Cerge’s story –>Dec 25, 2012

Finally it’s time to write Cerge’s story, like I’ve done with Thazara and Maidae. I am using the DDOViewer to check Cerge’s quest logs, as Cerge has never been run as much or been as awesome as the others, so I don’t really remember.

Early days
I had been wanting to try a nuker for a while, so after I unlocked the 32p build with favor, I made a socerer based on this guide: The Sorcerer’s Handbook: A Guide to Building and Playing Sorcerers. I decided to go warforged for self heal, and I had to adjust some stuff to fit in the savant. This guide was made before the prestige enhancements were introduced into the game, so I couldn’t follow it exactly. Still, unlike Thaz and Maidae, I did not make a build plan for Cerge.

Cerge was born February 24, 2012. I made him as a vet 1 character and then went back to Korthos to run the quests there. I went in solo on elite and failed pretty quickly, I’d never run a pure caster before and I couldn’t take the aggro. Retry I got a melee hireling and started a hard streak instead of elite. Hard with melee hireling worked very well, I just webbed everything and my hire killed stuff.

At lvl 6 I joined a group running Delera’s elite on level, and I felt rather useless, but I didn’t die. šŸ™‚ Most of the mobs I just ran past, as I couldn’t take them out without using a lot of mana. I was fire savant, as my plan was to be fire up until lvl 16, then switch to water. Here’s a post made about farming the Bloody Crypt: My nuker, Cerge.

XP Stoning
I apparently ran necro 2 on Cerge as mentioned in these two posts: Need to postā€¦ šŸ™‚, Gaming this weekend and at lvl 10 I decided to get Cerge xp stoned, after hearing about ninja stoning. I did not want Maidae to get stoned, so I figured I might as well jump Cerge to 16, as I have many lives planned for him. Here’s the post about that: Meet the new Cerge.

After taking 16, I decided to test him out in VON4 elite, which turned to be a lot harder than expected. (See Recently 16 and VON4 and Recently 16 and VON4 pt 2). Third time was the charm, but only after I got Andy to help me out. šŸ˜› (Gaming Saturday).

I decided to run Necro 4, and Cerge did actually really well in there. This post was before U14: Cerge rocks šŸ™‚ and this one after: Spells and damage. I tried to run Web of Chaos elite on level with a pug, ran the first quest twice, then failed badly more than once in Servants of the overlord (Huge diff between elite and hard).

At lvl 17 I wanted to duo all the Vale quests on hard with my irl ddo friend. We failed badly after 2.5h in Let the sleeping dust lie, and I was very disappointed (Breaking up with my sorc). I got a lot of help from Dea after that one, and the next try went really well (Happy happy Cerge). šŸ™‚ I also wrote about the 3 last flagging quests here: Ritual Sacrifice completed, Running with the devils completed, The Coalescence Chamber completed. And here’s Cerge’s first shroud, hard at lvl 18: First shroud, 2 tomes!.

Level 20
Took me a long while to get Cerge to 20. Cleazy helped me flag Cerge for ADQ, and I ran 2 heroic ADQs at lvl 18, and was running Shroud. My plan was and is still to do 20 shrouds, and ADQ for torc before TR. Cleazy suggested I start running eADQ instead of heroic, so I decided to do so and leveled Cerge to 20. Before 20 I flagged him for Dreaming Dark and at 20 I farmed it for a pale lavender, vibrant purple, and unsuppressed the mindsunder docent. I started running eADQ at lvl 20, and also joined Cleazy in eVON. As a first life sorcerer without any special gear, Cerge’s having some troubles with spell penn. He uses a lot of mana to take mobs out, and can seldom insta kill stuff, unless I use all the metas I have to boost the spells. Boosted spells cost a lot, though, so I try to mostly use the savant spells.

Currently Cerge is lvl 22 and is half his way to 20 shrouds and 20 ADQ’s. Next life I will make him into a trap monkey archmage wizard. This because I know it can be done and I’d like to try trapping without actually being trapper. šŸ™‚ And a wizard with evasion’s not bad either. Check out my raid posts for more about Cerge.

Ty for reading and happy holidays.

P.S. Blog posts referenced in this posts were:

P.P.S That’s all folks šŸ˜›


4 comments on “Cerge’s story –>Dec 25, 2012

  1. šŸ™‚ thank you.

    Oh, I completely forgot. The name. It’s a play on Warforged Sorcerer and electrical surge. I kept thinking Warcerged (surged), and shortened it to Cerge.

  2. Now this was an interesting read. For once you started so uncharacteristically you without “doing your homework” but maybe because you didn’t felt how the end product should look like. Yet, you managed to ungimp him on the way to 20 šŸ™‚

    Funny is that you are trying to use necromancy spells (instant kills) on a first life sorcerer and without good gear. That doesn’t work so well. Maybe return to the roots and go DPS as it should be. I am pretty sure Cerge will not disappoint you and more thant that you might enjoy him a lot. Go Draconic (think you went Magister atm?!) and forget about instant kills for now šŸ˜‰

  3. @Malinza. I didn’t say I was trying to insta kill with necro spells. šŸ™‚ I’m a water savant, I’m mostly using ice spells, like Frost Lance, Cone of Cold, Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere and polar ray. Cerge’s polar ray hits for way over 1k if the opponent doesn’t save. I like to aggro a group of mobs, put my back against a wall and hit otiluke’s + cone of cold, or if I’m trying to kill one mob from a distance I use frost lace and polar ray.

    I do, though, use disintegrate in shroud, and can kill trash with it. But mostly I am nuker, and just like to blast multiple mobs at a time. Problem is still that I’m not doing enough damage, and am using too much mana.

    I had never planned to open up ED’s with Cerge, I was just going to take him to 20 and then TR. Magister is fine, gives me more SP and lowers opponents resistances.

    Oh, btw. I managed to kill stuff with Wail of the Banshee in VON5 eNorm. šŸ˜›

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