I started this blog to share my gaming experience with other people as well as to document it for myself (sometimes to rant). I don’t really have any irl ppl to discuss my gaming with, so most of it is done via the blog. I’ve been trying to make the blog nicer to read and as I prefer blogs with pictures, I’ve been adding more of them. I feel my blog has been getting too long, though. I have some thoughts about how to make the blog more fun, but this is me asking for some feedback.

If I was to change one thing about my blog/ on my blog, what would it be? Too long posts? Too many pictures? I blog too often/ too seldom? What would you like to see on my blog? (and no, I’m not gonna post naked pictures of myself, lol). Stick to ddo, pls. πŸ˜›

Ty in advance.


17 comments on “Thoughts

  1. The only changes I’d like are nothing to do with the format of your blog.

    There are things I’d like to do to make mine more interesting, but cannot due to the limitations with the version of WordPress we’re stuck with. I suspect you’d do the same if you could πŸ™‚

  2. Double dammit!

    But seriously now: I think your blog is awesomesauce and its layout is very nice (especially the pictures). The one thing I would change would be to shorten a little your posts. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t have much spare time, and the time I have I log onto play DDO. So I usually read the blogs when DDO is loading (or when I’m supposed to be working, like now). So when I see long posts I usually just browse through them instead of reading it all. Hope my feedback helps.

  3. Haha

    yeh i too have nobody to discuss DDO with, think thats why i joined here and twitter then found out you guys are awesome πŸ™‚

    I love your blogs maybe you could change your toons server to Sarlona πŸ˜› but being serious i cant think of anything at the moment i will pass it on if i think of anything πŸ™‚

  4. Maybe post every couple of days rather than one huge weekly post? But I really enjoy your posts either way. Love pictures!
    (Also, your posts are funny)

  5. tl;dr. Huh? OH! Wait! Sorry! Just kidding! Lol, your posts are fine. I generally post infrequently myself and pretty much EVERY single one I do is very long…kinda like a giant run-on sentence. I have no idea when to stop, and I don’t plan them out ahead of time, I just roll with it. I read every and all posts no matter the subject or length. If I am going to post big ones I figure it’s only right that I read others who do the same. As far as I am concerned your blogs are fine. They are entertaining, informative and full of pictures to add to the entertainment value. Sheesh, I can’t even post a short comment!

  6. I think most of us post content with just the right length and illustrations, as needed. We should resist the “Twitter effect” of trying to condense or omit useful information simply because it doesn’t fit into a reader’s patience level at the time. If a reader needs detail, they can come back to a blog to read it. I know that my entries would hardly be useful if I omitted too much.

    That said, summarizing what is in a blog post in the first paragraph might be great for the “ADHD” reader.

  7. πŸ™‚ ty guys for ur replies.

    So far I have

    1. shorter posts would be nice
    2. blog more often so the posts don’t get that long
    3. a short summary at the start of the post would be nice.

  8. Hmm, i never have noticed issue with your blogging. It is always entertaing, and detailed in a way that lets me envision what I am reading. Of course the images help with that, lol.

    But I am kind of different, so this may not apply =/

  9. Triple dammit… wait, you said nothing about pictures in skimpy attire!


    I agree, the big problem is that you post once a week, so it builds up… doing 2-3 a week would shorten it. However, they’re rather entertaining as-is, so if that’s too much work for YOU, then WE can deal with it. And those who can’t, well, tough noogies!

  10. πŸ™‚ teehee. Well, yes, it does take a while to write the blog. Not the blog itself, but the pictures and layout, so I have been a bit lazy doing it. But I’m gonna try to blog more often. I do agree with u guys on that one.

  11. I usually skip ToD and VoN related entries because I want to see those raids before someone tells me about them, except for those little details that may cause a wipe of course.

    Other than that I think your blog will follow a natural evolution the same way your characters do.

    Oh and what about Playing DDO in pijamas pics? That’s still DDO related.

  12. The way I see it, you blog the info or ideas you feel the need to share or discuss. Shorter posts aren’t necessarily better if you don’t get to express yourself. That’s the point of blogs. Most of my posts are on the long side, but I’m talking about things that are relevant to me and writing it to satisfy my need to express myself, not necessarily to engage other people. If that happens, cool.

    With that said, I tend to be more engaged as a reader when there are a few pictures, but not a ton. I want the pictures to be relevant to details you describe in the text or unique in some fashion. Not just screenshot #289 of X battling Harry, but the one where you got the killshot, and you’re hella excited you got that killshot. I want the before and after of re-speccing your character, the David Bowie mashup with a DDO NPC, etc…. πŸ™‚

    The only time I just stop reading a blog is when the spelling or grammar is so bad I lose track of what the writer is talking about. This doesn’t apply to you, but it’s a deal-breaker for me so I’m putting it out there.

    The longer a post is, the more I want it to have a clear intro, body and summary, like a proper essay or entry in Doogie Houser, M.D.’s diary.

    Snazzy titles. I love me some snazzy titles. Sometimes I only have time to read a blog or two, so I’m looking for what recent posts have the most intriguing titles in the hopes that the posts will be equally intriguing. This also means I get disappointed if the post is one sentence or a pic with no text.

    Lastly, I like things with gnomes in them. Blogs with gnomes are epic. πŸ™‚

  13. Ty guys for ur comments.

    About the pictures, if u’re wondering why I almost always post pics with the UI there, is because I want to be able to look at old posts and see who was in my party. More than once I’ve already done that, to see who I’ve run with. πŸ™‚

    I try to post no more than one pic per raid/quest, but sometimes I have a hard time choosing, why I end up posting more.

    Personally I have a very short attention span, so posts that are too technical/ philosophical with not enough pics, well I might read the first paragraph, then end up passing on it.

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