First mabar experience

Tonight when mabar finally went live I joined a lvl 16-20 party on Maidae and was running around Delera’s Graveyard killing things, piking once in a while to send tells to a friend. 🙂 I got enough motes to pick up base item of Cloak of Night and Wraps of Endless Light, but what annoys me is that u cannot get the item at the level u want, but have to buy the base and then upgrade.

I stayed on long enough for the Summoning Chamber to open, went in with my party, but ended up in lvl 20-25 instance instead. Lag is bad, but when the dragon arrives it gets really bad. I can’t move at all, and we end up failing. I was told that the one before had had exactly the same problem.

If turbine doesn’t fix this lag problem, I guess I’ll only get items to level 8 (which doesn’t require any scales).


11 comments on “First mabar experience

  1. I just completed the summoning chamber, im on my lv13.

    Not sure how i feel about it so far, like you said bit annoying you have to get all the levels of the item, i got the level 4 cloak may be awhile until the better ones

  2. So far, so good for me. It’s the first time I enter the graveyard and I found it pretty cool. The lag is terrible for my old, rusty PC.

    It will be a nice place to practice my skills.

  3. I hear you on the upgrading. I love the cloak so much that I have four of them: Level 4, level 12, level 12, and level 20. My grand plan last Mabar was to upgrade one of them to 16, but I wasn’t up for the challenge obviously. 😀

  4. Welcome to the madness of Mabar. Mabar you wanna make some items or Mabar you don’t. Either way lots of lfms will go unfilled and now is the time to take a holiday from DDO if you had one planned. Its like Crystal Cove, just with crappier gear.

  5. 🙂 I went a bit crystal cove mad, lol. I plan to spend a lot of time in mabar, but I hope they fix the lag. Wonder if there’s less lag on lower levels? I’m gonna run some on Jarvanna and Cerge as well.

    I’d like to get cloak and warps at several different levels for Maidae and cloak at different levels for Cerge.

  6. Ran 20-25 with my dark monk last night, spectral dragon run had no lag (though I was on a lever).

    In fact we only had one serious lag, all running on the spot surrounded by about 20 skeletons, chatting away, then boom – half the party dead 🙂 Fun times!

  7. Also my first Mabar.
    Was fun and got my cloak to level 8.
    As for playing it was not 100% cool to see a lot of kill steals (especially me as rogue being on the other side of the whole stealing thing, humpf!)
    Without that I would say that gathering your motes goes pretty fast.
    As for the dragon. Didn’t had a lag the 2 times I went in. but what was a pity is that there wasn’t a lot of communication going around on how to handle things. I myself hardly played along in groups (I first want to have some knowledge about most quest before I tag along, so will be for my second life/serious toon) but there were people who really tried to get things balanced/organized. but almost nobody answered them. did a certain chamber needed help, no answer. Is there anybody at the levers, no answer. So yes, 2 failing trys.
    Also after that got kicked out to another instance of Mabar, with suddenly giant skeletons. didn’t mean to be there, but was fun.

  8. Last mabar, mad lag. This one, zero lag. The difference? New computer since last festival.
    I do get annoyed at having to upgrade from base item up. I didn’t have a cloak for my PM (Cannith) so I built one up to 12 or 16 (was half asleep as I upgraded and logged) by bedtime.
    This morning I got wraps up to lvl 8 for my monk on Arg.

  9. It might be helpful to ask you caster to NOT cast Ice Storm and Disco Ball…those contribute to lag quite abit.

    Also, I have heard that only the levers for the room the dragon is in should be activated…leave the others dark. This should also help reduce lag.

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