Sunday gaming again

I had planned to play all day this Sunday, but, didn’t log on til 8pm Fin time. Didn’t have definite plans for my time, but figured I could finish the Sschindylryn chain and lfm’d for The House of Death Undone saying I need a guide. Sent Neugash a tell about Thaz’s new robe, and he replied as always “lame”. 😀 lol.

Neug suggested Dreaming Dark runs on Maidae, and he said he had a PLIS for me, to get what Shards of Dreams I had on Thaz, or if I had a crystal, I could upgrade right away. We ran DD 4 times, and on the 4th I was able to upgrade the ioun stone.

After, I suggested shroud, since I’ve planned to run a few on Maidae before TR. Neug joined. Took a while to fill, and I accepted everyone who hit the lfm. I got a cleric and a bard for heals, a wizard, a sorc, 2 monks, 2 fighters, a rogue, a ranger and a sorcerer. I had a paladin, but he kept dc’ing already before we entered, so I kicked him and invited the fighter who had hit the lfm earlier. One of the monks told us before we started that he’d have to leave early, so he left after phase 2. But no prob, we had pretty good dps.

In phase 4 I was thinking we’d be able to 1 round it because of good dps, but no. 2 rounds. But, I did notice after round 1 that I was fighting with a scroll! 😀 lol! Fail. The sorcerer was only lvl 16, but a multiple TR and did well. In phase 4 she was close to dropping, but didn’t. In phase 5 same thing. Phase 5 went very well, and I’m not sure, but I think the healers didn’t even run out of mana (unless they potted). I was only watching my own hp bar and once it dropped low enough for me to get worried, other than that the healers did an excellent job.

This was Maidae’s 5th shroud, first as lvl 20. I might run it 1-2 more times before I TR her (for fun and mats for the other toons).

Ty for reading and have a great day.
Peace out.


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