Sunday gaming

πŸ™‚ Today I didn’t have any specific plans for my gaming time, which of course meant I wasted a lot of time doing nothing. I moved Maidae and Cerge to the guild Disorderly Conduct and checked out their guild ship, and started making gs goggles for Cerge. He’s missing one glistening pebbles to make the blank. I wanted to do a normal shroud on Cerge, but with a now ex-guildie, but he wasn’t on. Also wanted to run Spinner of Shadows with a new guildie, but he wasn’t on either.

Joined a party for a hard VoD (on Thazara) and asked a friend to join as the second healer. πŸ™‚ Was a good run, even though someone did die (I’ve run VoD 2 times before on hard without deaths). Then I was gonna run Web of Chaos chain on Maidae with a group, but they filled, and I was told I could join for the second part. Well, while I was waiting I saw an lfm for eChrono, and I haven’t done that one before, so swapped toon again and joined. eChrono was a lagfest for me. My network connection was slow as hell and I kept lagging badly during all the fights. So, I died 2 times and a couple of other ppl died a few times as well. Other than that it was a smooth run.

After Chrono I noticed a group running Spinner, and this party was lvl 18-19. I swapped back to Maidae and joined. We did Spinner hard and then Beyond the rift elite. A few deaths in both of the quests, but no major problems, except for the fact that me and the other monk wasn’t getting heals. The party was fvs, druid, pm wizard, ranger and 2 monks. Us monks were in trouble a few times for the lack of heals – well and died. A few times I said “Could you throw me a heal pls?”, when I noticed my hp dropping to like 10%. But apparently it was more convenient to raise than to heal. Hmm.

So, yes, that’s about all I got done during my 6 h on. πŸ™‚ Well, I did reset Maidae’s enhancements and now she has Touch of Death, Grandmaster of Earth and will be getting void 4 at lvl 19 (ml 19).

That’s all for now. Tc.

P.S. My sorc has only run one shroud so far. I need to run him next week.


3 comments on “Sunday gaming

  1. I often spend time doing nothing especially when not many LFM’s up as i dont really like leading them, even more so now im at level 21, players bit more forgiving in the earlier quests

  2. @Domfig. ty πŸ™‚

    @legend πŸ™‚ well, I hate wasting time. It doesn’t feel that bad if you’re chatting with someone, but just standing around trying to decide what to do feels rather stupid πŸ™‚

    I do put up lfm’s for quests I don’t know, still, and ask for a guide. But this Sunday I didn’t feel like waiting for a party and I didn’t want to join a party where I would have had to wait either. There was a few of them on the lfm where it seem like there weren’t gonna fill.

    For VoD I sent the party leader a tell that I don’t want to wait for them to fill, that I’ll check back later if they’re still looking for healers. πŸ™‚ They got to 10 ppl pretty fast, so I changed back to Thaz, joined and then sent a friend of mine a tell “Wanna run VoD?”. πŸ™‚ She didn’t reply to me, but joined the lfm a moment later, so I was like yay! πŸ™‚

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