Cannith night

Friday night is Cannith guild night for me. We got a nice little group who run every friday: me on Keronna (currently 2monk/11cleric), fvs, rogue, monk and druid. This friday we finished flagging for ADQ by running Chains of Flame and An Offering of Blood elite.

I forgot to take some screenshots in the first one, so my pics are all from the second one. 🙂 Last week I took the second monk level and was having a lot of fun in Chains of flame evading fire damage. An offering of blood went a bit less smoothly with a bunch of deaths. 🙂 But no matter. Was fun anyway.

Here we were heading for the shrine and some ppl died. I jumped up to get away from some scorpions and this one guy got stuck atacking the wall below me.

Keronna and scrop

Here’s a couple of action pics:

Action 1 Action 2

And here we almost wiped. I got stoned and dropped, later I dropped again, no idea what I got hit with.

Group is now flagged for ADQ and next time we’ll probably run the Plaza chains.

Ty for reading and have a nice day.

P.S. I forgot, I also got stuck behind an invisible wall, and had to use the “/stuck” command to get away. Lucky for me it worked.


6 comments on “Cannith night

  1. Awesome shots, especially the first action one. It seems you really drag some aggro 🙂 I do hope that your party members agreed with you posting their names online though 😀

    It does look that you did had fun so all is good. I like runs where we manage to make a come back from the verge of wiping!

  2. @malinza 🙂 ty. XD I didn’t ask if it was ok to post the pics, I usually don’t. lol. Haven’t had anyone complain, yet though.

    Well about aggro, I’m always helping take out mobs, while doing some healing. But in this group I heal less than if I’m pugging.

  3. Sounds like you guys had some fun yesterday. I was unable to log on at all due to subbing for a co-worker. It might be the same next week since she is on a two week vacation and I have mountains of work to do and no time to peek in and see how you guys are doing. I saw that you picked up mass quantities of renown though! 🙂

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