Maidae maidae!

I just leveled my monk to 16. Levelling her has been really easy actually, levels 12-16 just flew by. πŸ™‚ She kicks butt. She’s also really durable, and I have easily been running own level quests elite, meaning 2 levels higher than her own level.

But, I’m starting to realize, I need better wraps, or at least a selection of different ones. I recently got the Vampiric Stonedust Wraps, and I’m loving them, but they’re insufficient on some opponents. They work great on fleshies, but I need something else for at least renders, golems and incorporals. I have +4 fire handwarps of.. impact I believe, and they work nicely on anything ice, but non ice renders are a problem (and flesh golems). I just got the Ethereal Bracers, which means I can at least skip the ghost touch.

Also, as a non caster, how do I protect myself from ability damage and negative levels? Maidae keeps a bunch of restoration scrolls in her inventory, and uses them to get rid of negative levels (cleric dilettante 3). But e.g. when running Ghosts of perdition elite yesterday, Cholthulzz caused her so much ability damage that she quickly ended up helpless. First time she got a heal and was able to get back to fighting, second time she died. πŸ™‚ When we beat Cholthulzz, the only one still standing was the barb at only a few hp. I was the first to drop. Party was sorc, fighter, barb, me and fvs hire. I was jumping down without feather fall (monk slow fall), so I was always the first one down beating on Cholthulzz.

I hadn’t planned to flag Maidae for anything but Shroud, but I’m actually enjoying the GH and Orchard flagging, so I might flag her for at least GH. πŸ™‚ I should, though, do a few practice runs of Crucible on casual (without finishing), to learn the objectives. As a monk, it’s likely I’ll be expected to do at least water, maybe others as well. Although, I don’t even know if the mace is soloable, and do you need any skills to get Jorgundal to open the door for you? I’ve run the crucible 3 times on Thazara, but then I was just staying back, healing and killing trash. πŸ™‚

Alright. Any suggestions of must have wraps would be appreciated.

Tc. and see you in game.


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  1. I’m having some difficulties with beholder negative energy as well, how do you protect yourself against it – is a 20% negative energy absorption worth it. The same with some undead when deathward is dispelled but that’s easier to manage. Any ideas?

  2. Couple of items to look at. Choose what suits you.

    Visor of the Flesh Render Guards
    Silver Flame Talisman
    Pale Lavender Ioun Stone(unsuppressed)

    I list these as thats all that Keava has in terms of her own protection. There’s likely other stuff. Perhaps someone will reply with some other nice gear.

  3. πŸ™‚ I have the goggles (Visor of the Flesh Render Guards) doesn’t help against beholders.

    I have the Silver Flame Pendant, never ran necro 3 final, because tomb of the tormented was broken and I couldn’t flag, so don’t have the upgrade from there.

    Don’t u have to run Dreaming dark for the ion stone? Still a bit too high level for Maidae πŸ™‚ Thazara hasn’t even flagged for it yet.

    I do have Mantle of the Worldshaper, but it doesn’t last long against beholders.

  4. Ive never had a ioun stone drop for me, think they can still drop anywhere too as a friend got one from a lv10 quest a few days back πŸ™‚

    One of my first toons had a lesser anti-beholder crystal, has 20 charges, ive never seen another one though

  5. πŸ™‚ Y, I’ve never gotten an Ion stone either. But In Dreaming dark you’re almost guaranteed to get one, at least if u run it multiple times.

  6. Ive only ran the chain once, so its similar to the mindsunder one where every 3rd completion you get a selection of the uniques?

  7. Wiki says:

    NPC rewards: Special:
    Regular runs: Choose from 4, up to ML18. The 4th item has 50% chance at being 1 random ioun stone.
    Every 3rd completion: Choose from 4 items: Guaranteed to have 1 random ioun stone. 50% chance at either a Crystal Shard of Dreams (1/6th a disc) or a completed Crystal Disc of Dreams and 2 random items.

  8. Yes I pulled and upgraded a PLIS through a few repeated DD runs, didn’t take too many. Its quite an easy chain to flag and run for.

  9. Ioun stone: you can get the base on your cleric, along with crystal disc (get shards or full disc, whatever until you have a full disc).
    Contact a friend who is flagged for Dreaming Dark, they can use a bracelet of friendship and run DD FOR you, while you just follow them and try not to die. After boss fight you can unlock.
    Please note I have done this for a guildie who was level 1, it works. The bracelet has to be used by the entrance to DD quest, but not inside the quest. You will not get completion for the quest, but really you just need access to the altar in the boss room.
    If you don’t know anyone with a bracelet, send me a tell I can help you.

    As to beholders, I don’t know much about being on a pure melee. On my cleric AA, I was meleeing but I had bursts. I guess my artificer is the closest I had, and my solutions:
    -the necklace from Necro, it’s useful even if only updated in Necro 1 and 2
    -store trinket (I think it blocks instadeath, not neg levels)
    -deathblock item
    -run and hide while I let my dog or turret get masacred by the beholder πŸ˜›

    Honestly have the necro necklace, deathblock on, and throw a hire for the beholder to focus on at least in the beginning… delays the crap you have to deal with :).

  10. @dea thank u πŸ™‚ good advice. It’s gonna take me some time to get Thaz running DD though (since I only run her sat-sun, and am doing some favor clean up atm).

    @Comic well yeah. πŸ™‚ a few casual runs solo to learn the quest, but without finishing, so I won’t ruin elite streak. Then I’ll put up an lfm for elite.

  11. I have a Pale Lavender stone I’ve upgraded. It’s VERY handy if you can get one.

    But as a Monk, I prefer this strategy–and I use the “Invaders” quest especially for it where there’s nothing BUT beholders. I assume you always wear a Deathblock item. The Visors of the Flesh Renders is a Death Ward clicky but beholders often wipe that off you in a second.

    1) Be a Shintao Monk. (Presuming you are. You’ll already bypassing any DR, short of Good)
    2) Have a great Stunning Fist. (It’s your first defense.) Get Stunning +6 or better wraps. I stun like crazy in Epic with Stunning +10s.
    3) Have your Jade attacks ready. (Even if you can’t Jade, you’ll do some damage)
    4) Use Quivering Palm. One hit kill if you are fortunate.
    5) Have very good Hide/Move Silently. (Beholders can see invisibility but suck at hidden creatures.)
    6) Buy Fergus, the Level 8 hireling, and park him passively in a very safe place. He has Restoration on hand for you.
    7) Buy DDO Store’s Greater Neg Level pots if you can for absolute emergencies.
    8) Have Paralyzers ready!

    Epic Destinies’ Grandmaster of Flowers will give you the best protection: “Wholeness of Spirit” is effectively Unyielding Sovereignty, which will remove all neg levels, stat damage and other bad things.

  12. Oh, light Monks can get Difficulty at the Beginning. That uses ki as Lesser Restoration for quick stat fixes every 15 seconds. Very handy in the Dreaming Dark, which loves to stat you silly.

  13. πŸ™‚ Hi there and thank you for your comments and advice. Maidae is ninja spy. She’s wearing garments of equilibrium, and her currently most used warps are the Vampiric Stonedust Wraps, which are among other things stunning+6 and offer the self heal in the form of lesser vampirism (seems fairy similar to Fists of Light, even though it only heals u and not others as well like the light strike does).

    Maidae is helf with cleric dilettante 3 and can cast up to lvl 6 cleric spells (scrolls) with 100% chance, and lvl 7 spells at 95% chance. So, basically, it’s only when she’s tanking a boss that she’s in trouble with ability damage and neg levels. Cholthulzz didn’t give her neg levels, but I’m guessing str damage until the point where her str was 0. Which meant she couldn’t even use restoration pots.

    I have run invaders 3-4 times at lvl 14 (1 elite, rest hard) with a party of 3 + 1 hire (that is me plus 2 others), then I solo’d it with hire on normal a couple of times at lvl 15. In a party she usually doesn’t have time to get too many neg levels, but when I solo’d I had to restore several neg levels after each group of beholders (nasty when u have 3-4 at the same time).

    I have run Maidae lvls 4-16 (vet1), and I have a light monk that I played lvls 1-7, and then turned into a mule when I started running Maidae. Didn’t have time for both, and Maidae is better planned.

    πŸ™‚ But my real question was about wraps. What kind of wraps are a must have? Banishing for renders, smiting for golems? I do prefer not having to swap, though.

    Thank you.

  14. Banishing wraps for any extra-planar creatures that includes all the Xoriat types like the renders. Smiting for golems and any constructs. Short of smiting anarchic will at least give you an additional bracket of damage.

    BTW, Ninja spy sneaking on an enemy and hitting it with Touch of Death, very effective.

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