Vale flagging

It took me forever to flag Thazara for Shroud, because I was doing everything else instead 🙂 I had to turn down at least 3 Shroud runs because of not being flagged, as well as guild runs. Now Thazara’s been flagged for a while (11 Shroud completions, one run a week or every other week), and I’m currently in progress of flagging both Maidae and Cerge. The big difference being that Maidae’s running elite with pugs, while Cerge’s duo’ing hard with his friend Sneakygits.

So far Maidae has only run Rainbow (5 times) and Cerge has done Dust and Rainbow. Thazara (my main) still needs to rerun the quests for another gs item. Seems like the only one I’m so far enjoying running is Rainbow – with a total of 8 completions of it, lol. With time issues, flagging is going slow, but soon I’ll have 3 toons running Shroud 🙂

So, Maidae has 5 green Shavarath Stones… I’m guessing they can’t be transformed into something else (It’s not likely I’m gonna make 5 gs items.. but who knows)?

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. omg! short post from me! lol

P.P.S. An alternative would be to make gs blanks and sell them 🙂 Or move them to another toon.


7 comments on “Vale flagging

  1. Haha very short

    I flagged last week too, ran devils and ritual a few times for more xp, just reached lv20 again but havent run shroud this life yet

  2. 🙂 tehe. Cool.

    Any idea, btw if one has to run all the quests to flag, or if the twelve favor + 5 Shavarath stones is enough? If you’ve collected extra stones previously?

  3. Yep, you have to run the quests each life to reflag for Shroud, even if you have a complete Shavarath Stone already.

    Talking about the extra stone supplies you can stock up – I typically create my GS blanks for other characters on my main Zoesha since she’s the one who’s run everything the most and has all the pie pieces. She has the most funks/pebbles/twigs etc. too, so I usually consolidate all that stuff on my main’s account. So my main character crafts the GS blanks, then mails or shared banks them over to my poorer, less played characters so they can have goodies without using their meager loot. 🙂

    I wish you could transform vale pie pieces into different colors, like in a 2 for 1 trade like you can with challenge ingredients! I might never do Coal Chamber again! I somehow cannot manage to do that quest remotely quickly.

  4. @Finch ty for the info 🙂 Yes, I’d like that too 2 for 1 kind of thing.

    We had a failed run of Ritual Sacrifice yesterday. Everything went somewhat well until you’re suppose to protect the npc. We failed utterly there. But since the quest didn’t throw us out, we fought through the end mobs, killed the boss and got the loot – and a purple pie piece.

    Next time we’re gonna make sure to have two healer hirelings, and enough summon monster scrolls with us (two wf’s without heals were finding it a bit hard to protect the npc after my hire died)

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