited and giddy over my toon. She was very different from Thaz and had some cool abilities. Someone gave me a bunch of plat and I spent some of it on buying acid rain and stoneskin scrolls. Casting acid rain on jellies and listening to them take damage was a lot of fun. 🙂

Some time later Keava joined us on a new monk and some time later his friend Rilosa as well, and we suddenly had a 5 man group running every Friday for a couple of hours. Group has Keronna (clonk), Domfig’s fvs, Keavaa (fighter/monk), Nessana (rogue) and Rilosa (druid). Currently everyone is lvl 14, except Rilosa who is 13 and we just started running Gianthold. I’m still very excited about my toon, and can’t wait to see what she can do on the higher levels.

Blogs about Keronna
As I don’t think there’s any point in me repeating myself, and since I’ve already written some blogs about Keronna and the Cannith group, here’s the list of blogs where I’ve tagged her.

Furure plans
What does the future hold for Keronna? Well, I would like to GR her into a 32p build after I unlock it on the server, but at the same time I don’t know if I really need to. It wouldn’t offer her that much. I want to get her raid flagged and start running raids. But at the same time that will take away from my Orien time. I don’t quite know. I do enjoy the build, it’s the only build I’ve planned completely myself without asking advice from anyone. It works. As caster she has bursts that hit for 300+ in necro 2 (when we ran them on level), and her greater command drops all the lesser wise. 🙂 Mostly I jump around throwing bursts at the party while I do some CC, but sometimes when I feel like it I put on a pair of wraps and switch to fire stance.

That’s all for this time. Ty for reading and have a great day/ week. See you on Orien or Cannith.

Keronna’s build plan


8 comments on “Keronna’s story –>Jan 19, 2013

  1. Keronna has an awesome hair but haha! Or had? 🙂

    Can you post the plan? I was wondering why you dumped STR on a maxxed WIS (plus level ups) clonk. Thought those are superb melee/caster combos with minor CC in Stunning Fist, but apparently you have a different idea. Btw, I didn’t checked the older blog posts about it so if you already did it before just point me in the correct direction 😉

    Cheers and looking forward for more!

  2. 😛 I really like her hair, I think it’s hot. That pic’s from yesterday, so brand new.

    I posted Keronna’s build plan in the next blog.

  3. Well I can say that I am very happy you joined us as well as the rest of the Euro/Aussie/USA Friday afternoon group. Excellent blog as always, and I will leave you with what got it all started.


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