Running with the devils completed

As some might know I am currently flagging two toons for Shroud, Cerge (lvl 17 sorcerer) and Maidae (lvl 16 monk). Cerge has been duo’ing on hard difficulty with his buddy Sneakygits (12 rogue/ 5 arti), to learn the quests and keep hard streak. I had only run the Vale quests once before, all on elite with a good party when Thazara was lvl 18, which is already many months ago. Yesterday it was time for Running with the Devils. Of the other quests, Rainbow was a success on first try (also the quest I know the best since I had run it 5 times with Maidae prior to this), while both Dust and Sacrifice required 2 tries – we went in without knowing what to do, wiped and came back with tactics and a plan. Devils, was a whole other story.

Well, first it took me a while to remember where I had my spells, been several days since I played this toon (was running Keronna and Thazara over the weekend). Then the Ghaele took me by surprise. The buggers heal! I wasn’t quite sure what spells to use, and I was using my normal low level cold spells to save mana, and ended up using a lot more mana just to stay alive. We had brought with us two hirelings – a lvl 17 cleric and a lvl 17 bard (even though both of us are wf with repair/ reconstruct spell). The bard drops, the cleric drops, I drop and soon after Sneaky drops – in the second fight. Meh.

Sneaky suggests we bring in more people, but I wish to try again. “Let me try doing some cc, ok?” Second try. Heightened web and ice storm – Ghaele stick (Bralani don’t heal, so they weren’t as much of a problem). We go up the ramp and Sneaky’s pulling the opponents into my web and ice storm, everything’s well so far. Then he goes into the next room and is taking too long (imo) so I follow. I see at least four air elementals and try to shoot them. What I don’t realize is that there are also Twilight stalkers (Invisible Stalker). Again, my hire goes down, I go down, Sneaky’s hire go down, and shortly after Sneaky as well. Alright, I give up! We can’t do it.

I pick up a few scrolls of true seeing and put up an lfm for “Devils hard for hard bb”. Lvls 16-17 (I believe you can’t be higher than the quest level to get bravery? I.e lvl 17 for a lvl 16 quest hard?). We’re soon joined by a rogue and a paladin. In we go again and at first we do the same as before, pull the ghaele into my web and ice storm. Later I realize that we do just as well without my cc, I can just use Snow Swarm, Niac’s Cold Ray and Sonic Blast (my 4 sp or less spells). Of course I am out of mana way before the first shrine and have to manage on echo. Two of my repair wands also break and I have to manage with pots, and hope that Sneaky’s cleric hire throws me a heal once in a while.

Half way through we’re joined by a wizard. That’s another story. A pm wizard with a great sword? Those you don’t see every day. Anywho, I manage to die twice, I think the hire died a couple of times, and in the end fight we had one or two more people die, but we managed to finish without too much problem. 🙂 Without ship buffs, but with Voice of the Master, a lesser tome of learning and 50+ hard streak, Cerge got just over 20 k xp from this quest, and level. But he won’t be taking it until after he’s run Coalescence Chamber. I’m expecting it to be a lot easier than this one 🙂

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.


22 comments on “Running with the devils completed

  1. Hard streak is okay to be level+2. So a level 5 quest, I run at 7 on hard streak. I know that is the case because I have two toons that I level-ed to 20 on hard streak. Always ran quest+2 other than Korthos and a bit of Harbor.

  2. 🙂 First time I ran cc I got lost and it was super annoying. Buy I don’t think it will be that bad once I learn it 🙂

    🙂 Oh, and ty for the info about hard streak. Need to keep that in mind.

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