Instead of Cannith night…

πŸ™‚ I wanted to run the Attack on Stormreach chain on my sorc. Instead I joined a pug for elite Servants of the Overlord, as their CC. Not a role I’m used to playing, since I’ve made my sorc as nuker. I was using heightened disco ball and heightened web, and was suprised that even some drow stuck and hezrou (in the web). But, first try, we got as far as the first room of drow and wiped. Why? because people stayed in the room fighting, instead of running through web and under disco ball. Second try we got quite a bit further… to the second shrine actually. Then someone rushed. 3 of us were still shrining (we were one man short) while 2 jumped down, with no CC. Room was full of fire renders and Rakshasa Lords. I don’t like jumping Cerge into battle like that, I much more prefer to put up CC and then kite through it. We of course wiped. Another sorce joined late and were asked to try nuke the room, but he managed to take a wrong turn and die on the spikes. Heh.

πŸ™‚ So off I went to Plaza. First I upgraded Scepter of the Fleshweaver to Master Transmuter’s Staff (I had two scepters so I wanted to upgrade one of them – for Cerge’s next life as a wizard), then me and a friend (he on his lvl 20.. emm.. barb? lol) ran though Attack on stormreach and as a chain reward I got my Staff of the shadow, for the upgrade of the stonedust wraps. For Maidae. Logged with Maidae to make the wraps and then changed to Thazara. I wanted to run Devil Assault on epic hard, since I was told that it’s easier than the old epic and you can get gs and anchor boots mats from there.

I had an lfm up for a little while, then joined a pug for Vision of Destruction hard (my first). πŸ™‚ Some of us died on the way to the quest, including me. I lagged in the first jump down and then didn’t know where I was… got spammed with fire balls/ comet fall and dropped. The raid itself went very smoothly imo. We were 3 clerics healing, and I think maybe one or both of the others were offensive casting as well, because people didn’t need much healing for a long while and they were both at a lot less mana than me, even though I started out with less (I had more hp, they more sp). I didn’t start actively healing until things got hairy, suddenly there were a lot of trash + Suulomades and ppl were taking a lot of damage. There was so much going on, so I just jumped in the middle and threw bursts and mass cures from myself. When Suulomades was almost dead I even threw some dp πŸ™‚ And yay! No deaths. (but crappy loot. The only named item I got was a defender full plate, which I gave away).

Then… I logged with Jarvanna, my new druid, to play with my sister. Here’s Jarvanna:


πŸ™‚ We ran Garrison’s Missing Pack, Durk’s Got A Secret, The Sunken Sewer, Missing in Action, The Kobolds’ New Ringleader, The captives and Walk the Butcher’s Path elite (unless I’m forgetting some quest). After which my sister got level, while I was still missing just under 1k. So I suggested Cerulean Hills slayer. We got as far as Nash Braza (Where the smoke’s at), when we both got completely lag stuck. Chat and voice chat was still working, but neither of us could move. We waited a good long while, recall and logout wasn’t working either. Then we kinda got a short lucky moment and were able to recall. Not going there again. So we headed over to water works instead, found two rares and I got xp for level. πŸ™‚

Here’s the two lvl 4 toons:
Jarvanna and Xenaya

Here’s the team:
The gang

And here Jarvanna’s having a secret discussion with Wolf. (Yes, I do not even wish to rename him, because Wolf is the name of the wolf in Jean M Auel’s book series about the Cro Magnon girl Ayla.)
Jarvanna and wolf

Oh, interesting, you can even train the wolf (he has his own action points and enhancements). πŸ™‚ Pretty cool.

Ty for reading and tc.

Love, Jarvanna.

P.S. What’s up with the bug that if your wolf dies in the quest, he’s still dead when you leave the quest and you can’t summon him again, because he is already summoned? And is there any way you can unsummon/ dismiss him?


7 comments on “Instead of Cannith night…

  1. Heard some Elf may have said Hi to your Druid on Thursday, I hope they were a Gentleman and didn’t embarrass you in front of your sister or anything.

  2. Click on his name just under your name on your hp/sp bar and a ‘dismiss’ option appears. It doesn’t always work though.

  3. @Mizz XD Which one? I believe her starter armor looked like that, this is a tiny bit better than starter.

    @kriss πŸ™‚ Yes. It would be cool to have your rogue come help us out with some traps, but like I said, my sis’s a bit shy πŸ™‚ Might not want to while she’s still learning how to play.

    @Dom πŸ™‚ ty for the info. Need to try that.

  4. I love the end part of VoD…it’s always so tense when the rest of the quest was easy. First the last group of orthons spawn and then the psycho kamikaze, exploding bats of party wipeness! At that point I simply stand on the party, toss down a blade barrier and spam bursts or heals and hope we live.

    Though sometimes…those darn crazy bats…

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