Oh, Man! Worst shroud ever

πŸ™‚ Well the shroud bit was only a small fragment of my gaming time tonight. I had decided to finally make my gs goggles, and while making them I realized I was missing a few ingredients. No prob, let’s see if they have them at AH. I bought about 4, but Glistening pebbles was priced and 150k. No, that’s too much, even if I have it. So, off I went to Rainbow in the dark, solo with hire and summon, normal. Soloing is just dull, and it takes way too long πŸ™‚ I mean, in a party there’s always something going on, and if u have to wait for something u can always chit-chat. Rainbow went fine, even though I ran out of mana half way to the first shrine and had to melee in the dark. Aura and fire elemental did help some. And in the end chest I got my pebbles and was able to make my gs blank. Then over to the guild ship to see if I can make my gs tier 1- Jup, I could, even though I had to buy one more ingredient from AH (was maybe 8k, so no big). Turns out we have an Altar of Invasion and an Altar of Devastation on the guild ship atm, but no Altar of Subjugation, so I would have to wait for the next Shroud to use it.

I then decided I finally wanted to make my way to Eveningstar, the easy way, running Beyond the rift lvl 16 normal πŸ™‚ Was a bit lost in the second part when I get a tell from someone I’ve run epics with, asking if I want to run Shroud. Sure, I was just trying to get to Eveningstar. πŸ™‚ He said he’d help me out after shroud. πŸ™‚ Ok, that’s cool.

When I join the party I see 2 fvs, several rogues and wizards, one sorc, one arti and one paladin. And guess what? Except for the paladin at 600 hp, I had the highest hp in the group (I just got 10 hp more from speaking to the Argonessen patron, so Thaz is with minos unbuffed over 500hp, buffed without minos over 500 as well). Several in the group weren’t even over 300. “This won’t go well”, I though to myself, but let’s give it a go. Well, the run was the worst one I’ve ever run. It was a mess. Part one went ok, just took us imo way too long to take out the portals (this is a sign that we probably won’t be able to take down Harry). Part 2 was a bit messy, since someone killed one of the reds too fast and the sorc who was on the crystal got helpless and couldn’t do anything. But on the second go we managed to get through.

In part 3 I must have pressed a button just by entering, because my puzzle solved itself (3×3). I also solved a circular one and a 5×5 (my first, yay!). Then someone was having problems in a 3×3 one, someone panicked and watered the fountain, stopping us from getting the two extra chests. I was pretty annoyed over that. Like come on, who cares that it’s taking a bit longer to solve some puzzles? No one had even died (actually someone did die before that, but that was from the blades).

The shroud

In part 4 is where everything just fell apart. When I heal shroud, I focus on one of the melees fighting Harry. But, the party didn’t wait for the blades to go away before killing the last devil, so when Harry arrived we had blades and other mobs around the room and people were all over the room fighting different mobs. There was maybe 2 people on Harry only. In round one 2 people died. In round 2 several more died. In round 3 we were maybe 4 people left alive, me and one fvs (who didn’t seem to know to heal himself), the pally and someone else. The pally was solo fighting Harry and I was out of mana since long ago. So as a last try I jumped in and started hitting on Harry myself, to try and heal with aura and bursts. Safe to say I didn’t last long. Got spammed with maybe 4 fire blasts and dropped. The pally lasted a few seconds more and then it was a wipe.

I have been in Shroud wipes before, my short Shroud history is 7 completions (5 normal, 2 hard) and 3 fails (all on hard), one of them a guild run, the rest pugs, but this was definitely my worst run so far. I was even in one where people were rushing and not waiting for buffs, still managed to complete. Shroud isn’t a hard raid, if people know what they’re doing and the leader is able to tell people what to do. But let inexperienced people run amok in the raid and this is what u get. What did I learn from this? Maybe to trust my gut? If my gut’s telling me it isn’t going to work (because we only seem to have one tank in the group), I should just politely decline the run.

πŸ™‚ Me and the rogue, who asked me to join the group in the first place, then headed of to Beyond the rift, epic normal. We got through it without too much problems, and I then asked to be guided round King’s forest πŸ™‚ Interesting place King’s forest. I didn’t get to see a dragon though. We did a few challenges and I got a few commendations. But the ghost stories challenge got the best of us. I did a successful concentration roll with my unbuffed 31 concentration (actually, come to think of it, I was not holding my +15 concentration dagger), but the red named necromancer was a bit tough. Well the problem was that I was the only one who could raise (the rogue had one scroll), so we wiped after I died a second time.

King's Forest

πŸ™‚ But I had a nice time anyway, and forgot about time again. Now I need to sleep…



17 comments on “Oh, Man! Worst shroud ever

  1. Awww Im sorry that shroud went el’wipo. Please do tell about which greensteel goggles you’re makeing.

    Ah the Kings Forest. Such a lovely place.

  2. By the way, Altar of Subjugation is also in the Devil Battlefield, near the zone-in point. I usually just go to that explorer area when I want to use it. No need it on the ship nor need to run Shrouds to use it. Of course that applies only when I have all the necessary ingredients ;P

  3. @redcatle πŸ™‚ ty, but the wipe wasn’t what made this the worst shroud ever. What bothered me was the lack of order and leadership. The leader wasn’t leading and the party didn’t know what they were doing. It was a mess. πŸ™‚ Those are the kind of runs I like the least of all in DDO. I’d take xp zergers any time, before a party full of newbies running amok. I have been in messy quests before where people just keep dying, and we’ve either just fought through it and continued or given up. I do prefer runs (quests) where people stay together, because we’re strongest that way, and I can help if someone needs it. My sort of rule is “If people zerg/rush, they’d better be self healing”. I still prefer to go through the quests through team work, and I will almost always run back and help if someone’s in trouble (as well as raise or run them to the shrine if I can’t raise).

    πŸ™‚ I guess I still need to get stricter. To say no, or leave when I know it’s just going to be a fail. But I just don’t. As long as someone is fighting, I will be fighting (or healing).

    I’m very boring, so making these, lol: http://perfectweb.org/ddo/crafting/base_crafting.php?base=15&tier1=71&tier2=126&tier3=161&tier4=162&bonus1=20&bonus2=65&altC=0

    @Naniel oh? πŸ™‚ cool, cool. Em, zone-in point, means where u enter? Where around there’s the altar? I could check my ingredients bag first, but if I happen to have enough for tier 2, or some of the parts of tier 2, I could head over there. πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry about the shroud run 😦
    Atleast you created your first gs blank πŸ˜€

    Ive had a couple of bad runs too, also made some mistakes myself luckily for me when i did we didnt wipe

    I like the party to stick together too, hate when everyone is running on around somewhere else lol im not much of a leader so when things go bad its not usually me sorting everyone out

  5. @legend πŸ™‚ ty. And jup. Well, I suck at navigating, so I don’t want to lead in most quests (unless I know them well), but I’m pretty quick to take charge if I need to (and know what I’m doing). But I don’t lfm for raids. I’m not confident enough. I prob should though. Oh, and I really want to try an elite Shroud πŸ™‚ Might wait until I finish my gs, though (or not, I’m not very patient), with Thaz’s new over 500 hp. Well if we’re running quests on my lfm, I do usually tell ppl to stick together, and wait for everyone and such (I can’t stand it when people run off before buffs).

    πŸ™‚ Also, btw, if I notice someone’s in trouble when running a quest (e.g. when running my monk), I will stop fighting and pull out a wand or a scroll and heal or raise them. Even when running the Attach on stormreach last time. In Assault on summerfield there was a point when we got close to wiping. I did just that, stopped fighting (someone else had aggro, so the mobs completely ignored me) and raised and healed a little. Thazara’s also currently so much more durable than she used to be, and with the epic destiny, she often get’s 1 min +10 hp when hit, so I can just stand and block.

    @Dom πŸ™‚ I love raids. I’m loving them more the more confident I become in myself. I’m also slowly getting to a point where I don’t beat myself up if someone dies. Especially in raids, you’ve got the lag, you’ve got a lot of people, and it’s not your fault of someone does die, if you were trying your best. In my opinion, in that case they died because they didn’t have DR or enough hp, not because you failed them. (lol. jup, as long as I am trying my best, any death is because of circumstances, not because of me)

  6. i only put my owm lfm up as i want to do that quest, will usually let people know i dont im not familiar enough and if they can lead, i used to put stick together and no zerging in the lfm but it seemed like no one joined lol

    Dont have confidence to host a raid

  7. πŸ™‚ I lfm quite often, usually with “need guide”. But lately I’ve swapped need guide for “good if you know it” (for quests I’ve run before but don’t know well enough to lead). I usually get someone who knows the quest well enough, so there wasn’t been too much of a problem. I very much dislike soloing, so if there’s nothing good on the lfm, I usually put up my own.

    But you know, confidence comes with experience πŸ™‚ I need to try soloing ADQ so I could lead one, for example. πŸ™‚ I could prob lead shroud as well, if I just read up on the walk through, so I know all the details.

  8. yeh i dont like soloing either, i been running with someone since maybe lv10, hes a good player and knows the quests well, the main reason ive enjoyed his company is because how nice he is always helping me out and if things go bad he dosent complain, so when we put the group up i dont need to put anything, if i dont play with him i need a opener and sometimes a guide if its tricky

  9. Hehehe. yeah, been in a few of these crazy runs in all sorts of raids. You can feel it when the leader isn’t leading, people aren’t following and nobody gives a hoot over having the minimum requirements for the raid.

    But Shroud can be run with ZERO melee if you have strong arcanes and divines :P, so lack of tanks wasn’t the issue, I’m sure.

  10. πŸ™‚ hih. Well, I wouldn’t know. The ones where we haven’t had enough tanking power, have failed. I wish any ranged ppl who don’t self heal would stay close to me so I can aura/burst heal them while I’m mass healing the melees.

  11. ranged toons that do not self-heal? o.O Bad. I’ve met them and have a very poor opinion of them. (also most of my toons are some form of “ranged” and I insist on self-healing)

  12. πŸ™‚ I agree. And I’ve met several of them. E.g. I kept getting annoyed with this one sorcerer in my last shroud (had one more similar failure the day after), she kept yelling for heals all the time. Actually in this one (the one I posted about), the sorc on the crystal was complaining that he was helpless and needed a heal. Seriously? I’m supposed to run to the crystal to help u, while I’m in the middle of battle trying to keep people from dying?

    (actually, I’m not that fond of pms either, even though I carry the harm spell to heal them… the aura works way too slowly, I see them getting lower and lower on hp, and I can’t do anything about it… if I’m out of mana for harm)

  13. Hehehe only now my fvs has harm, so I never look at the wizards. I chuckle when I see a fleshy AM. I met a couple wizards who expected me to harm them and I was like… what… why are you a pm if you cannot handle your own self-healing? MEH!

    Sorcerers should not be yelling for heals.

  14. πŸ™‚ I didn’t actually get the harm spell for pm’s but I on occasion use it on them. Oh, I’ve seen them, fleshy am’s, fleshy sorcs, fleshy artis. In a 6 person quest I can handle it, in a raid? No. I mass heal the tanks, so, if u’re not tanking, u’d better be self healing πŸ™‚ (although, in HoX I kept focus on myself, because I couldn’t tell who was in the group killing trash… so I just threw bursts and mass cures from myself (I was healing the trash killers))

    Actually today in Sins of attraction, I was telling people, “please stay together”. There was foes everywhere and I was having troubles targeting people, so I just wanted to mass heal, but it’s kinda stupid when people are all over the room. I can heal people one at a time, if it’s only one person taking hits, but when everyone is, it’s way too slow. At least I don’t beat myself up over people dying anymore… and with the update it doesn’t even cause xp penalty.

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