Mired revisited

Last life I ran Mired in Kobolds elite with a druid, 3 sorcerers and an arti. We did both dragons and I was sort of tanking. I wanted to redo it this life and see if I noticed any difference. Sinvala was hitting me rather hard this time, not quite sure why since I remember evading everything last life, while this life I was taking a lot of damage, even though my saves should be better. Anywho, except for the healer going to rest without me noticing, which lead to everyone left inside the fight area dying, we did really well and took Sinvala down without too much problems. 🙂

Here’s the the proof (picture or it never happened, lol).




Happy questing and see you in game.

P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info.

P.P.S I pulled a black scale, forgot to take a pic


12 comments on “Mired revisited

  1. Very nice! Grats on the scale, though as you said pic or it never happened XD

    You did had some nice group btw. Except Grim it was a PUG? 😉

  2. @malinza. 🙂 yes, was a pug. We started as a trio, then kicked the hires as I got tells from ppl wanting to join. I remember ppl being pretty scared of Sinvala, but basically, if u got evasion and a few casters/ strong ranged, she’s not that bad at all.

    Can u read what she says as she enters? “Varath is dead, is he not? You have slain my most worthless child – I would thank you, but a dragon deserves a better death than your puny hands can serve. Varath, I avenge you!” 😛 made me laugh “most worthless child”

    @LrdSlvrhnd lol. that’s grim’s dog’s stone, but yeah.

  3. I just realized… last time I ran it was before U14. 🙂 That’s why she was hitting me harder this time. They changed the system.

  4. You inspired me to want to do it on my earth savant, but my best destiny attacks would be negated due to acid immunity to it would be a wasted time.

    Alas and pity.

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