Where’s Thazara?

Thazara joined a party for Abbot (Ascension Chamber). This was at the start of the third try, before I dc’d. Anyone see Thazara?

What about now?

Well now you see her, right?

If you still didn’t get it, she’s the tiny elf in the middle of all those robots XD

Thazara said that maybe the Abbot won’t see her with all those meat shields around XD
(sadly I dc’d and when I returned I was alone in there. Thaz dropped before she could move)


3 comments on “Where’s Thazara?

  1. Keava has the same problem cause she’s so elegant. But her beauty and grace shine through in battle and its evident where she is by the trail of dead bodies. 🙂

  2. @redcastle XD hehe, I’m sure, I’m sure. Thazara likes to hide, but lately she’s been getting on Harry’s badside a lot 😛

    @legend 😛 teehee.

    XD I was like, oh look, Thazara’s so little she can hide.

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