Maidae’s story –>Dec 14, 2012

Back story
When Thaz was still a baby, I ran harbor quests with a monk. An awesome, jumping around, kicking, hitting and fast moving halfling monk. Safe to say I was jealous. Thaz could not move like that in her dreams. After I went vip, I wanted to try out the monk. I googled and followed this guide: Making Your Monk: Strength vs. Dexterity and made a strength based drow light monk. As she was an elf, I again used Random Female Elf Name to find her a name, and named her Zilvlayna. Zilv did well, she wasn’t awesome, but she did ok. I played her once in a while.

The ninja spy
I was reading about prestige enhancements and for some reason I thought ninja spy just seemed cool. 🙂 So, I decided I was gonna make one as soon as I had unlocked the 32p build. Once I did, I sat down with the DDO Character Planner and tried to plan a build. After which I posted my build on the forums Dark Monk Ninja Spy build?. Since Zilvlayna was a strength based light monk, I wanted my dark monk to be dex based with weapon’s finesse. I picked halfling as race, only because I had seen halfling monks before.

After some advice from the ppl on the forums, I went back to the drawing board with a helf with cleric dilettante in mind instead. I kept replanning the enhancements til I got a headache and gave up. 🙂 Posted the new plan, and got some more help. Basically I used this plan as base, and adjusted it a bit. The name, since I again had an elvish creature, I googled for elvish names. Unlike the previous two, this name is my own combination. Mai: death/slayer dae: light. I also wanted to give her a last name, couldn’t think of anything too great, so named her Shadow. Maidae Shadow. And yes, it’s pronounced “May Day”. 🙂

First hickup
So, I had a good plan, and even some monk gear saved, I ran Korthos elite, my only problem was in Redemption, because my hire couldn’t keep Lars alive. Got a pug and finished off Korthos. My next problem was running Catacombs, I didn’t have a holy weapon, and I didn’t know I needed one. 🙂 My light monk never had any problems with undead, my dark just kept hitting zeros. So, I bumped my build thread and asked for more advice: #24, and got some more comments on my thread, even a bit of a debate which is nice. 🙂

Blazing through the levels
After the first stumble, Maidae was doing really well. I solo’d Irestone Inlet elite at lvl 6, hated my time in proof is in the poison with a pug, because I ended up soloing big parts of it. In necro 2 she did ok, in 3 as well, add a few levels and she just kept getting stronger. I at least a couple of times hit an lfm that said “TR’s preferred”. E.g. a TR sorc and a TR barb was gonna run Invaders elite and then farm it. Party had just wiped, I joined and we trio’d it. Maidae did very well. We also farmed Trial by fire and I kept running after the sorc trying to hit stuff before he nuked them. 😛

Old Maidae

Here’s a list of Maidae blog posts May-October 2012

Xorian Cipher Frame Work Invaders

1. Xorian Cipher elite, 2. Frame Work elite, 3. soloing Invader’s normal

Crucible Crucible

Quest report; solo Crucible hard

Hard shroud Hard shroud

Hard Shroud on level

Micki the noob
To be honest, at lvl 18, I had never had Touch of Death, or used finishers. *blush* Maidae was never my main, and she was so easy to run, that I’d just use elemental punches, stun or void. At lvl 18 I redid her enhancements to add TOD, and at the same time I tried using finishers, in quests like Shroud and Dreaming Dark. 🙂 Maidae was a well build toon and had ok gear, so after 5 shrouds (1 normal, 3 hard, 1 elite), felt I was ready to TR her. I should maybe have flagged her for Tower of Despair and gotten her a holy burst ring, but it was never my plan to do so, so I just wanted to TR asap.

First TR and future plans
At some point I decided I wanted to make all my toons end game, sooner or later. For Cerge it will be very much later, if ever, for Maidae I see it potentially happening within a year or two. 🙂 I asked on the forums again, how many and what kind of past lives for a good end game monk. I was thinking 3 monk and 1 barbarian. It was suggested to me to do one fighter as well, and I might do so. After playing for over a year, I was finally ready to TR my first toon (I had made her hp gs goggles first, and unsuppressed a pale lavender ioun stone), and I didn’t want to wait.

So currently Maidae is lvl 8 and on her second life, this time as a strength based shintao. I went helf with cleric dilettante this life as well, mostly because I like being able to use heal scrolls and raise people at the higher levels. 🙂 At level 15 the cleric dilly gives you 100% on raise dead and 95% on heal scrolls.

Here are the Maidae blog posts for November-December 2012

New Maidae

So that’s Maidae’s story. I will write Cerge’s, Keronna’s and Jarvanna’s sometime in the near future.
Have a great rest of the week and ty for reading.

P.S. I was going to run both Maidae and Zilvlayna, but seeing as Maidae was superior, I turned Zilv into a bank toon at lvl 7.

P.P.S Maidae started as vet 1.


7 comments on “Maidae’s story –>Dec 14, 2012

  1. Awesome synopsis.

    If you have any tips to add to my Monk guide that will keep others from stumbling over the pitfalls you, I and others have had in the monastic arts, do send me a message! Monks are hard–a person that masters a Dark Monk with all its strengths and limits is truly an artist and having a lot of fun!

  2. 🙂 ty guys

    @Spencerian 🙂 I was told on the forums something like “building a monk with void4, tod and gm is a bit difficult, can be done, but why would u want to?” 😛 I donno, I did it though. At lvl 20 Maidae had void4, tod and gm of air. At that lvl I preferred water stance, though.

  3. Thank you Micki for the treat! Impressive stories and I appreciate the amount of work you put into your characters and in this blog. It is obvious how much you do love them 🙂

    Looks like Maidae has her home full of trophies! It is amazing how many achievements she has (elite at level, tough bosses etc.).

    You also study your character and have a good plan for a build which speaks a lot by itself and on top of it you also experiment to develop your own style. It is funny how Thaz is your main but everything looks so easy with monks too – maybe this means they also fit your style. More monk action please? 😀

    I am glad you are writing these bios since they actually unveil the dedication you have. Kudos and keep the stakes high. I appreciate that you share so much. Thank you again 🙂

  4. I’m glad you didn’t take the forum pundit’s advice, either. A Dark Monk with Void IV, Touch of Death and at least one Grandmaster is all too easy; Ninja Spy doesn’t suck away 2 AP as Shintao III does. The “why” is simple as you know: Void IV is an insta-kill potential with heavy damage even if the enemy’s not sent to the next dimension. There’s a lot of players that try to bend the class to work more as a Fighter than playing to the Monk’s strengths, and that’s where I go “WTF?” A Monk with UMD may be nice, but is that what they are really good for? It’s like putting a greataxe in a Wizard’s hand. Just because it is possible doesn’t mean it should be done. 🙂

  5. Problem is that by level 12 monks receive most of their enhancement niceties and more or less also their best special abilities. Of course that this might change with the enhancement pass, but until then I would say that a 12/6/2 split can boost a lot any monk.

    This also depends a lot on your style, but unless you tried them both (multi and pure) you will never know what works best for you. Certainly what does work for you is not necessarily law for others 🙂

  6. @Malinza 🙂 as always u flatter me, ty. We’ll see what happens, I will prolly write some Maidae blogs once in a while… if I remember to take some pics. This week she has run VON1-4 and Delera’s elite. Biggest problem was VON4 the run back. For some strange rason she kept getting insta killed by the traps and had to be babysat by an fvs. I was sort of embarrassed. But she’s still only lvl 8, and VON4 elite is 11.

    @Spencerian 🙂 Maidae is in fact my only pure melee so, I have nothing to compare with. I just know that I love casters, and a monk’s strikes resembles spells. Yes, I do sometimes feel like my dps could be better, but I’m working on it.

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