Mabar pt 2


🙂 Maidae and Cerge will be participating in the event, and I plan to skip other activities for Mabar this weekend, most likely the next as well. I will possibly postpone my weekly raids, except maybe Thazara’s weekly elite shroud.

I have not decided exactly what gear I wish to get from the event, except that I do want at least wraps and cloak for Maidae and a cloak for Cerge. I have not decided what level, though, depends on how easy/ hard mats are to get. Look me up on Orien if u want to do Mabar with me.

Peace out.


3 comments on “Mabar pt 2

  1. Squeee, this is going to be my first Mabar.
    Probably wont be able to play as much as I want but still going to concentrate only on this.
    I want a wand and a cloak of Night

  2. My bard has wanted both wands from the start ’cause she’s on a quest to possess every eternal wand possible (of course, that’ll require at least two TRs for the Grotto wands…).

    She’s prolly not gonna get ’em this time, either. I mean, she doesn’t even use the wands she DOES have!

  3. When it’s back up and running (*sigh*), you shouldn’t have too much trouble to get enough ingredients to make a complete set of cloaks (4 thru 16, at least) in a single weekend. It can be a tough grind, but it’s possible – I’ve done it a couple of times. Good luck!

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