Just a short post (or not so short, lol)

Thazara did her first high level quest last night (unless you count CC), Power Play elite, and she died a total of one time, when trying to run through a three part blades trap. Part one went fine, part 2 hit her with full force and she was insta killed. Got raised and a second later the bard died in the same trap 🙂 Funny thing though, Thaz is focused on offensive casting (although not quite done yet), her dp’s fine and she was even able to land some implosion and greater command in there. But the foes were immune to energy drain and destruction did very little. So, when the wiz webbed the foes, I jumped in and worked on them with my lovely new scimitar (Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) tier 2 ) 🙂 In one of the fights I jumped in the middle of the fight, took damage like crazy, but was able to keep Thaz standing by spamming bursts. (I thought the foes were undead, so I was trying the bursts + implosion thing. They weren’t though, lol. But implosion works on anything).

Oh, and I got a lovely new toy:

Magwright's cloak

🙂 didn’t pull it, but was given it.

Now, Thaz needs more hp and more sp. I got minos for her, and I got my archmage hat from CC, and the greater cunning trinket. Buffed with her sp toys she’s at 1800 sp. After mass buffing I change to minos and her hp’s well over 400, but sp’s at 1600. I keep feeling like the underdog (unlike when running my lvl 7 sorcs who’s got over 800 sp) 🙂 But I must remember that Thaz is a first lifer and doesn’t have any green steel yet. I could look at getting some stuff with medium augment slots though. And I need to get some new stuff so I can use the dex ring from CC as well. Atm Thaz’s got: ring of greater false life, ring wis +6, belt con+6, minos, and deathblock necklace. I could use a wis necklace, but then I won’t be able to use the deathblock one (from Necro 1-3). Ah, I need more good stuff 🙂

On a side note, while I prefer to be the only healer in any party (since 2 healers usually mean wasting sp healing the same people), I do like having bards backing me up 🙂 The bard will keep ppl alive when I’m not fast enough, but they’re not as powerful healers, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting mana when running with them.

Take care and see you around Orien.


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