Bravery streak: 100

While rerunning Invaders on hard after the elite completion on Monday, I happened to check the quest report. 🙂 oh, 100 streak exactly? That’s pretty cool. I think last life Maidae just hit 100 as I broke her streak in Dreaming Dark, lol.


Tc and happy questing.

P.S. Maidae is currently on her second life. First life she was a vet 1 dark monk who TR’d at 20. This life she is a light monk. I have 4-5 past lives planned for her.


5 comments on “Bravery streak: 100

  1. Very nice. My friend Ana had a 100+ elite streak that i accidentally broke =( she didn’t realize that my quest completion plan included running things on normal.

    Was a sad day.

  2. Grats Micki! How is the black dragon scale robe? You need to make a post about it just to butt slap (nothing kinky move along!) people that said it looks ugly 😀

  3. 🙂 ty guys.

    @poke aww. that’s too bad. I didn’t know that u keep ur streak through TR, which annoys me a bit, since I would have tried to keep it.

    @malinza 🙂 Well, the relentless fury would go off all the time in Chains of Flame. The haste guard didn’t, while it did the other day when I tested it in Gianthold wilderness area. So far I like the robe.

  4. Congrats! Very nice. I usually drop my elite streak around lvl 16 quests. I’m just too lazy to play elite at high levels 🙂

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