DDO Sunday

After Saturday’s marathon, it took me a while to get anything done on Sunday. Wrote my sat blog, did laundry, went for a jog and took care of the degus. Then logged on to DDO. I was a bit indecisive, I saw a group for LOB eH, and some groups that I could have joined with Cerge. I sent the LOB leader a tell that I am just that, indecisive, but that I’d love a LOB completion, and he sends me an invite.

I tell the group that I only have one try of LoB before on heroic hard and that party was just bad. One of the guys is using voice and he tells me he’s run it 4 times last week and all were completions, so I trust him and the party leader that they know what they’re doing. Well, just like last time, we don’t get an experienced dog kiter, and only a semi good tank (intimi monk). So far I’ve learned that if u don’t have a good dog kiter, u’re sort of screwed. The dogs mess everything up. I believe I am going to have to read up on LoB a bit, though, because I’m still not sure about all that’s required to beat this thing. I manage to die 3 times and on the third one something exploded and most of us died… and soon after everyone else. And it’s a wipe.

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DDO marathon

Note: marathon, means marathon. This is going to be long. lol

Friday was a night off from DDO for me, due to work xmas party (yes, kind of early, I know). Saturday I did a bit of household chores, then logged on to DDO at 7pm, which is a lot earlier than I usually play on Saturdays. Plan was to play til early Sunday morning. πŸ™‚

Early evening
So, I logged on and checked the lfm. Nothing good on. Alright, so I was missing some mats (four) for the gs scimitar I was going to make for Thaz, and they all drop in Let the sleeping dust lie, so headed over there to do a quick normal. On the way there I saw an lfm for The Chronoscope epic elite, and sent the leader a tell, that if they need a healer I’ll join once they have a bit more ppl, that I’ll run vale for mats until then. I got a reply a while later asking me how long, and I replied that I’ll drop the quest and join.

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Maidae update

My first TR is now half way to lvl 6. I’ve been running her for 2-3 h, 2 days a week, while running the other toons the other days. Here’s the interesting. I usually pug. I usually check the lfm and jump on what I feel like, or put up an lfm for something I want to run. So far Maidae hasn’t pugged once (well come to think of it, Andy did have an lfm up for Korthos and we got 2 strangers, so I guess she has pugged, just not the way I usually do). πŸ™‚

Lvl’s 1-3 I ran with Andy, with one of his random toons. Was easy enough. Lvls 3-5 I ran with Torgrimorde & Andy, and some with Domfig. Last night I invited my sister to join on one of her lowbies and in the last quest Cleazy joined on his newly made lvl 4. Zendikar also joined. πŸ™‚

Andy was complaining when running lvl 1’s-2’s, that I’m a crappy zerger. πŸ™‚ He thought I was going way too slow. Well, last night I think he was proud of me, lol. I didn’t zerg, but I kept a good pace, I think. We ran Where the smoke’s at, Irestone Inlet, Swiped signet, Redfang, Kobold assault, Freshen the air, and Proof is in the poison. I’m mostly proud of my efforts in Irestone, I ran it systematically, picked up the barrels and we talked to all the crew mates on the way to the ship, so when the ship had blown, all that was left was to kill the boss and talk to Stained-Tusk. πŸ™‚ We were running f2p’s because my sister hasn’t bought any packs yet.

πŸ™‚ I managed to die twice; in Redfang because I lagged right when running through a fire trap, and in Freshen the air just by the shrine. Was also having a lot of connection problems in Poison and ended up restarting my router (I hate 3G, if u didn’t know). Other than that I think we had very good runs. Next quests to run, I’m guessing would be the Tangleroot chain?

Alright, that’s a short update from me.

Tc and see u in game.

P.S. I’m of course elite streaking. I want to get 100+ this life (got to 90 last and Maidae was a vet 1 toon).

P.P.S Hope u all don’t mind me mentioning ur names on my blog. Teehee. U rock.

Epic elites and ADQ

This is my late Sunday post. πŸ™‚

On Sundays I usually sleep late and write my Saturday blog while having breakfast, usually in early afternoon. This Sunday I decided to log on to DDO instead to check if Cleazy was on. He was, but was busy getting an eADQ group together. I only have one epic toon, Thazara, and she ran eADQ on Saturday, so no go. I was just hanging around for a while, then saw an lfm for The House of Death Undone, epic elite looking for healer. I sent a tell than I just capped Thaz yest and that I could run.

Sschindylryn Epic Elites
I told the party that I’m unsure about where the quest is, so pls don’t enter before I get there. Found my way fine. Start was a bit messy and I didn’t know that freedom of movement was needed until someone complained “omg. ee and no fom”. I replied “sorry, I didn’t know”. Well, duh, maybe say something before we start, then? Party was ok, we had some deaths, including me, but I think we managed pretty well.

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Raids and the High Road

And then it was Saturday again and Thazara’s raid night. I was a bit late on again, didn’t get on til about 10pm my time (gmt+2), which means 2h until my weekly shroud. I was just on the guild ship contemplating what to do when Cleazy logged, which is still pretty early for him on a Saturday. πŸ™‚ Well he didn’t want to do U16 content, but raids, so I said, ok, anything is fine. First pick was ADQ.

Cleazy lfm’d for eADQ preraid eN, raid eH. I think we had a 6 man group for the preraid, but someone dropped, and we didn’t get a replacement. Then after the preraid someone had to leave and we ended up 4-manning the raid on epic hard. Wasn’t too difficult though, and Thaz got a raid token. πŸ™‚

Here’s what Cleazy/ Shysty got from the scorpion chest in ADQ (think he got some other stuff as well, but still, no one passed him anything):


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Cannith night

Friday night is Cannith guild night for me. We got a nice little group who run every friday: me on Keronna (currently 2monk/11cleric), fvs, rogue, monk and druid. This friday we finished flagging for ADQ by running Chains of Flame and An Offering of Blood elite.

I forgot to take some screenshots in the first one, so my pics are all from the second one. πŸ™‚ Last week I took the second monk level and was having a lot of fun in Chains of flame evading fire damage. An offering of blood went a bit less smoothly with a bunch of deaths. πŸ™‚ But no matter. Was fun anyway.

Here we were heading for the shrine and some ppl died. I jumped up to get away from some scorpions and this one guy got stuck atacking the wall below me.

Keronna and scrop

Here’s a couple of action pics:

Action 1 Action 2

And here we almost wiped. I got stoned and dropped, later I dropped again, no idea what I got hit with.

Group is now flagged for ADQ and next time we’ll probably run the Plaza chains.

Ty for reading and have a nice day.

P.S. I forgot, I also got stuck behind an invisible wall, and had to use the “/stuck” command to get away. Lucky for me it worked.

New Maidae

In the last post I was talking about my recently TR’d monk Maidae and how much better I thought she looks in her undies, than in a random outfit. What do u guys think?

Maidae undies 2

πŸ™‚ I’m not a power leveler, so she’s only made it to lvl 4 in 2 gaming sessions after the TR, but I’m happy if I can get one level per 2 hours.

Tc and see you in game.

Peace out.

First TR – the new Maidae

I finally got around to doing my first TR. Yay!

It wasn’t an exciting ride as for some, it was like making a new toon and running it from lvl 1, except that u still had all ur plat, which was interesting. My quickbars were all messed up, so spent a little bit of time organising, then followed Cellimas to Korthos village, where I met Levelup (Andy), a rogue. I didn’t like the starter outfit I got, and Maidae’s underwear looked pretty hot, so I decided to run Korthos in my underwear. Levelup did the lfm thing and he helped me get quick elite completions (zerg!). Before we left the village, Maidae was lvl 2 and when we got to Stormreach she was missing just a little bit of xp for lvl 3, so we finished the night off with Haverdasher and Bring on the light, and Maidae took lvl 3.

Misery Peak Maidae Midery Peak Maidae 2

So, Maidae was a dex based ninja spy with cleric dilly. Now she is a str based light monk, also with cleric dilly. I’m interested in seeing how this is going to work out. πŸ™‚

Here’s a peep at what she currently looks like:

New Maidae New Maidae 2

That’s all for now. Tc and see you in game.

Saturday raids marathon

Brace urself, this is going to be long. πŸ™‚

Last Saturday I didn’t play at all, and this week I ran mabar mon-tues, wed I ran an elite shroud on Maidae, thurs Cleazy helped me elite flag Cerge for DD and friday the Cannith group ran Wiz king elite. Last week I think I also only ran one time with Cleazy, so this sat I had decided to run raids with him all night (night for me anyway). Here’s the run down on Thazara’s Saturday night.

ADQ 1-2 eNorm & eHard

I was a bit late to log on, I usually try to get on 3 h before my weekly shroud, but this time I wasn’t on til about 1.5h before. I saw an lfm up for ADQ, but it disappeared before I could hit it. Put up an lfm for ToD instead and Cleazy logged on and joined. We had no joiners in a few min so I suggested we hit the new ADQ lfm that had come up instead. Joined the preraid just as they were finishing up the rooms. πŸ™‚ I sort of like doing that, because then someone else has already done all the work, lol!

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Last Mabar post

I did the final Mabar grind Mon-Tues. I was going to run Andybot, but after the hotfix, the Open Palm Inn had become a lag black hole (at least on Orien), so after 5 game restarts I gave up and left Andybot there, and swapped to Jarvanna.

Monday I ran with a 6 man group lvl 4-8 in instance 8-13, and with Andy passing me his motes while dualboxing, I made just under 6k motes in 3 hours.
Tuesday I wanted to run Maidae, since so far I had had the most fun running Mabar on her. I put up an lfm for 16-20 (instance 16-20), small group and picked Spire of Validus area as battleground. This area seemed to offer almost constant respawns with no competition for for kills. πŸ™‚ I was joined by 3 monks, a sorc (who was mostly piking) and a wiz. Interestingly enough, I believe I knew all of them, or had run with them before, which doesn’t happen often.

I kept getting mostly finger bones (which are the most valuable), and after 2 h, I had made way more motes than I needed (needed 2.25k, had 3.7k). My sister handed me an additional 700 motes and with that here’s my final list of items:

Wraps: lvl 12, 16, 20.
Cloak: lvl 4, 12, 16.

Cloak: lvl 4, 12, 16.

Cloak: 12.

Now I’m done with Mabar and am going to prepare Maidae for her and my first TR. I wish to do an elite shroud on her and run Delera’s for Devotion wraps first. I’m planning the TR for Sunday.

I just flagged Cerge for ADQ and will flag him for Dreaming Dark next. I wish to do 20 Shrouds and run ADQ for Torc, as well as make him some ioun stones before TR.

That’s all folks. Take care and see you in game.