Raid Night

Saturday is as some of you know my raid night. 🙂 Usually my friends log on later, so I try to save TOD, ADQ and Shroud for later. This Sat I logged on at about 7pm, GMT+2. After my crazy photo collection in the last post, I have tried to reduce it in this one to only one pic per raid/ run.

Shroud (elite)
I figured, since I run elite shroud on Thaz later in the night, and my friends usually join that one, I could run one on Cerge earlier. I seem to have gotten a lot more relaxed with the raids, and especially elite shroud. I’ve always been putting requirements in the lfm, but now I just put 20-25, elite. 🙂 I accepted anyone hitting the lfm basically. I got 3 clerics, 2 wizards, 2 monks, fighter, rogue and other sorc. Dps was good. We messed up phase 2 first try by killing the ellie too soon, but succeeded on second try. Phase 4 was a 2 rounder with a few deaths, but we just took him out as I ran out of mana. And phase 5 was good. 😛 This was Cerge’s 11th Shroud and 2nd elite (others hard).

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3 days of Xmas

I am not a Christmas person. Basically I hate it. But, I did go to see my family on the eve, for about an hour (in Finland we celebrate the eve and not the day), gave some gifts, got a few gifts, then headed home to play some ddo. Here’s a short short recollection of my xmas gaming.

Leveled Maidae to 10, then ran Tomb of The Shadow Guard and farmed the Shadow Crypt with TorGrimorde and a pug. I think we ran maybe 3-4 elite and 4-5 hard to a total of 8 runs and 2x ship buffs. After, I leveled Maidae to 11 and we did one run of the Red Fens chain in which Cleazy joined.

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Cerge’s story –>Dec 25, 2012

Finally it’s time to write Cerge’s story, like I’ve done with Thazara and Maidae. I am using the DDOViewer to check Cerge’s quest logs, as Cerge has never been run as much or been as awesome as the others, so I don’t really remember.

Early days
I had been wanting to try a nuker for a while, so after I unlocked the 32p build with favor, I made a socerer based on this guide: The Sorcerer’s Handbook: A Guide to Building and Playing Sorcerers. I decided to go warforged for self heal, and I had to adjust some stuff to fit in the savant. This guide was made before the prestige enhancements were introduced into the game, so I couldn’t follow it exactly. Still, unlike Thaz and Maidae, I did not make a build plan for Cerge.

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Sat-sun raids

I am feeling a bit lazy with this post, seeing as it’s a bit late when I’m starting, so I’ll most likely mostly post pictures. Here’s what my epic toons (Thazara and Cerge) did this weekend.


ToD (hard with opt)
I logged on a bit late, and put up a TOD lfm right away. Domfig had had one up a little earlier, but couldn’t fill, so he said he’d join mine when I log. I wait a while with no joiners, then I get Dom and Andy a few more, and then one guy joins and brings several of his guildies along and we fill. Group’s pretty nice, taking it quite easy. 🙂 No issues, no messing up from me. 😛 Not flawless smooth, but good enough. And I made Jal, aka Domfig tank Suulo. 🙂 I would have prefered him taking Suulo to the opposite wall than staying close to Horoth on the same wall, but it was ok.

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This week in Stormreach

The end of the year is always busy at work, since projects needs to be finished and customers want to pay their bills for the budget, etc. This means we suddenly get a lot of work that has to be finished “yesterday”. I’ve been working over time every day, sleeping little, drinking too much coffee, and trying to make a little bit of time for ddo.

Here’s this week’s run down

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Thazara’s current EDs and stats

As per Malinza‘s request I’m posting about Thazara’s ED’s. This is not exactly what he was asking for, and remember, just because I did it this way, does not mean that this is how you should do it. My Thaz is an elf. She is caster & healer with melee backup. She uses a shield and her main hand weapon is either a scimitar for melee or something that boosts spell casting. My goal has always been to make her sturdy, I want to be able to shield block bosses while I dp the hell out of them. Currently this works in high level wildernesses and epic hard quests. 🙂 Oh, and yes, especially if running in Exalted Angel ED, I do pull aggro (e.g. shadows in TOD or Suulo in VoD).

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Runs this week (pt2)

My sister was visiting me over the weekend, so I cancelled Saturday raid night. Instead I logged on on Sunday afternoon after she left. First I wanted to run eADQ on Thaz. I put up an lfm and started solo. Andy joined me on two toons after a while, but it still took an hour to get to the boss fight. But I was managing mana pretty well, meleing as much as I could, and got through all the rooms with the mana I had. I had pulled a hireling at the start and he stupidly teleported into the penalty box and died after 4th or was it 5th glyph, so I kicked him. We were joined by a wizard for boss fight. Raid was us 3 manning or more like 2 manning it on eNorm. Andy told me to not raise him (he was running his lvl 20 arti) if he was to die, so I didn’t. Me and the wizard finished off the queen, just as I was out of mana. This was Thaz’s 20th run and yay! a torc was waiting for her on the quest reward list. 🙂

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Runs this week (pt1)

This week I’ve been working a lot, and trying to get some exercise done as well, so haven’t been playing quite as much. I have been sleeping crazy little and drinking too much coffee. Saturday raid night was cancelled due to my sister visiting. Here’s my run down for this week.

Monday I got it in my head that I wanted to try solo Reaver’s Fate. I log on and Andy tells me I won’t be able to get the levers, so I bring him and Domfig along. We go in on elite. Andy’s supposed to do lever, but he dies from the spikes, Domfig follow and die as well. I’m just hanging around in the air by the reaver (fly spell), figuring I have to go help them. I fly to get the west lever, back to reaver for new fly spell and then other lever, raise the others and back to fighting reaver… and boom! we’re out of time. Meh. We decide to lfm, Domfig starts it (cause I have to feed the degus), get a few (including Jedli and Youuta), then give me the star and I’m ready to just short man, but wow, we fill. Full group this raid was pretty easy, but meh loot.

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Maidae’s story –>Dec 14, 2012

Back story
When Thaz was still a baby, I ran harbor quests with a monk. An awesome, jumping around, kicking, hitting and fast moving halfling monk. Safe to say I was jealous. Thaz could not move like that in her dreams. After I went vip, I wanted to try out the monk. I googled and followed this guide: Making Your Monk: Strength vs. Dexterity and made a strength based drow light monk. As she was an elf, I again used Random Female Elf Name to find her a name, and named her Zilvlayna. Zilv did well, she wasn’t awesome, but she did ok. I played her once in a while.

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