First mabar experience

Tonight when mabar finally went live I joined a lvl 16-20 party on Maidae and was running around Delera’s Graveyard killing things, piking once in a while to send tells to a friend. πŸ™‚ I got enough motes to pick up base item of Cloak of Night and Wraps of Endless Light, but what annoys me is that u cannot get the item at the level u want, but have to buy the base and then upgrade.

I stayed on long enough for the Summoning Chamber to open, went in with my party, but ended up in lvl 20-25 instance instead. Lag is bad, but when the dragon arrives it gets really bad. I can’t move at all, and we end up failing. I was told that the one before had had exactly the same problem.

If turbine doesn’t fix this lag problem, I guess I’ll only get items to level 8 (which doesn’t require any scales).


Sunday Post

I woke up sort of early (well early for me, since I went to bed late) and after writing my Saturday blog post I logged on Thaz (weekends are still Thazara’s time).

I check the lfm for anything fun and see an eHard Chronoscope looking for healer. I join and hurry there. I don’t believe I know anyone in the group, and people aren’t talking much, but it’s ok. We do optionals pretty quickly and head over to the bank. Bank fight is good, we don’t run into trouble until steam tunnels where we hit orange and red alert (if I remember correctly), and a few people die. But we recover and head over to end fight. End fight’s smooth we d-door to go get chests and for the first time (for me) no one waited until explosion to open chests.

eChrono eChrono2

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Saturday post

To start off I want to say that Thazara has now run every quest in the game, except The Lord of Blades and The Web of Chaos, and she is now flagged for all the raids. She has run all quests elite lvl 1-21, except the following: Ascension Chamber (normal), Hound of Xoriat (hard), A Vision of Destruction (hard), The Master Artificer (normal), The Dreaming Dark (normal), and quests lvl 22-23 on hard. I am going to do favor clean up and run all of these quests on elite, still.

Here’s the run down of Thazara’s Saturday.

Tower of Despair
I logged on with Thaz and wanted to do a ToD as the first thing. No ToD on the lfm. I sent a friend a tell “Wanna lead a ToD?”. He replied “Emm. No”. And then started telling me about how easy it is and what I need. Hmm. I was watching the lfm indecisively, then someone posted a ToD. I hit it right away and spent some time talking to the person posting. πŸ™‚ He was telling me about how it’s easy to lead and how he’s done shadow tank role some time etc. (he was a monk/pally). Well, I’m sure he knew his stuff, but he failed to make sure the party knew it’s stuff. We entered without an experienced shadow tank.

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Mabar pt 2


πŸ™‚ Maidae and Cerge will be participating in the event, and I plan to skip other activities for Mabar this weekend, most likely the next as well. I will possibly postpone my weekly raids, except maybe Thazara’s weekly elite shroud.

I have not decided exactly what gear I wish to get from the event, except that I do want at least wraps and cloak for Maidae and a cloak for Cerge. I have not decided what level, though, depends on how easy/ hard mats are to get. Look me up on Orien if u want to do Mabar with me.

Peace out.


I haven’t read forums or if there’s been any myddo posts on Mabar.

But here’s the wiki page: Mabar Endless Night Festival

Halloween 2012
It was announced in U15.1 and 15.2 that changes would be made to Mabar to accommodate epic levels.
These changes will effect both monsters, the Summoning Chamber event, and loot rewards.
On Thursday, Sept 27th, there was a preview of the changes on the Lamannia server.
According to , it is planned for Oct 25th to Nov 4th.
This was confirmed in a post by Tolero.

P.S This will be my first time participating in this event.

Thinking about switching guild

As I might have mentioned in a previous post, Cleazy wanted me to switch guilds, to move my toons from Legends of Orien, to Disorderly Conduct. Legends of Orien is a huge guild, with over 500 accounts, and is more or less stuck on around lvl 61. Disorderly Conduct is a more exclusive guild, only 15 accounts, all active and is gaining renown fast. Currently lvl 72. After some convincing from Cleazy, I moved Maidae and Cerge to DC a couple of weeks ago, while I wanted to keep Thazara in LoO for now. I also recently moved Jarvanna to LoO.

Now, as Cleazy wants me to move all my toons into his guild, I’m having to consider the pros and cons of doing so. What do I want from my guild?

Legends of Orien

– there’s always people online to talk to in guild chat
– officers and leader are all helpful and friendly
– with the gold seal amenities we got, the ship currently has all the buffs I want and all 3 gs altars
– I have friends in the guild
– because of the large amount of ppl, there’s often guild raids
– when looking for ppl to fill my raids, I can ask in guild chat

– because of the large number of members, the guild will never reach high levels
– guild raids are only random (as in not scheduled)
– the guild is very casual
– once we run out of gold seal amenities, we will lose some of the better buffs and the lvl 3 navigator

Disorderly Conduct

– small guild
– all accounts are active
– the guild is getting small guild renown bonus and leveling fast
– the ship has a good amount of buffs, even if it’s still missing second gs altar
– the ship is not reliant on gold seal amenities for it’s buffs

– no guild raids
– I don’t know anyone but Cleazy
– small guild, very few ppl online at the same time as me

Now, what do I want from my guild? Well to be honest, the most important thing to me is ship and buffs. πŸ™‚ But friendly guildies to talk to is nice too. I mostly pug, so the lack of guildies to run with isn’t that much of a problem. I am an active player and I run raids every week. I have been asked before why I don’t join a high level raiding guild, but the truth is, that I don’t like their rules. I don’t want to be in a guild where you’re required to participate in guild activities or pay a monthly fee for ship maintenance.

πŸ™‚ I actually think it’s highly likely that I will move Thazara to DC. Well, if Cleazy actually makes an effort to run with me every week. Oh, yes, I’m not that hard to persuade, lol! Guild is high enough level, and if one person promises to run with me a few times a week, that’s more than I’m getting in LoO. But before this I will use my gold seal amenities on the LoO ship. πŸ™‚

I don’t know yet if I will move Jarvanna, though. I suggested to my sis that we move our toons to LoO, and I think she might like it, being as social as she is.

Ok, that’s some random thoughts from me.

Tc and see you in game.

Sunday gaming again

I had planned to play all day this Sunday, but, didn’t log on til 8pm Fin time. Didn’t have definite plans for my time, but figured I could finish the Sschindylryn chain and lfm’d for The House of Death Undone saying I need a guide. Sent Neugash a tell about Thaz’s new robe, and he replied as always “lame”. πŸ˜€ lol.

Neug suggested Dreaming Dark runs on Maidae, and he said he had a PLIS for me, to get what Shards of Dreams I had on Thaz, or if I had a crystal, I could upgrade right away. We ran DD 4 times, and on the 4th I was able to upgrade the ioun stone.

After, I suggested shroud, since I’ve planned to run a few on Maidae before TR. Neug joined. Took a while to fill, and I accepted everyone who hit the lfm. I got a cleric and a bard for heals, a wizard, a sorc, 2 monks, 2 fighters, a rogue, a ranger and a sorcerer. I had a paladin, but he kept dc’ing already before we entered, so I kicked him and invited the fighter who had hit the lfm earlier. One of the monks told us before we started that he’d have to leave early, so he left after phase 2. But no prob, we had pretty good dps.

In phase 4 I was thinking we’d be able to 1 round it because of good dps, but no. 2 rounds. But, I did notice after round 1 that I was fighting with a scroll! πŸ˜€ lol! Fail. The sorcerer was only lvl 16, but a multiple TR and did well. In phase 4 she was close to dropping, but didn’t. In phase 5 same thing. Phase 5 went very well, and I’m not sure, but I think the healers didn’t even run out of mana (unless they potted). I was only watching my own hp bar and once it dropped low enough for me to get worried, other than that the healers did an excellent job.

This was Maidae’s 5th shroud, first as lvl 20. I might run it 1-2 more times before I TR her (for fun and mats for the other toons).

Ty for reading and have a great day.
Peace out.

Thaz’s Sat

I was going to log on early to run Eveningstar stuff with Zendikar, but real life stuff took longer than planned, and didn’t log on til 9 pm, Fin time. Zen was running VON, so I joined Neugash for ToD instead. Took a while for us to fill, but was a good run. I told Neug that I could prolly solo heal it, with a good party, but that I wouldn’t want to. Luckily we got a second healer. πŸ™‚ My only problem if I was to try and solo heal ToD is that u have 2 bosses in end fight and I would have to which between the one tank and the rest of the group, but I think I could do it, if I had to.

After ToD I wanted to run second Eveningstar (Sschindylryn) chain with Zen and we got a nice group for it. First quest (The House of Rusted Blades) was fast, second (The House of Broken Chains) took longer, but it was a good run. We did them on epic hard. After the second quest it was already a few minutes to midnight (5pm EST), and time for me to lfm for my weekly elite shroud.

Weekly elite shroud
This week we don’t fill super fast, but not super slow either. I get a few regulars, and healers I know, and actually have to turn down one healer. I feel kind of bad about it, this one cleric has hit my lfm before, and I always turn him down. But he does hit it when I already have 2 healers + me, and at that time I want dps, and not more heals. Yes, I am aware that divine can do some dps too, but if I’m accepting a divine as dps, it’s gonna be an fvs and not a cleric.

Here’s this week’s group (taken at the end, not start):

Shroud group

I wanted a caster in the last spot, and we ended up waiting for a caster to join. We had a nice group, but lag was crazy this time. This has got to be my laggiest run ever. We have one death in phase 4, and we take out Harry at the start of round 3. We were close to 2 rounding it, which is pretty cool for elite. Good dps.

But phase 5, omg. I’m healing and dp’ing as normally, and suddenly I (and everyone) lag badly. I’m throwing mass heals, blocking with aura running, and boom! Half the party is dead, including me. Wtf? Thazara is that sturdy in US ED, that she can take fire balls to the fase without flinching, and this time she just dropped like that. I get a raise and run around one of the corners to hide, while I raise, heal and buff. Then I sneak back in range and get back to it. I help raise some and heal, and throw some buffs. I also drink a few pots so I can continue dot’ing. The rest of the phase went smoothly.

Weekly ADQ
I want to start running at least one ADQ a week on Thaz, to try and get her the torc. I had Cleazy put up the lfm and Zendikar joins too. Nivelatorix still hasn’t flagged for it, so he can’t join (Niv, we need to get u flagged). A friend of Cleazy’s starts a second group and we do the preraid on eNorm and then the raid on eHard. Preraid’s a bit of a mess and I end up dying twice. πŸ™‚ Cleazy forgets to check quest objectives and reads the wrong Glyph twice and ends up in the penalty box. πŸ™‚ I’m keeping an eye on order and tells ppl which is next. I help out in monkey, wolf and octo, while I avoid bat. Bat has got to be the most difficult one because of traps and the crazy amount of mephits.

The raid it self is pretty smooth, and we’re 4 healers. Crap loot, though. And no torc.

Weekly eVON
Cleazy runs eVON all the time, and I had already decided to join him in one run on Sat. We do VON5 on eNorm, which is smooth, Cleazy knows it well. Thaz gets repetition penalty and only gets about 40k xp from it (compared to some getting like 80k). We enter VON6 on eHard and getting to the dragon is pretty smooth. But in the dragon fight we notice that we’re low on dps. Taking Velah out is taking too long and eggs spawn. πŸ™‚ But it wasn’t that bad, we take her out soon after. Thaz get’s an epic shard, but no token and no scale. 😦

eVON quest report

I got 1 kill, but the only thing I was attacking was Velah with dp. Wonder if I got the kill?

With this Saturday’s runs Thazara got Exalted Angel to level 4. She is now Unyielding Sentinel 5, Exalted Angel 4 and has 3 twist points. Oh, and Cleazy bought Thaz a spidersilk robe from AH (crazy since they’re so over priced), which means she now has (with ship buffs) in EA over 500hp and over 2500sp, in US over 700hp and 2035sp. I’m pretty pleased.

Here’s Thaz in her new outfit:

Thazara in her new robe

πŸ™‚ I think she looks so tiny.

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

P.S. Yeah, Cleazy, I think you’re great and awesome and what ever. πŸ˜€ But you did die in eVON. haha! (Oh, yeah, I had to.)

Maidae hit 20!

Finally got my second toon to 20 and am now ready to plan a TR (my first) πŸ™‚ I finished Maidae’s gs goggles, and flagged her for Dreaming Dark (which I still plan to run) and got enough xp for 20. Now I wish to run shroud a few times to test out her epic wraps and the new level. πŸ™‚ Then I need to plan her build and gear for leveling.

I am willing to listen to suggestions for leveling gear. πŸ™‚ I have the abshai set, sora kell, minos, garments of equilibrium, ml8 heavy fort outfit, and some other stuff. I’m actually mostly worried about the lower levels, since it’s been a long while since I’ve been there. But then again, I’m expecting this toon to be strong enough to blast through in her underwear, so maybe I don’t need to worry that much about gear? πŸ™‚

Tc and see you on Orien or Cannith.

P.S. Build wise I’ve already decided I want to do a str based light monk for her second life – currently dex based dark monk.

Let’s dance

After doing some questing, Jarvanna and Xenaya were picking up the quest rewards in house P.

“What’s this?”, says Jarvanna. “A stage?”

Stage in House K

“Let’s dance!”

Wolf, Aussircaex and Xenaya watch as Jarvanna gets up on stage and start dancing.

Jarvanna dancing

“Dance with me, Xenaya?”

Xenaya and Jarvanna dancing