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This is just a very short post from me. I’ll be on vacation for 8 days from tomorrow, so will not be logging on in a while. Anywho, I logged with Cerge to change his docent to the Quorforged Docent and his boots to Cannith boots. He’s got the Flameward for charisma, an archmagi tiara and the cunning trinket. In the cloak spot he’s currently got the phiarlan mirror cloak, he’s got a +5 dex ring and a +6 con necklace.

But, I realized he’s currently got +6 str on both bracers and gloves and he’s got a +20 ring that doesn’t stack with the hp on the docent. He just got flagged for shroud, but I haven’t run it yet, and my plan is to TR him into a trapmonkey wizard (18 wiz/2 rogue) at 20. I will run a few shrouds before then, but probably not enough to make a gs. For his next life he has the Master Transmuter’s Staff.

Any suggestions for gear he could use now 18-20 and stuff I should get before TR?

Ty. Over and out.


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  1. If you go the trap monkey route you will need the appropriate equipment to disable the traps. One piece I enjoy for my low level TRs is [url=]Goggles of Time-Sensing[/url] and is particularly good for a trap disabler. I also like the Abishai set for the perks it gives at low level. On top you will need at every level search, disable and spot/pick locks (the last 2 not entirely necessary but for convenience) to keep up with the elite traps. It is also good to stock on +5 Thieves Tools. So trap monkey is very gear and space intensive.

    For blue-bars TRs I cannot recomment enough the following (at different levels):
    1. Unsuppressed Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone
    2. Torc
    3. A GS conc-opp HP item
    4. Skiver

    Plus there are a ton of other twink items I enjoy but I prefer to stop here unless I scare you. My bank is always full and I barely have 1-2 bags free on any character. I am a hoarder and like to have the tools for any challenge 😀

    I also suggest you read

    Looking forward to read in your blog how did it worked for you. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Have a great time 🙂

    Dont have much experience to suggest spellcaster gear but before you tr there is a nice list on the forums of useful stuff, you can access it from reincarnation page of the wiki

  3. 🙂 Ty guys.

    @malinza2 ty for the link and suggestions. The get your 1750 favor before TR’ing for a +2 tome sounds like something I should consider. Yes, I will get him a vibrant purple unsuppressed ioun stone. No on the torc. Torc’s so rare that I don’t want to farm for it, Thaz doesn’t even have one. Skiver’s not that good either and gs … so and so, hp item I’d like, but don’t know if I want to run that many Shrouds before TR. I do have time-sensing goggles and the abshai set. I have have some trapping gear saved up as well. +5 thieves tools I haven’t stocked up on, that I need to start doing.

    🙂 it’ll still take me a while to get him to 20, as I’m still running 4 other toons as well, and Thaz’s getting the most love. But, yes, I need to consider his gear etc.

  4. traping:
    +5 gear lvl 0 from sharn syndicate quests.
    +10 gear lvl whatever level you can get.
    +15 only really needed way late in the level process.

    Caster gear:
    + to casting stat as able.
    + con/false life as able
    + to SP pool
    Even a tear 2 shroud item can be a lot of extra sp

    Every TR gear:
    Make a 5/magic dr robe/outfit/mithral buckler for low level
    A two handed weapon of some sort BtA with a lower then normal lvl is a good think to keep an eye out for.
    work in guild slot items for HP/SP and fort as you can.

    Make level 4 and/or 8 Cannith bracers and cloak

    And if you run SOS a lot Sov Rune of Magic is good now.

    There are a few named items you can farm up that I use a lot but really above is all you need to get rolling. And some of the above you want to keep an eye out for as you level up not things you can farm for.

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