Got caught up playing… again

I was waiting all week for Saturday and time to play my main, Thazara. The plan was to maybe run The shipwrecked spy and Dream conspiracy first, then do some challenges for favor (going to try and unlock arti) before the weekly shroud at 5pm EST. (I think I’m going to divide this post into chapters, lol!)

I found a nice group for the two IQ quests, and we ran them on elite without too much problems, a few deaths, but nothing special. These were the last quests I wanted to do before taking lvl 22, so went ahead and leveled after that. Thazara has now run all quests elite lvl 1-18, except Abbot normal, VoD and HoX hard.

Elite shroud take one
A friend logged on and we ran a few house c challenges and then I lfm’d for my weekly elite shroud. Not a single regular was on. Last week we filled in probably less than 5 min, this week it took longer and I also had competition on the lfm, others were lfm’ing for elite. I got one person I knew from before, an fvs, and a second cleric. 2 rangers, 2 monks, 1 fighter, 2 wizards and maybe 2 paladins. We were doing ok up to phase 4, where it took 4 rounds and several ppl died. Then we lost the other cleric. He died in round 2 or 3 of phase 4, when I tried to res him after phase 4 was finished, nothing happened and soon after he lost connection. So, we went into phase 5 one healer short (we did wait for him to come back long enough imo). Phase 5 got messy pretty fast. I don’t know if it was because someone died, but instead of the melees surrounding Harry, like it’s usually done, someone started kiting him, which meant I kept missing people with my mass cures/ heals. People died, I died, I had to be rez’d twice, because first time I got Harry aggro as soon as I got up and I had even run out of sight into a corner.

Second raise I got up, healed up and started just blocking and raising ppl. Kept at it, while trying to heal a bit (I stopped rez’ing the fvs after a while, because she was out of mana and wasn’t even healing herself), then I ran out of bursts, wasn’t fast enough and died. Last one standing was one of the rangers, who ran into a corner and stood there shooting at Harry. He was doing ok at surviving, but wasn’t doing very much damage, so someone wanted him to try and rez him, which then led to the ranger dying and us wiping.

Elite shroud take 2
I decided I wanted the completion, so I lfm’d again and some ppl stayed on, including the fvs. I have already forgotten the set up of this group, but we had 2 monks, a second cleric, fighter, barbs, sorc, wizard and arti. Again, phase 1-3 went fine, and we had some problems in phase 4. Still not enough dps. Phase 5 went a bit better this time around, but people did die and it was pretty messy. At some point I stopped rezing and focused just on dp’ing Harry instead. Down goes harry, I touch the altar and the dead can use the res shrine. Me, who don’t like potting, must have gone through around 20 mana pots in these 2 runs. My normal is 1 pot in phase 5. I have been lfm’ing for lvl 18-25, but this is getting too expensive, so next time I’ll only take 20-25.

After shroud I was just going to organize some stuff and then go to bed, but I noticed someone lfm’ing for Eveningstar chain 1 on epic elite, and sent a tell that I’d be interested. I was allowed to join and off we go. Impossible demands was pretty much as messy this time as it was last time I ran it (on hard), although the leader was doing a little bit better job at leading. My only problem was that during runs/ quest the kept telling me how to heal. First I he told me to stay back when I was trying to spam bursts, then I was healing too slow because he died (well duh, u ran ahead and I was with the rest of the group). Then in one quest he was like “never let my hp go below 70%” (in the boss fight). Well, mr barb (and this is kinda one of my pet peeves), I do my best, but when I have 5 people running around me, none of them self healing (I mean we had 2 rangers and a sorc that weren’t healing themselves + a monk), and my masses aren’t catching more than 1-2 ppl, people are going to die. If it was just you, if I only had to worry about keeping u healed, and I myself would be safe, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But I do get pretty annoyed when people tell me how to heal, like it’s my fault that I can’t heal people that are running around lie headless chicken. (I did though, tell him when he told me how to heal him in the boss fight that I will, but I will not heal anyone ranged and I will not rez anyone, because I can’t swap target that fast – if I have to be on barb watch)

Second thing, and I’m sure a lot of u will disagree with me on this. For Battle of Eveningstar we were joined by a wizard instead of the sorc who left. He told me not to throw bb and just to healbot, because in his opinion that was what the party needed. He also thought my hp was really low at 480, so I should avoid aggro. Well, mr wizard. You do not know me. At lvl 13 running a lvl 12 quest elite and throwing bb would get me killed (I’m saying this because it happened). At lvl 22 running epics, I throw bb and comet fall – and stand in the middle of battle (sometimes meleing) to be able to spam bursts. I have put skills in balance and jump and I often jump back and forth pulling mobs through bb. Ok, so this was elite, and I was possibly in over my head, but I’d still rather help take mobs out, than waste all my mana on mana sponge barbs (they take less damage when I’m helping out).

Third thing. Before U14, running epics with a weak or semi-weak party could still be successfully done with good tactics. Since the change of the epics system, it seems like people are running them all willy-nilly. And, elite is a lot harder than hard, and people think u can just stand there kicking butt like u do every day. I much more prefer runs with a good plan and good cc. I do not like runs where people are all over the place fighting different foes and I can’t target anyone. Why is this? Well cause there are still the “blame the cleric barbs” who blame me when I don’t heal for one or another reason. It’s not the party’s fault, no, it’s the cleric who did a crappy job. Don’t u agree?

Alright, so this turned into a bit of a rant, lol! πŸ˜€

In other news, Thazara just exceeded 4000 favor with the epic elite runs. She hit the number 4000 even after Impossible demands, and was rewarded 125 TP. Here’s a picture for proof (click for full size).

Thazara 4000 favor

That’s all folks. πŸ™‚ See you next time.

P.S. I guess I have to start advertising better for my elite shroud? lol!

P.P.S. 2 more runs to go before the cleansing stone. If I do 1 extra run on Tuesday or Wednesday, I’ll get the stone on Saturday: πŸ™‚

P.P.P.S tl;dr I’m gonna post the favor thing in a different post as well πŸ™‚


7 comments on “Got caught up playing… again

  1. Yay for the 4000 favour, I wouldn’t have stayed in the party where someone was telling me how to play my toon. I don;t mind being offered tactics or some instructions but to be told what spells to cast ro not cast! Grrrrr.
    You need to turn in your House D favour lol you are are missing a world of exciting new quivers XD

  2. centre. y hey Micki… Nice work on the favor collection. 4000 is awesome. I too would tell that barb to ‘go away’ but I’m too much of a newbie to ignore any advice

  3. @Dom πŸ™‚ ty. Well when people try to tell me how to play (except when it’s a good leader explaining tactics), I tend to get a bit sour and a bit offensive. I do, though, probably always explain to them how things are (e.g. if u want me to be on barb watch, I’m not going to be healing anyone else, or anyone outside the mass cures/ heals). Btw, in the group we had 3 ppl from a lvl 100 guild, and at least 2 of them seemed very elitist.

    @Skeggy πŸ™‚ ty. I never tell ppl to go away, lol. It’s been a while since someone wasn’t happy with my job as a healer. But I guess they they thought cleric = healbot, and that’s just not me.

  4. Nicely done!

    If you were on Sarlona my lot would be there every Saturday for your elite Shrouds πŸ™‚

    And yes, very annoying how some people feel it’s OK to blame the cleric. It’s definitely a team effort!

  5. Yeah, barbs are a lot of the reason why I don’t play healers… a LOT of them feel the need to frenzy through everything. Just because they HAVE an ability doesn’t mean they have to USE it all the freakin’ time.

    And pure and simply, barbs can’t tank. They just can’t. Sure, they’re massive bags of HP and have some damage mitigation… but DR doesn’t block double-vicious berserker cleaves.

    There are two positions in a boss fight: in the middle of things whacking away and in range of the masses; and next to the cleric plinking or zapping away and in range of the bursts. Anywhere else, and you’re either on your own, or you’re dead, as far as I’m concerned. (Of course, I break this rule every time I Shroud on my bard, since I tend to plop myself in a random spot after running in to dirge, but she’s fairly self-sufficient and doesn’t usually take TOO much damage – unless she gets in too close and is two-shotted in half a second…)

  6. Nooo, Micki, dont listen to them! You are a terrible healer AND you should listen to others’ complaints. πŸ˜›

    Also. Not sure if he wizard was ordering you around or just making suggestions. I do know ppl have a bad habit of telling stories in an exeggarated form full of hyperbolies and style-missing paraphrases.

    You ever heard of that guy Jesus?:)

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