Keronna meets the Hesstess

Just a short post 🙂


This friday the whole Cannith group was present and was again joined by BlueSilence (he ran Dimplomatic Impunity & Frame Work with us last week). Eyes of stone elite was up, and I wanted Maenya’s Fists. In the first run (elite), I got the Stonedust Handwraps, which I gave to Keava. In the second run (hard), I got them again, and kept them. Third time (elite), two Maenya’s Fists dropped. I now have the full sora kell set… and come to think of it, I’m not sure I want to use them. I have minos, +6 str, +6 wis and +6 cha. And I’m a caster. So, currently, I don’t have a need for the set that I wanted. 😦

Keronna, my baby is now lvl 14, 2 monk/12 cleric and just got her radiant aura. 🙂 She is built as a divine caster but with semi high charisma for the sorcerer dilettante. This friday, I didn’t really feel like playing caster though and would have much more preferred to play her as a monk. I did cast some command, bb, comet, dp and hold monster, and melee when I ran out of mana. I mostly use bursts for heals.

Some pics from the 3 runs

boom! Troll

1. Boom! 2. The troll


3. Hestess

Stats Dead

4. Keronna’s stats before Hestess fight. 5. Killed by poison after Hestess death

Thank you for reading and have an awesome weekend.

8 comments on “Keronna meets the Hesstess

  1. Oh and I feel the same about the Sora set. When Dum was on level, he tried really hard to get the fists as it was the last piece he needed to complete the set. Then spellpower mechanics changed and I lost interest. Later on I farmed that quest heavily just to for a sense of completion, it was until today I managed to get the fists… Now I only need shared bank xD

  2. Grats both Micki and Blue! Excellent runs and I am sure you had some serious fun. Now we wait for Blue’s post … yes yours, don’t try to hide in the corner we the faithful readers need all the nice posts to have a great day 😀 Think about your readers and they will praise your stories as a reward 😉

    I once tried to farm that quest to prepare a set for my lowbie barbarian (at this moment bank) warforged. Of course everything dropped except the fists and after weeks of ransack I gave up. Now he was hit by the latest warforged nerfs so I will reincarnate him (I will do a combination between artificer and mechanic) just for the PL and probably go into a druid or something. I have no plan as of yet since I mostly play my cleric US now. Blame Micki and redcastle (Chris) for that 😀

  3. i managed to get that set without even trying (no farming, and i’m pretty sure i at least tried to give a couple of pieces away…). My tempest ranger, monk, and barb all kind of turned their nose up at the set (didn’t want to remove their Cove hats or Brawling Gloves), but my bard wore her set right up through the release of MotU, upgrading the ring in the process. Pretty decent set for a melee-caster… although now that she’s dumped the set in favor of a CHA +7 ring of Natural Armor +6, she still hasn’t managed to get the PDK comms for her hat and gauntlets. The original plan was to do a wholesale replacement at once (with the Cleric ring and necklace) but that ring was simply too tempting to pass up.

  4. My mini tank lvl 15 uses the (upgraded) set – instead of minos she has a white dragonplate (heavu fort) and “tough cloak” random drop.

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