Cannith night

Yesterday was Cannith and clonk night again. I finally decided to buy the base version of MotU, since I do want to run epic destinies when they’re out. So base back meant 1 learning tome per server and an xp boost pot and spidey companion per toon. I named the spidey “Arraetrikos“. Not very original and I’m sure there are many Arraetrikos’isis running around Stormreach, but he’s the single most fought boss in ddo, so he deserves to have a tiny spider named after him, lol. Or maybe I just wanted the spider to seem more fierce than he actually is? πŸ˜€ Other options I considered were Aragog, Baby (from Dirty Dancing), Tiny (Huge creatures have a tendency be called Tiny) and Milou (Original name of Tintin’s dog Snowy).

I ran a pug Swiped Signet elite and that was just crazy. I was trying to help fight with my eternal wands, but people were rushing and I was having troubles keeping everyone healed. First try was a wipe, second try we had a bunch of deaths, but were victorious. With just the level 2 cures, I just couldn’t heal with spells, but was wand healing. I had several wands of repair (benefit of sorc dilly, I can repair), but apparently only one wand of cure serious, so I ran out close to the end. Party did give me a few pots, though, and I healed them up with mana before the last mobs.

Then I went in solo to The sacred helm elite, and was joined half way through by a couple of friends (went a lot easier after that, but we did have at least one death). I realized, though, that especially when soloing, Keronna, even though she has dumpted str, in fire stance + bull’s str I get her str to 14 and with the monk strikes she does more damage meleing than with the eternal wands. Eternal wands do damage of about 10, while I saw her punch a 20, and she hits faster than she can use the wands. Wands are still great for bigger foes and bosses, though. Sound burst + unarmed fighting, even when not built for melee, works pretty good at this level.

We then ran Depts elite (me, 2 guildies = wiz and rogue) and I got Ker to lvl 6. At lvl 6 I got her one of my fav hires: Storm (WF fvs), and we ran Irestone Inlet elite. Inlet has a tendency to make u dead, but I was surprised at how well we did, even though we duo’d the first half with hires, me and the rogue. Storm was as good as I remembered him. πŸ™‚ He’s basically a thf melee that can heal, so he does a good job at protecting the casters. In Inlet I had a big problem with getting hit with feeblemind, though. One hit and I couldn’t melee anymore, 2 hits and my backpack got so heavy that I got helpless (unable to do anything but move around).

πŸ™‚ I’m actually pretty pleased with how this toon’s turning out. I am planning to do a feat swap at some point, though, and swap extend for empower. Ker’s still very undergeared, since this is my first toon on this server and I have nothing saved. She’s also pretty poor, so basically she can barely afford one wand of cure serious per a few quests. πŸ™‚ But At lvl 6 she’s at about 107 hp (toughness feat and 2 enhancements) and 350+ sp in water stance, with +25 sp and +2 wis item.

Ty guys for a fun night and see you next time.

TC, Keronna


11 comments on “Cannith night

  1. Sounds like a good night. πŸ™‚ Hey when you get her to 8, when I come back(sometime next month(early) I hope), maybe I can use one of my xp stones on yuh! πŸ˜€ I wanna Snow Kitty!

  2. Well, every existing toon will get a free, +0LR from Kruz, after MotU comes out. So – yay! Free Re-spec!

  3. πŸ™‚ Hi Mizz, and ty. But I have to decline. I have no gear or plat for lvl 16, and I do not enjoy farming lower level quests. I also want to experience one lvl at a time with her. I won’t hold it against them if Dom or Ness want a stone, though.

  4. πŸ™‚ I don’t need a LR. I can use the Lockania free feat swap. I do wish to do a greater reincarnate and change her into a 32 p build as soon as I have enough favor to unlock it, though. But, of course, it’s nice to have a heart of wood banked πŸ™‚

  5. No I don’t want stoning tbh, I will never learn how to work/use the build if I skip key levels. Thanks for the thought tho.

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