Practicing the Crucible

One of my toon’s is a monk. People always seem to be looking for either a rogue or a monk to do the water part in the Crucible, which has had me a bit worried. I had run this quest 3 times elite on my cleric at level, but every time I just stayed in the back while someone else was doing the horns. I ran the quest elite with Maidae, but had put up an lfm for “Need people who can do the horns”, and got an experienced rogue to do… well everything πŸ™‚ Not only did he lead us through in 18 minutes, but came and got me when I fell down in the mace when we were killing gnolls on top of it (stupid casters + lag).

Anywho, since I play a monk, and since it is likely that I would be expected to do the water bit in the crucible at some point, I wanted to practice it. A couple of weeks ago I went in with a printed version of the mace, got stuck in it 3 times and gave up. Then I found this: The Crucible maze – step by step visual guide, and yesterday I decided to give it a try on casual. Note: the step by step isn’t 100% accurate since crests and sockets seem to have swapped place since the guide was made. I didn’t have to run around quite as much as the step by step says.

I went in with the lvl 16 hireling Natasha Thorston and in the mace my biggest problem was that Natasha just wouldn’t stay put (should have put her on passive mode). The trapped horn was not a problem for a lvl 16 monk in a lvl 14 quest casual. Then on to the horns I had never even seen before (unless you count when someone opens the door). Test of agility took me two tries, since I didn’t know where to go and took too long the first time. Test of instinct was just a bust. Or so to speak. A monk with 23 wisdom without wisdom item – I had to guess. Of course I was such a crappy guesser that I ended up opening all doors before I found the horn. Lucky for me it didn’t hurt too much. The wheels on top of the mace took me also two tries, since I didn’t remember them on the first one. And in the hallway where the floor breaks I fell down… I forgot to count how many times.

And then came the water. I believe I swam through the whole darn thing 3 times, then took the long way around to try again. I just didn’t understand that you have to go through the fan on the right to get to the horn. Googled for it and checked a youtube video before I finally got it. And then the boss fight… well most of that time was spent listening to the NPC talk. Yay! My first solo crucible. πŸ™‚ But meh, no relics in the chests.

Here’s the quest report for crucible casual (click for full size):

Today I went back, this time on normal. I finally put the hire on passive mode, and she wasn’t running around as much in the maze this time, but it didn’t go as smooth as I would have hoped. No major damage, but I couldn’t find the exit at first, had to check the step by step. Horn of agility went smooth and I found the horn of instinct on first try. πŸ™‚ I fell down the breaking floor twice and while on top of the mace I got hit with comet fall and sleet storm and fell down the mace, while my hireling died. No prob. Back up, raise hire, and take out the casters first. I got the wheels right on the first try. This time I also opened the door by the falling floor, so I wouldn’t have to take the long way around after doing the water part.

I believe I take a tiny bit of damage from the spikes, and sneaking past the gnolls doesn’t work, but no problem in taking them out (if it wasn’t for the fact that I was lagging a lot). I get to the arena with 3 minutes left on my ship buffs, at least the +3% xp one, so I rush in and don’t bother to rest the hire. I watch the buffs tick away, while I’m listening to the annoying NPC. No way to speed them up? I kick butt, pick up the keys and run over to talk to Jorgundal, with 15 seconds left on the xp buff πŸ™‚ I get about 13k from the quest. From the chests I get 2 elven relics.

Here’s today’s quest report (click for full size):

Next time I’m gonna try hard. πŸ™‚

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.


9 comments on “Practicing the Crucible

  1. Congrats, even tho Uruko is a rogue i still stood to the side and let others do everything when i was there, i did try to duo it once but it didnt end well.

    Would be nice to learn it one day πŸ˜€

  2. I love running this one with my Rogue. Even he, being a 3x Rogue TR, has difficulty with the spears in the swim hitting him. You learn just how to drift along and move the right directions by memory. Sometimes if your lucky you can get hung up on the bottom rocks for a chance to chug pots. So many people just jump in blindly and unprepared… It’s a sad sight. I always carry a Stability item and arti “Resistance” Scroll for the swim. Throw on ‘uncanny dodge’ and hope for the best πŸ™‚ It’s even funnier that they placed a Key in that gold pile amoungst all the Gnolls. It makes you do the swim twice to cash in on that one lol!

  3. @Dom & legend ty

    @martin πŸ™‚ on casual and normal Maidae dodged almost everything, I’m curious to see how she’d do on hard or elite. If I am able to solo hard without too much difficulty, I might try elite (even though I’m expecting elite do be too hard, I don’t think her dps is high enough).

    Oh, and the gold key, I didn’t quite figure out what it was for? πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing like experience πŸ™‚

    Curiously yersteray I also did it, on elite, with my lvl 25 wizard (ok, no real difficult there, but I was stoned this life and didn’t do any gh quest at all, so I needed it to flag for reavers.). I didn’t save the report, but it was my first try solo and it was good.

    GL on next tries.

  5. πŸ™‚ interesting and ty. I wasn’t going to flag Maidae for anything but shroud, but now I’m holding 17 to flag for Reaver’s. Or I will collect the relics before I level her. She’s still missing 2 elven and 4 dragon, if I remember correctly.

  6. Cool! Crucible is a quest where I’ve always stood back and let other people do the work, so you’ve inspired me to give it a try this life! πŸ™‚

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