Mailbox still broken

My myddo mailbox is still broken, so if you want to send me a pm, please send it to

Ty very much!

P.S. I have an annoying blue envelope and 3 unread messages that I can’t read. I do love getting messages, though 🙂


2 comments on “Mailbox still broken

  1. Psst – you do know there is a mail/PM system in the fora (sorry, “forums”) that seems to work rather well and is completely separate from the MyDDO system, yes? Just sayin’…

  2. XD u know, every time u say fora, I read flora. XD

    🙂 Yes, I know, and have used it too. But I’m not on the forums that much, while I’m always checking myddo and reading my mail (that mail is thazara’s mail, not my private one).

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