Spoiled rotten and invincibility syndrome

I was running my monk yesterday and I just realized how good I have it when running my cleric. I mean she has just about everything. She’s got all the good mass buffs (remove fear, aid, protection from evil, shield of faith, protection from elements, death ward and spell resistance), the same ones as solo buffs plus energy resist and night shield. She carries (usually wands) for remove poison, disease, curse, blindness, and scrolls of greater restoration. She can heal/cure almost anything and she carries scrolls as backup (about 200 scrolls of heal, 100 cure mod mass, and 60 resurrection). But I believe the best things are still the bursts and aura. Even with only 10 turn undeads atm, I keep the aura going all the time for free heals to myself and anyone in range. When I run into undead I do burst + implosion, and not many undead are still standing after that.

So, when I was running my monk fighting undead in necro 2, I kept wanting to use bursts and aura πŸ™‚ And every time I was as annoyed over the fact that I couldn’t. The second thing I was missing was death ward. Maidae only has one clicky of death ward that lasts for 7 minutes. Which in a quest like Tomb of the Shadow King is like nothing. But, since my monk is helf with cleric dilettante she can use different kinds of wands and scrolls (2 which I needed frequently in necro 2 were restoration and cure critical wounds).

Another thing I noticed when running my monk, was that with her I quickly start suffering from invincibility syndrome. I have never wanted to lead a party through quest before, but on my monk I’m always feeling like “oh, I could solo this”, so I keep running ahead (unless someone else is doing that). She’s just so darn tough πŸ™‚ She can easily take out groups of mobs solo, and traps usually don’t hurt more than a mosquito bite (well, sometimes a little more, but she can still run through them without dying). πŸ™‚ Of course, feeling like you’re invincible might make you play a bit non-carefully, but I am still keeping an eye on my health bar, and retreat to heal myself if I start taking too much damage. But what I apparently don’t do when playing my monk, is pay too much attention to the others health bars πŸ™‚ Maidae is always ready to kick butt, or help others when they need it, but she will not worry about others health unless they’re incapacitated (when she will throw them a cure), or dead (when she will raise them or carry them to a shrine).

Ok, that’s all from me for now. Take care and see you around Orien.

P.S. Since I’m trying to learn to take in game pics (i.e. remember to do it), here’s a pic of Thaz meleing in Searing Heights after running epic Bargain of Blood:

Thaz melee


5 comments on “Spoiled rotten and invincibility syndrome

  1. I love when I run into a quest and try to use my 5 button (Mass Cure Light) and something else happens and I have a brief moment of confusion and then remember that I’m not on my healers. I giggle every time over how silly I am.

  2. I guess its my age but my big problem on my monk is that since I got the boots of propulsion I have no control over the little &%$Β£”” I fall off stuf all the time, miss stairs an all sorts. Makes me feel like sticking to solitaire. πŸ™‚

  3. I had to train myself not to hit 4 on all my toons after my FvS got wings.
    I want to wing everywhere!!!!

    After leveling my wizard, I got on my sorcerer and completely forgot that she doesn’t have an aura. HAHAHA. Got to 50% HP before I clued in haahahaha.

  4. At times I suffer from class or character confusion.
    Well it comes from having so many characters.
    1.Smigit a level 20 dwarf fighter
    2.Smigitjr level20 dwarf tempest ranger
    3.Xappit level 18 tr wiz
    4.Smigitfive 20 dwarf artificer
    5.Tamix 20 halfelf cleric
    6.Tamik 3rd life tr now a dwarf pally 14, was a human cleric then a halforc fighter.
    7.Xsong level 20 spell singer bard half elf
    Plus way to many others.
    I have maxed out my character slots at 40.
    My goal is not to go completionist only one will be that.
    I am going for making one of each class to 20
    So far have completed:
    So confusion does set in.
    I am also working on a level 10 monk
    a level 9 Fvs a lowbie Sorc, Barbarian.
    Me I am on Argonnessen.
    I have 4 level 20’s at this time.
    4 tr’s from level 14-18.
    I have it set up where I could run Raid the giant vault some 40+ times per week if I want.
    My bard has a haggle of 81 buffed so if I max out my vault runs I can farm over 500k in plat just selling to the house p pawn.
    Me I have way to much free time I am disabled from a car wreck.
    I have gathered all kinds of gear for my toons as they level.
    When doing guild runs I have to tell them give me a few so I can study tool bars for who ever I am running. As of taking pics have taken some great ones over the years. One friend was using a vicious weapon on the training dummy and taking damage we would trade it around taking pics of us being incapacitated. We even posted a thing called training accidents.
    Safe journeys.

  5. πŸ™‚ ty guys for ur comments.

    I keep my bursts and aura on the scroll button on the mouse (press for bursts, ctrl+press for aura), I yet have to pick something for the other toons for that button. But since I use the bursts and aura all the time, I really miss them on my other toons πŸ™‚

    Also, since my other toons are still leveling, I keep moving their stuff around on the quick bars, so e.g. I’m still having to look to remind myself which spell/stance I put where.

    @chance2000 πŸ™‚ Yes, does sound like you have a lot of time to play πŸ™‚ I think I play maybe 10-30 h/week? I get the confusion though. I decided that my limit was 3 toons, but I still play Thazara the most, probably because she’s the only one running, for me, new content, higher level stuff, epics and running raids (suddenly I got really into running raids).

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