First shroud, 2 tomes!

Cerge ran his first (hard) Shroud tonight, in his new docent, Quorforged Docent of Battle.

Cerge Docent

And on his end reward list he had not one tome, but two!
(Click for full size)

Cerge Shroud rewards

I haven’t quite wanted to run shrouds were the majority of the party is 25, but decided to join one this time. Figured they would be less dependent on Cerge’s skills. This group wanted to run fast, and I wish they would have said it in the lfm. Lucky for me, Cerge’s got the buffs he needs, so he isn’t dependent on anyone, but I can imagine some others having a bit of a hard time with it. No saving a devil in phase 4, no parking the ellie in phase 5, minimal buffing and no waiting. Cerge did very well, though, he only took damage from the blades in phase 3, other than that he didn’t have any problems (except doing damage to the portals in phase 1 that seem to be immune to both ice and acid). Cerge got 3 large mats and a shard of power from it, and a +3 str tome!

I ran Maidae’s first shroud on Monday, but a normal one that I lead. Pace and run was very different. Maidae needs better wraps for fighting Harry, though, my crafted +3 holy handwraps of lesser vampirism + arti silver weren’t doing enough damage, imo.

I also led an elite shroud on Thazara on Tuesday, after an elite Titan raid. Thazara’s now got 17 shroud completions, 5 normal, 7 hard and 4 elite. 3 more for the cleansing stone. She also just got flagged for ToD and got her Boots of Anchoring, so soon she’ll start running that as well. 🙂 Thazara’s now flagged for all the raids, except the MotU one.

Alright, that’s all folks.
Happy questing and take care.



7 comments on “First shroud, 2 tomes!

  1. 🙂 ty guys

    @Adiurd 🙂 Thazara got a +3 int tome on her… maybe 7th run or something, other than that these were the first ones I’ve gotten from there.

    @legend 🙂 At first I was only doing random runs, then I wanted to do one a week. Now I’d like to quickly get Thazara the cleansing stone, and it was a lot of fun trying out the other toons as well. 🙂 Sorc was def more fun than monk, though. I guess it’s because I’m used to standing on the side DoT’ing, being able look around, rather than being up close just meleing.

  2. Tomes are BtC. Cerge has eaten a +2 con and a +2 cha. Chocies were +3 str or +2 dex. Dex he’d need more, but since I plan to get a +2 tome from 1750 favor, I picked str.

  3. 🙂 for the blog I add width and height in percentage, which in FF, IE and chrome make them percentage of the blog area. It might not work properly in the brower on your phone, so taking that into account I will try to remember to start adding width and height in pixels instead.

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