Maidae; my monk

Maidae is my dark monk that I made soon after I unlocked the 32 p build with favor. I made a build plan with Dungeons and Dragons Online Character Planner and had the build reviewed on the forums (Dark Monk Ninja Spy build?). Now Maidae is lvl 18, has enough xp for 19 and will some time in the near future TR.

I have to admit that Maidae is definitely my strongest toon, as in most survivable. She’s the toon I can join almost any party with and do well. I have more than once found myself in a group of all TRs, or xp farming TRs, and she not only matches them, but beats some of them. Yesterday I joined a group of lvl 18’s doing IQ quests elite. All TRs. Cleric, druid, fighter and 2 rogues. Maidae is wearing the alchemist’s pendant, GS hp goggles tier 2, Minos legends, Fabricator’s Gauntlets, Garments of Equilibrium (yes, she does need something better), greater stalwart trinket, Mantle of the Worldshaper, +6 wis ring, +6 dex boots, and +6 ac bracers (swap to ethereal bracers for ghosties). She has over 500 hp in water and earth stance and has master of all, but gm of earth.

So, one of the quests we ran is I Dream of Jeets. I and the druid manage to die once in the room filled with dream reavers, other than that it’s pretty smooth until the boss fight. Druid (who is party leader) tell us to not fight anything but the damsel, that we just need to take her down. So me and the fighter are pounding away (I chose gm earth for this), and I look up at the hp bars and am surprised to see that not only am I the only one still at full health, but some have died as well. Druid and cleric go down and then fighter. I’m still at full hp, but start taking damage when I’m the last one standing. I hear over voice “you can do it”, but I reply “I can’t without heals”. So we wipe. One stays in, we re-enter and finish the damsel off.

Now I realize what I should have done. I should have pressed ‘M’ for the gs goggles and the displacement clicky on them, then healed up and then used all my best monk strikes to take the damsel out. The gs clicky could have protected me enough to heal up. I was considering running off to heal, but with all the mobs, I didn’t think it would work.

I am going to finish Maidae’s goggles (only missing 1 large devil scale and 1 large sulfurous stone), gather the last xp for 20, make sure I have gear for leveling, make a plan for her second life, then TR her into a light monk. I do plan to do at least one more life as dark, but I’d like to do at least one life as light. 🙂

That’s all folks. Thank you for reading and have a great day.


5 comments on “Maidae; my monk

  1. If you can find the ac on another slot then the unlocked fabricators set (need to add bracers)upped my monks dps a lot until I hit Eveningstar and got sunsoul gear

  2. The Fabricator’s Bracers give 10% melee alacrity alone. The set is great for Monk tankers (be warned that the Gauntlets from “Blown to Bits” create threat). Bracers are easy to farm in the Cannith Manufactury.

    Did you know there’s something special to get UNDER the main platform in “I Dream of Jeets?” Fall into the mirror under there to find the Dreamy Bacon. When you’re at the last fight with the damsel, eat it to get some needed help there.

    Not sure if you’ve seen my Monk guide (see my Links), but you’re at the point where you hardly need pointers. Dark Monks are advanced stuff. Gratz!

  3. 🙂 I didn’t know that about the platform in the quest. Ty for the info. And bracers, wiki says they’re only found in the firebomber’s chest? I’ve only once been up again him (on elite) and we didn’t stand a chance.

    🙂 I did see your guide, was planning on checking it out again before I TR.

    🙂 And ty.

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