Made a twitter account

πŸ™‚ Since at least some ddo players use twitter, I just registered a new account for ddo related stuff. I’m currently being a bit lazy, so please give me some suggestions to who or what I should follow? Thank you.

My new id is @DDOMicki

Tc and see you around.

P.S. I still need to do something about the profile, but it’s a start.


The Coalescence Chamber completed

And Cerge is Shroud flagged. Yay! But man this quest is a pain. πŸ™‚ Yes, I know I was told this, I was told that this quest is hard. It’s long, has only one shrine and it is very not caster friendly.

Can you lead and pike at the same time? This has to be the first time where I’ve really wanted to zerg a quest. I was following the wiki walkthrough with the map printed and kept running past the mobs up the shafts. Sneaky was doing his best at following, taking out some of the mobs on the way. I didn’t bother with the mobs, since a lot of them were just saving against my Niac’s Cold ray and Snowball swarm, I wasn’t doing much damage at all, so I stopped trying (more expensive spells did of course damage, but who can afford them in a quest like this?). Managed to run out of mana anyway. On the way up one of the shafts I managed to die and had to be rescued… or well Sneaky died coming to get me and ate a cake to be able to continue. Darn rangers.

We were out of buffs, out of mana, and wasting resources like crazy, but I had us get all three keys before we finally used the shrine. I was hoping to be well prepared for the boss fight. But no. What happened? On the way up to the boss fight we ran into more resistance than we could handle and I and my hire was out of mana half way up. Sneaky had to take out a bunch of casters and rangers for us to make it up, and when we get to the boss fight I die pretty quickly. Darn fire blasts. I got boss aggro and tried to run off to a safe spot to use repair pots, but he followed me out the shaft. And I wasn’t even using anything but Melf’s acid arrow, lol. Lucky for me Sneaky’s pretty able, and took out the boss. Yay! πŸ™‚ Raised me and we went to get the chest. Oops, place’s isn’t cleaned. Again I run off and let Sneaky do all the work, lol. But we got the quest finished, and the Shroud flag.

I used my one major sp pot (the only one I had), 50+ scrolls of stoneskin, maybe 100 charges of repair critical wand, maybe 50 repair pots, greater heroism scrolls and 50+ charges of cure serious wounds to heal the hirelings (we had a cleric and wizard hireling with us). I died once going up one of the shafts, second time when we went to shrine and I just didn’t care, lol, and third time in the boss fight (or could that have been 4th time? quest report says 3 deaths anyway).

Quest report (click for full size):

And this quest awarded me 26,390 XP even with the deaths (I put on Voice of the Master before the boss fight). πŸ™‚

Tc and see you in Shroud.

P.S. Can you imagine, I didn’t even get a bad taste for this quest, I can’t wait to try and zerg it, lol.

First elite Shroud completed

I had decided that this Saturday I was going to put up an lfm for an elite shroud. Previously I had done “hard or elite depending on party”, but I realized that there is a difference between people who can do hard and people who can do elite. If I want elite, I need to lfm for elite. I got a nice group with mostly melee, 4 barbs, 1 fighter (I think), 1 monk, 1 ranger, 1 sorc, 1 wiz, 1 fvs and another cleric. Dps was good. πŸ™‚ Part 1-2 went pretty flawlessly and part 3 went really smoothly. Part 4 took two rounds, but no deaths. I have only had one run before this where there were no deaths in part 4.

In part 5 it felt like we had some troubles taking out the reds, but they were jumping around so that might have been it (I was running after a couple of them, lol). Ranger parked the ellie, who was a stoney fella this time. πŸ™‚ And off we go. I was offensive casting and healing, wasn’t paying much attention to the other healers, only that I was in range and that my target wasn’t blocked. Two of the barbs dropped and I raised them. I chugged a pot and kept offensive casting and yay! down goes Harry, and we got 4 chests! πŸ™‚ And I got my elite favor.

Before the run I had a lvl 17 ranger send me a tell asking me about it, if he could join. Tells me he has only 300 hp, and claims to be able to save against Harry’s comets. I reply that they hit for about 300 and that I’ve seen monks drop. Except for the wizard who is a guildie and I know he is pretty tough even with around 350 hp, I will expect people to have 400+ hp for an elite shroud, preferably more. I don’t know rangers, but I imagine their evasion isn’t as good as rogues’ and monks’? And then this person asked if I could help him out with a ranger build. πŸ™‚ Lol. I replied, I do not know rangers, that he’d be better off checking wiki and the forums.

πŸ™‚ You know, I’m starting to like having the star in Shroud. πŸ™‚ It means I get to make the rules. Not that shroud requires much leading, but things like waiting for people who dc’d and such. I was very pleased with my group today. Everyone listened and followed the simple rules; in phase 2 – don’t kill the reds until all are prepped, in phase 4 – leave one of the devils until all blades are gone and in phase 5 – someone parks the ellie while the rest buff and get their mana back. And we had 2 people dc and I told the party to wait. And they did. πŸ™‚ Oh and with -99% xp I still got 11 k in today’s run. πŸ™‚ pretty cool.

So, seems like I’ll be doing this regularly from now on. Saturday and elite shroud. πŸ™‚

Tc and see you in game.

I’m a cleric who thinks she’s a sorc. Sometimes a monk.

Keronna is turning out pretty interesting (which I’ve said before). She’s currently 1 monk/ 9 cleric and has sorcerer dilettante 2. With +4 con item, +2 wis item and a +25 sp item, she has in water stance 172 hp and 531 sp. She is one level behind on cleric spells, but with the sorc dilly she can use arcane scrolls; herosim, true seeing and rage at 100% and things like stoneskin, firewall and acid rain at 85%.

Yesterday was Cannith night. I checked my mailbox and I had a mail containing a +2 str tome from someone. This person turned out to be online so I sent him a tell “Hi! Who are you?”. We talked for a while and he told me he’s a friend of Finch’s and that he likes helping other Finns get started (he’s apparently Finnish). Not only did I get the +2 tome, but he also gave me more plat than Thazara has, and later sent me some gear in the mail (that she can’t use yet). πŸ™‚ Well I was a bit shocked, and now I don’t know how to repay him.

Anywho, I bought a few scrolls of teleport (65% chance) and went to the portable whole and bought a bunch of scrolls. Mostly stoneskin and acid rain. Or little Friday group, currently consisting of Keronna, an fvs, a rogue and two monks (all currently lvl 10) continued running the Sorrowdusk chain elite. I think we did the first 3 or 4 last week, so we continued from there. I buffed some and gave people stone skin, but then during the runs I had a lot of fun using my acid rain scrolls and greater command spell (I slotted single target command later, since greater command’s rather expensive). I really liked throwing acid rain over a bunch of ooze and listening to the sound of them taking damage. πŸ˜€

I did some healing, mostly via bursts (I am so spoiled with the bursts), but mostly did offensive casting – mostly command and acid rain, but also some dp. Group’s though that strong that dp works too slowly. πŸ™‚

After we lost most of the group (everyone but me and Xanibal left), I stayed on to stock up on scrolls, do inventory and work on raising crafting levels with the essences I had collected. Currently they’re around 18. I’ve been itching a bit to do a Chrono. Can you believe it, I have only one toon who’s ever run Chrono and that is Thazara. And I stopped running it with her after I had about 2 of every named item from there. I mentioned it in the guild chat that I’d like to run a Chrono and Shin (Shindurza) said he’d run (hope you don’t mind me publicly mentioning this) on his lvl 23 wiz.

Shin goes in on elite, I follow and Xan enters but has to go afk. I follow Shin around, on occasion throwing some spells and acid rain. Getting devil aggro and having to kite. πŸ˜€ At one point I was out of mana and swapped to wraps and fire stance and did some melee. Oops, no breakers for devils, oh well, I’ll let Shin take care of them. πŸ˜€

Xan joins us for the end fight and Shin throws us some buffs (I give Xan stoneskin as well). End fight was pretty funny. The devastator just stood there and I put dp and acid rain on him and watched him take damage from both. Something like 50-150 from dp and maybe 30-50 from acid rain per tick. Of course Shin did most of the damage, but anyway, it was pretty cool doing some damage anyway. πŸ™‚

Alright that’s all from me for now.
Tc and see you in game.

Practicing the Crucible

One of my toon’s is a monk. People always seem to be looking for either a rogue or a monk to do the water part in the Crucible, which has had me a bit worried. I had run this quest 3 times elite on my cleric at level, but every time I just stayed in the back while someone else was doing the horns. I ran the quest elite with Maidae, but had put up an lfm for “Need people who can do the horns”, and got an experienced rogue to do… well everything πŸ™‚ Not only did he lead us through in 18 minutes, but came and got me when I fell down in the mace when we were killing gnolls on top of it (stupid casters + lag).

Anywho, since I play a monk, and since it is likely that I would be expected to do the water bit in the crucible at some point, I wanted to practice it. A couple of weeks ago I went in with a printed version of the mace, got stuck in it 3 times and gave up. Then I found this: The Crucible maze – step by step visual guide, and yesterday I decided to give it a try on casual. Note: the step by step isn’t 100% accurate since crests and sockets seem to have swapped place since the guide was made. I didn’t have to run around quite as much as the step by step says.

I went in with the lvl 16 hireling Natasha Thorston and in the mace my biggest problem was that Natasha just wouldn’t stay put (should have put her on passive mode). The trapped horn was not a problem for a lvl 16 monk in a lvl 14 quest casual. Then on to the horns I had never even seen before (unless you count when someone opens the door). Test of agility took me two tries, since I didn’t know where to go and took too long the first time. Test of instinct was just a bust. Or so to speak. A monk with 23 wisdom without wisdom item – I had to guess. Of course I was such a crappy guesser that I ended up opening all doors before I found the horn. Lucky for me it didn’t hurt too much. The wheels on top of the mace took me also two tries, since I didn’t remember them on the first one. And in the hallway where the floor breaks I fell down… I forgot to count how many times.

And then came the water. I believe I swam through the whole darn thing 3 times, then took the long way around to try again. I just didn’t understand that you have to go through the fan on the right to get to the horn. Googled for it and checked a youtube video before I finally got it. And then the boss fight… well most of that time was spent listening to the NPC talk. Yay! My first solo crucible. πŸ™‚ But meh, no relics in the chests.

Here’s the quest report for crucible casual (click for full size):

Today I went back, this time on normal. I finally put the hire on passive mode, and she wasn’t running around as much in the maze this time, but it didn’t go as smooth as I would have hoped. No major damage, but I couldn’t find the exit at first, had to check the step by step. Horn of agility went smooth and I found the horn of instinct on first try. πŸ™‚ I fell down the breaking floor twice and while on top of the mace I got hit with comet fall and sleet storm and fell down the mace, while my hireling died. No prob. Back up, raise hire, and take out the casters first. I got the wheels right on the first try. This time I also opened the door by the falling floor, so I wouldn’t have to take the long way around after doing the water part.

I believe I take a tiny bit of damage from the spikes, and sneaking past the gnolls doesn’t work, but no problem in taking them out (if it wasn’t for the fact that I was lagging a lot). I get to the arena with 3 minutes left on my ship buffs, at least the +3% xp one, so I rush in and don’t bother to rest the hire. I watch the buffs tick away, while I’m listening to the annoying NPC. No way to speed them up? I kick butt, pick up the keys and run over to talk to Jorgundal, with 15 seconds left on the xp buff πŸ™‚ I get about 13k from the quest. From the chests I get 2 elven relics.

Here’s today’s quest report (click for full size):

Next time I’m gonna try hard. πŸ™‚

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

Running with the devils completed

As some might know I am currently flagging two toons for Shroud, Cerge (lvl 17 sorcerer) and Maidae (lvl 16 monk). Cerge has been duo’ing on hard difficulty with his buddy Sneakygits (12 rogue/ 5 arti), to learn the quests and keep hard streak. I had only run the Vale quests once before, all on elite with a good party when Thazara was lvl 18, which is already many months ago. Yesterday it was time for Running with the Devils. Of the other quests, Rainbow was a success on first try (also the quest I know the best since I had run it 5 times with Maidae prior to this), while both Dust and Sacrifice required 2 tries – we went in without knowing what to do, wiped and came back with tactics and a plan. Devils, was a whole other story.

Well, first it took me a while to remember where I had my spells, been several days since I played this toon (was running Keronna and Thazara over the weekend). Then the Ghaele took me by surprise. The buggers heal! I wasn’t quite sure what spells to use, and I was using my normal low level cold spells to save mana, and ended up using a lot more mana just to stay alive. We had brought with us two hirelings – a lvl 17 cleric and a lvl 17 bard (even though both of us are wf with repair/ reconstruct spell). The bard drops, the cleric drops, I drop and soon after Sneaky drops – in the second fight. Meh.

Sneaky suggests we bring in more people, but I wish to try again. “Let me try doing some cc, ok?” Second try. Heightened web and ice storm – Ghaele stick (Bralani don’t heal, so they weren’t as much of a problem). We go up the ramp and Sneaky’s pulling the opponents into my web and ice storm, everything’s well so far. Then he goes into the next room and is taking too long (imo) so I follow. I see at least four air elementals and try to shoot them. What I don’t realize is that there are also Twilight stalkers (Invisible Stalker). Again, my hire goes down, I go down, Sneaky’s hire go down, and shortly after Sneaky as well. Alright, I give up! We can’t do it.

I pick up a few scrolls of true seeing and put up an lfm for “Devils hard for hard bb”. Lvls 16-17 (I believe you can’t be higher than the quest level to get bravery? I.e lvl 17 for a lvl 16 quest hard?). We’re soon joined by a rogue and a paladin. In we go again and at first we do the same as before, pull the ghaele into my web and ice storm. Later I realize that we do just as well without my cc, I can just use Snow Swarm, Niac’s Cold Ray and Sonic Blast (my 4 sp or less spells). Of course I am out of mana way before the first shrine and have to manage on echo. Two of my repair wands also break and I have to manage with pots, and hope that Sneaky’s cleric hire throws me a heal once in a while.

Half way through we’re joined by a wizard. That’s another story. A pm wizard with a great sword? Those you don’t see every day. Anywho, I manage to die twice, I think the hire died a couple of times, and in the end fight we had one or two more people die, but we managed to finish without too much problem. πŸ™‚ Without ship buffs, but with Voice of the Master, a lesser tome of learning and 50+ hard streak, Cerge got just over 20 k xp from this quest, and level. But he won’t be taking it until after he’s run Coalescence Chamber. I’m expecting it to be a lot easier than this one πŸ™‚

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

Eveningstaring it

So, I was gonna go do some favor cleanup, but saw someone lfm’ing for Eveningstar first chain hard – looking for healer. So, I ditched my plans and joined πŸ™‚ Oh, first quest (Impossible Demands) was a huge mess at first. People were running around in all directions, getting hit by traps and… oh, I said over voice “this is a fail”. Strangely we recovered and finished. And later in The Lost Thread we had some nasty lag. Party was very close to wiping, only our ranger still on his feet. We waited out the worst of the lag, then the ranger threw me a raise, and I threw blade barrier and started kiting through it while I was raising the others one by one. Very nice come back from a near wipe.

We also ran into a nasty challenge on the way to one of the quests (at least I think it was a challenge). Party got surrounded by a huge amount of wolves and other stuff, but mostly wolves. At one point I was standing there with maybe 10 wolves biting at my feet, me using implosion and throwing comet fall at them, and using bursts for heals. I kept at it for several minutes before I managed to die. Someone in the party released, and it must have reset the challenge, because even though we took out everything in the end, we didn’t get the challenge.

Leader had some technical difficulties, since Turbine had decided to hide Cormul Haythorne from him, so he couldn’t turn in the quest to be flagged for Battle of Eveningstar. The rest of us started without him, but a submitted ticket and a little bit of a wait and he was able to join us before the end fight.

This guys’ pretty cool imo:

I also did an lfm for Shroud and had a good party join. I didn’t dare to go for elite but stuck to hard, but we soon noticed that party could have done elite. We did have some bad lag, though. I was also gonna run eVON5-6 with the same group as last week, but party wasn’t really filling, and Leader wasn’t actively there, so I bailed. Thing that hit me though. Thaz is currently Unyielding Sentinel 4 at lvl 21. She has unbuffed 619 hp in Vigor of Battle stance, but in the other stances she has over 500 anyway. She also has some nice saves that I can boost with the Against the Tide stance, which is nice. So, when I joined the eVON group, there was a cleric at 300 something hp. I guess I’ve started to see just numbers, but to me a healer can’t have only 300 hp at lvl 20. πŸ™‚ I mean, it’s possible yes, but when mobs hit for the damage they do, and the healer is still an important part of the group, 300 hp just isnt’ going to cut it. I am in fact even a bit worried when I see casters at just over 300 hp in a hard shroud. Unless they’ve got some really good saves and protection, they will die.

Alright, that was a sleepy post from me πŸ™‚

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. I’m apparently starting to make Shroud running dates, hih.
P.P.S. This was Thazara’s 12th Shroud run.

Ritual Sacrifice completed

Ritual Sacrifice hard take two.

This time we went in me (Cerge 17 sorc), Sneakygits (12 rogue/5 arti), and the two cleric hirelings Alyon Stalia (lvl 17) and Natasha Thorson (lvl 16). Sneaky was carrying summon monster 5 scrolls, I summon monster 7 scrolls and we both had stoneskin scrolls. Killerog fight turned out to be a lot tougher this time around with one more hireling, and I and my hire ended up as soul stones. No prob, Sneaky did well without us… πŸ˜€

We also remembered to use the first shrine this time, and I was at good mana in the devil assault fight. Rest of the run went somewhat smoothly, even if not easily. Protecting Paetus was two hirelings on protect and me throwing web, disco and ice storm, while Sneaky was shooting away with his crossbow. πŸ™‚

So, yay! Take two was a success, even though we were all out of mana in the end. πŸ™‚

Here’s our/ my quest report (click for full size):

Only two more quests to go before we’re Shroud flagged (Running with the devils and Coalescence Chamber)

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. Yes, Cerge might have a bit more dps than Sneaky, but Cerge doesn’t have enough mana to blow through all opponents. πŸ™‚ I did run out before both shrines, even though I was doing my best at saving mana (Cerge’s got about 2200 sp). Sneaky didn’t have that problem with his crossbow, lol.

Dungeon completed?

Here’s my nut for the day. What labels a dungeon as completed in the logs? I have several times now noticed that the logs will say that my toons have completed a dungeon, even if the quest has failed and we never actually completed it. Cerge had a failed run of Ritual Sacrifice yesterday. Failed because the npc you’re supposed to protect died quite soon after the healer hire died. But the logs claim Cerge completed the dungeon. Does it have something to do with objectives completed? If you’ve completed any objective, the logs will say that the dungeon was completed?

Also another thing. Some weeks ago I made a blunder while soloing Against the demon queen elite with hire on my main, Thazara. I had forgotten Word of Recall in my quickbar (used it when I was running Reaver’s refuge), and in part 2 of the boss fight, I managed to teleport myself out of the quest. (I know, super fail, and annoying as hell). But here’s the weird. The in game quest panel had marked it as completed and “solo”. I was like wtf? It didn’t open up the raid, though, so the quest wasn’t actually completed.

Anyone else wondered about these things?

Vale flagging

It took me forever to flag Thazara for Shroud, because I was doing everything else instead πŸ™‚ I had to turn down at least 3 Shroud runs because of not being flagged, as well as guild runs. Now Thazara’s been flagged for a while (11 Shroud completions, one run a week or every other week), and I’m currently in progress of flagging both Maidae and Cerge. The big difference being that Maidae’s running elite with pugs, while Cerge’s duo’ing hard with his friend Sneakygits.

So far Maidae has only run Rainbow (5 times) and Cerge has done Dust and Rainbow. Thazara (my main) still needs to rerun the quests for another gs item. Seems like the only one I’m so far enjoying running is Rainbow – with a total of 8 completions of it, lol. With time issues, flagging is going slow, but soon I’ll have 3 toons running Shroud πŸ™‚

So, Maidae has 5 green Shavarath Stones… I’m guessing they can’t be transformed into something else (It’s not likely I’m gonna make 5 gs items.. but who knows)?

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. omg! short post from me! lol

P.P.S. An alternative would be to make gs blanks and sell them πŸ™‚ Or move them to another toon.