Eveningstaring it

So, I was gonna go do some favor cleanup, but saw someone lfm’ing for Eveningstar first chain hard – looking for healer. So, I ditched my plans and joined 🙂 Oh, first quest (Impossible Demands) was a huge mess at first. People were running around in all directions, getting hit by traps and… oh, I said over voice “this is a fail”. Strangely we recovered and finished. And later in The Lost Thread we had some nasty lag. Party was very close to wiping, only our ranger still on his feet. We waited out the worst of the lag, then the ranger threw me a raise, and I threw blade barrier and started kiting through it while I was raising the others one by one. Very nice come back from a near wipe.

We also ran into a nasty challenge on the way to one of the quests (at least I think it was a challenge). Party got surrounded by a huge amount of wolves and other stuff, but mostly wolves. At one point I was standing there with maybe 10 wolves biting at my feet, me using implosion and throwing comet fall at them, and using bursts for heals. I kept at it for several minutes before I managed to die. Someone in the party released, and it must have reset the challenge, because even though we took out everything in the end, we didn’t get the challenge.

Leader had some technical difficulties, since Turbine had decided to hide Cormul Haythorne from him, so he couldn’t turn in the quest to be flagged for Battle of Eveningstar. The rest of us started without him, but a submitted ticket and a little bit of a wait and he was able to join us before the end fight.

This guys’ pretty cool imo:

I also did an lfm for Shroud and had a good party join. I didn’t dare to go for elite but stuck to hard, but we soon noticed that party could have done elite. We did have some bad lag, though. I was also gonna run eVON5-6 with the same group as last week, but party wasn’t really filling, and Leader wasn’t actively there, so I bailed. Thing that hit me though. Thaz is currently Unyielding Sentinel 4 at lvl 21. She has unbuffed 619 hp in Vigor of Battle stance, but in the other stances she has over 500 anyway. She also has some nice saves that I can boost with the Against the Tide stance, which is nice. So, when I joined the eVON group, there was a cleric at 300 something hp. I guess I’ve started to see just numbers, but to me a healer can’t have only 300 hp at lvl 20. 🙂 I mean, it’s possible yes, but when mobs hit for the damage they do, and the healer is still an important part of the group, 300 hp just isnt’ going to cut it. I am in fact even a bit worried when I see casters at just over 300 hp in a hard shroud. Unless they’ve got some really good saves and protection, they will die.

Alright, that was a sleepy post from me 🙂

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. I’m apparently starting to make Shroud running dates, hih.
P.P.S. This was Thazara’s 12th Shroud run.


11 comments on “Eveningstaring it

  1. Nice post. The worst thing about those wolves, IMO, is that they keep tripping me. Arg, the frustration. And I feel the same way you do: after a while you start seeing numbers instead of characters 🙂

  2. 🙂 I’m not 100% sure that it actually works (I should test it, know any good foe that knocks you down?), but I always block if I’m not meleeing, and I haven’t died from being knocked down in a long while (I think last time was when the Hezrou in Servants of the overlord end fight tripped me). Of course, aura helps with that.

  3. Yea! You better learn quick to block while being knocked down. Was checking out the new content and looks like some new mobs coming in U15 will be casting a lot of Earthquake spell. Yay for Druid spells being used against us! XD It’s gonna be a pain. Casters and low strength characters are def gonna wanna keep their distance. I feel sorry for the poor dex based Rogues though. :/

    Oh shoot! I have a dex based rogue! >.<

  4. XD lol.

    🙂 Oh, that’s interesting. My monk’s dex based, but her str is a close second, so she shouldn’t have any problems. I am planning to make her str based for her second life, though.

  5. Why poor dex rogues, is it strength related check? I’ve been wondering about these trippings as well (and now the earthquake).. afaik Balance helps how fast you recover, but what helps against getting tripped except dwarven stability?

  6. Balance does indeed help you recover. As for the Check, I was under the assumption that it was indeed a str based check. I’ll have to check into that. I could be wrong. Perhaps it is a Dex based Check instead.

  7. Looking at … stuff, I think that;
    – Trip attacks, use dex/str whichever is better, no prob here:

    – Earthquake, again a ref save, no biggie, doesn’t have its own wiki page but the description has the save details

    But then there’s this little beauty if (and I assume they are) the Druids are formidable casters, thanks Dea for the rant – made me check this out, purely str based escape:

  8. Reflex save? I guess that makes sense. 😛 Kind of… I just assumed it would be more of a fort save. Snare is interesting. It is one of those spells you need to cast in a well placed area. Maybe along with webs in doorways and such.

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