Here’s something u don’t see every day

Ran a hard shroud with Thazara yesterday, and guess what I had on my end reward list? A +3 intelligence tome! The only problem was that it was BtC, and since I have no plans to TR Thaz, I really don’t need it. But this is the first +3 tome I have seen/ found in the game, so I kinda had to get it πŸ™‚ But maybe, I could LR her and change her starting int and add points to con and/ or cha? I don’t exactly know how it works with these tomes, does the +3 int tome mean if I LR her, her starting int will be 11, instead of 8? That would free up 4 points, and I could raise her con to 16 (starting 12 +2 tome) and cha to 12 (starting 8 +2 tome). This would mean more hp and more turns πŸ™‚

When you TR or LR with these tomes, are the maximum points per ability raised? I’ve never done a reincarnation (except the greater with Thaz before any tomes) with tomes added to the toon, so I’m not quite clear on how they affect the build. So, if I LR Thaz, will her maximum wisdom be 19 and not 18, since she’s read a +1 wis tome?

Tc and see you around Orien or Cannith.


10 comments on “Here’s something u don’t see every day

  1. If you LR her, her starting INT will be the same, but (I THINK this is how it works) you’ll get +1 inherent bonus to INT at lvl 3, another +1 at 7, and the last +1 (for +3 total) at 11.

    Basically it doesn’t affect your starting stats when you reincarnate. You’ll just get the effect at the appropriate level as if you’d eaten the tome normally, if that makes sense.

  2. Yeah your base stats won’t be affected by anything other then 32pt builds or TRing
    Your final int will be +3 but it won’t free up points unless you calculate from start

  3. Even, surprisingly, was right…

    “After Reincarnation (Lesser, Greater, or True), the effects of the tomes will be gradually applied at the same levels as you level up (i.e., a +3 tome will have one point applied at L3, a second point at L7, and the third point at L11).”

    From DDO Wiki (

  4. Or, if this makes more sense… tomes don’t affect reincarnation or the process at all. Basically eating a +3 tome of a particular stat in one life will be like getting a +1 tome of that stat at lvl 3 of all subsequent lives, a +2 tome at lvl 7 and a +3 tome at lvl 11.

    The ONLY effect this has on reincarnation is that, if you know you’re going to get those pluses to stats, you can kinda plan them into the build. It’s a purely voluntary thing; if you eat a +3 Int tome and your goal for your next life is to have, say, 18 Int at endgame, you might choose to drop those three points from Int to start (since you’ll be getting them back a point at a time at lvls 3, 7 and 11) and put them somewhere else.

    … or did that just make it worse?

  5. πŸ™‚ oh, cool. Ty. I believe I will have to make a plan with the chargen and see if there is any point in doing a LR. πŸ™‚ It is a lot of work, so it kinda has to be worth it if I’m to do it. I would be fine with 2 skill points per level (with 12 int I had 3). I could reduce her int to 10, which would give me 2 points to add to con. But I might wait for more tomes first πŸ™‚

    And yes, I got it πŸ™‚

  6. If you eat a +3 stat tome in this life, then upon reincarnating (LR, GR, or TR), the “pluses” are gradually…oh wait, someone already beat me to it… (hehehe)

  7. πŸ™‚ I realized, that even if it had freed up 4 points, I still couldn’t get her con to 16 and cha to 12 since she’s an elf. Raising con to 14 would cost me 4 points. Still a possibility, though.

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