Plans for Thazara

My main Thazara, I made in the start of August 2011. At first I was just trying out the game, but later I decided to start collecting favor with this toon, on level. She was annoyingly gimp at lower levels, since she was customized and I didn’t know what I was doing. Got some help from experienced people on the forums, did a greater reincarnation and turned her into a caster with melee fallback, after I unlocked the 32 p build at lvl 11. I love having a lot of favor and that is the reason I’m never going to TR this toon.

So, my plans for this toon are:

1. Collect favor from everything I can, quests before challenges, but since I’d like to try and unlock the arti, I’m gonna have to do challenges at some point as well. Currently quests/ raids lvl 1-20, Thazara is missing heroic elite favor from Titan preraid, U15 quests, Abbot, VoD, HoX, a few IQ quests, Eveningstar quests, Dreaming Dark, MA and LoD. She just also got flagged for ToD yesterday. Thazara is currently sitting on 3833 favor and is holding lvl 22.

2. Level up the ED’s. Since she’s never TR’ing, I might level up all the ED’s at some point. She is/ has currently Unyielding sentinel 5, Exalted Angel 1 and Grandmaster of Flowers 0. Currently leveling up EA, but using US when running elite shroud.

3. Gear up for end game. She has con-op gs goggles, I’m making her a gs hp cloak with heavy fort and a gs Min II scimitar. She will be hitting 25 at some point, but I’m sticking on lvl 21 until I’ve collected some more favor, so she can’t use the M:L 22-25 gear yet. I haven’t quite decided what armor I want to use, but I do prefer robes to other armor. I’d like to get a spidersilk robe for her instead of the Eveningstar cleric armor. I should also try to get a torc, but I’m not keen on the grind.

4. Collect epic tokens and xp for ED’s. I’m having problems splitting my time between running heroic quests for favor and running epics for xp and tokens. I have found a liking for running epic raids, though, specifically eVON and eADQ. Phiarlan carnival’s another chain I like running.

I really like running this toon, I know her well and I do a mix of melee, casting and healing. I save mana a lot. I was running Invasion elite yesterday and in the party we had an fvs and a wizard at 3000+ sp, with Thazara at 2000. The fvs ran out of mana when Thazara was at 50%, since I only occasionally throw a spell and otherwise melee and use bursts. Although when running the EA ED I’ve been only casting, since her melee sucks in it, while her spells hit a lot harder.

Thazara needs a better melee weapon, though, and I was really bummed out when the Star of Day turned out to be required good. I might have to stick to the Crystal Cove scimitar until I make her a gs one. Oh, and I’m gonna start running ToD for +4 tomes. πŸ™‚

Alright over and out from Micki.
Tc and happy questing.

P.S. I was told during Crystal Cove by a TR cleric that Thazara will never be accepted in high level raids for being melee fallback. I believe this person didn’t know what they were talking about. πŸ™‚ Thazara is a caster, but she melees to save mana, and does so pretty well. She’s very versatile and can adjust to situations. The saving mana bit means she’s not as dependent on shrines as some and if we have a bard with sp regen spell, she might not need to use a shrine for anything but clickies.


11 comments on “Plans for Thazara

  1. Its funny, my ‘main’ who I tred is actually my 2nd most played character, my gimpy little monk is now played the most and has got all the way to 24, GoF5, and 4 ranks to US 1. I do like my arty though and must make effort to get him to 20 and start grinding epic tokens to TR.

  2. πŸ™‚ After a little over a year playing, I’ve only collected 19 epic tokens and 4 epic raid tokens. πŸ™‚ Still need a lot more.

  3. I wouldn’t rule out a TR. The first 1 is easy and brings a lot of power to an character. More then you would think. And you have no idea how easy/fun it is to do lower level content with all your raid gear and whatnot.

    Total blast.

    That said i wouldn’t TR my 100% favor guy right after i have gotten all that favor, i would try and get any/all TRs out of the way before going 100% favor.

  4. πŸ™‚ I have 5 lives planned for Maidae and 20 for Cerge (going to take me years, if I ever get there). I enjoy having a first life toon that kicks butt XD, even though I know she will never be as strong as an experienced TR cleric (she is a lot stronger/ more durable than some TR’s though). And, no, because of all the favor, I don’t want to TR her. I’ve spent a year collecting it.

  5. Yeah, I echo Samius. When you max out favor, you unlock some perks, but the account perks like vet status, Drow and FvS, you only have to do once. House P favor is great because of the Pendant of Time, but you only have to do it once unless you trash the item for some reason. When you TR, Silver Flame and Yugoloth favor are the most common pains to regain, but you can stock up on pots before you ever TR and buy plenty of time that way. Regaining Coin Lords and The Twelve favor pretty much happens automatically as you level up. Likewise, getting the Agents of A 10 HP back isn’t a stretch. Purple Dragon Knight favor only matters when you’re at epic levels, so it’s not relevant when you’re TRing. House K favor really matters when you’ve stockpiled a lot of stuff, or when you’re TRing and need to clean out that TR cache. Otherwise, a TR cache is huge bank space for all those knick-knacks you want to keep but just don’t really use.

    Geez, this is getting long. πŸ™‚ The thing is, those 4 extra build points and past lives really can make a difference. My first FvS, Massalina, was my favorite character, the one I wanted to raid on for the first 15 months I played. That’s because she was the first class and build I capped that I really enjoyed playing. Then I finished TRing Zoesha and parked her as a similar FvS build. While Massalina was still fun to play, she couldn’t do everything as well as Zoesha could, or survive everything Zoesha could. Zoesha was more fun for having her TRs.

    It’s worth it to get a couple past lives on your fave character at some point. You can improve your DCs, healing amp and melee skill depending on how many times you’re willing to level. If you don’t like the leveling process, though, the trade off may not seem worth it.

    Regarding the whole ‘melee fallback not acceptable on high-level raids’ – that’s cray-cray! I mean, anyone who’s ever played a healer knows how ppl beg for healers. They also know hoe ppl say the most ridiculous things about healers! πŸ™‚

  6. πŸ™‚ ty for ur comment. We’ll see. When I’ve run all content available, collected all the favor I can, and leveled all the ED’s, if I still feel I’m not happy with my toon, I’ll TR. Otherwise I’ll leave her at 25 and just TR and level my two other toons.

    With Maidae I’m gonna do PLS 3xmonk, 1barb, maybe one fighter, final life monk. Cerge complitionist + 3xfvs, 3xwiz, 3xsorc, final life sorc. Yes, it’s overkill, but sounds like a fun plan πŸ™‚ So, he’ll do cleric as well at some point, but first I’m gonna do wiz, fvs and bard.

  7. Good job on proving that guy wrong πŸ˜€

    I wasnt sure if i would tr but my main is now halfway thru 3rd life and i have a warchanter at lv23 2nd life, ive not really tried getting all that favor most ive had is like 2000 so congrats on that.

    Also dont really plan out all my lives, i just level the toon then if i feel like tr’ing, i do and then pick something that seems interesting or i may like leveling

  8. πŸ™‚ ty. I love having that much favor and I love getting wow’s for it XD

    πŸ™‚ I couldn’t play without planning. I’ve tried and hated it.

  9. I see you have alot of pastlives planned there. My advice is to find a static group of people who also like to true incarnate alot. Soloing/pugging that many pastlives can be painful and take years to get. With people who have same goals and determination, you can get pastlives in really fast pace. I spent last spring grinding pastlives for my main (completionist wiz with 3xwiz,3xfvs,2xsorc), and it took me approx one week per life, fastest life was 2 days 18 hours when there was 20% xp boost going on. If you ever decide to get more pastlives for your cannith cleric/monk thing, can allways ask for guidance and assistance. Suomi kuittaa πŸ™‚

  10. XD haha! u outed urself. πŸ™‚ Ty for the advice. I do expect the pls to take years, though. I’m playing 5 toons usually 4/ week at maybe 10-30 h week, of which Thazara gets sat-sun with around 3-16 h/ weekend. I run Keronna Fridays with a static group, Jarvanna Wednesdays with another static group and then Maidae and Cerge usually every other week Mon, Tues and Thurs. I usually don’t run more than a couple of h Mon-Fri, and often have one night off a week.

    After work I often do some form of exercise, then let the degus out for an h, before I sit down to play DDO. So, I don’t have that much time to run, and I spend a lot of time thinking about gear XD mostly Thazara’s.

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