Sunday; something different

After going to bed at 7am, I woke up at 2.30pm and logged back into DDO. Found Cleazy on, but as he’s on -10h from me, and he had plans later in the day he was just going to bed. I checked the lfm but there was nothing interesting on, so I decided it was time to clear my last MotU maps: King’s Forest, Sschindylryn, and Underdark. I brought Andaro with me and headed over to King’s Forest. I realised I was only missing 5 messages, so used wiki to locate them and found them rather easily. I was also at 1.3k kills, and was considering working on getting it to 1.5k, but soloing I wasn’t getting enough spawns, so I gave up quickly and headed over to Sschindylryn, where I was only missing 2 messages. These I found quite easily, even though I had to fight a bunch of mobs to get there.

Enter Underdark and I’m missing all but 3 explorers. I lfm and get 2 joiners, a cleric and a fighter. I tell them I don’t know my way around at all and the cleric is reading wiki and leading the way, which works pretty nicely. I picked up the underdak goggles and am using them, and we find some cool mobs and rares. πŸ˜› even found a few giant worms.


Stoned bear


Giant worm

After killing a rare I cap GMoF and recall to switch ED. I pick to level Legendary Dreadnought next. We’re joined by a wizard for the last rare and then I thank the group and leave. I see an lfm for Ring of Fire, Eveningstar challenge and join. I’ve never done any Eveningstar challenges before, so I’m curious to see what it’s all about. We go in on lvl 27 first try and only manage to get 3 stars. After that we run a few lvl 26 and 25 and 5 star every round. The finaly boss in Ring of Fire is a dragon. πŸ˜› Very cool. I’m not doing so well with mana management, as I’m trying to kill stuff fast and am using meta’d spells, so I’m out of mana at the dragon fight every time. Even manage to die a few times when I have something hitting me in the back while I’m scroll healing. I realise it’s almost 9pm already, and I decide to leave after the last run, but the party leader is leaving as well, so it’s no prob. Thaz got LD to rank 4.

Underdark areana



That was Thazara’s Sunday. Wilderness and Ring of Fire. πŸ˜›

Ty for reading and Happy 2013!

P.S. OnMouseOver for picture information.


7 comments on “Sunday; something different

  1. So this is how you see Underdark with those goggles? Nice! I think that Geoff made some comparison pics a while ago, though I like the pitch black version a bit more πŸ™‚

    Now that is an awesome dragon! I played a couple of Eveningstar challenges myself, the one with defending the tree in the middle and the other with werewolves. They are pretty action packed, but not too difficult with the right party. They seem quite easy compared to the Cannith ones.

    Grats on the runs Micki! Also you are advancing EDs steadily. I wonder which ED will you choose after seeing them all and which will be your favorite twists. Think you close to half way already! πŸ˜€

    Keep it up! πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ˜› I like dragons. The goggles are kind of addictive, once u put them on, u don’t want to be without them. πŸ˜›

    I don’t usually do challenges, but I do want the favor. πŸ™‚ And it’s nice xp.

    I’ve only capped 3 ED’s so far, so that’s 8 to go.

  3. i never put on the goggles ’cause i lose too much – they’re my HP GS item on my ranger/rogue (and was on my monk-turned-barb, but she’s got an HP/fort hat now… Just need to level her back up…) and my mechanic/arti’s INT item (NOT gonna give up the +3 damage Just to see a little better!) and my bard’s SP item – by the time she blows through enough SP to not lose it, it’s not worth taking off lol

    But i still lug ’em around on everyone…

  4. I don’t use the googles most of the time either, only as I feel I see better w/o them :p

    Oh, I love the Underdark Arena challenges, the dragon’s natural ego makes him/her a very funny host xD

    And soloing Ring of Fire with full Ice Draconic Incarnation is a bliss : D

  5. πŸ™‚ Thaz has gs sp goggles as well, but they only give her +150sp, and I blow through that buffing, so I would just swap goggles after that. This was my first time using them, though.

    πŸ˜› I still need to do the other challenges for favor, and most of the Cannith ones.

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