Crystal cove

Here’s my twist. I don’t like challenges, I don’t like running slayer, and I don’t like Crystal Cove. Ironically I plan to run CC anyway.

I stink at navigating challenges and wildernesses. My brain just doesn’t want to learn maps. It considers it unnecessary information. Of course, after running a quest a certain amount of times the information sort of sticks anyway.

I did the noob thing last night, joined a CC party with Thaz, didn’t do my homework (or slayer) and wasn’t able to enter when the others did. And then I got a bad conscience from leaving the party without a healer. Oh, well. Better luck next time. And I’m thinking Thaz doesn’t need to do CC anyway.

On a side note, Thaz just got her blue robe (it’s pretty awesome) and she’s just about to get minos (ty Cyl and Wallii) 🙂

See you around Orien.


5 comments on “Crystal cove

  1. Don’t give up on CC yet. For any caster, you REALLY want the Epic Dagger. If you wear medium armor, you REALLY want the Epic Cavalry Plate (Tier 3, blue slot). If you currently have Dex on a Ring, you REALLY want the Epic Buccaneer ring. If you don’t have an archmagi item yet, you REALLY want to get a hat or 2 and put Achmagi on one of them.

    Take a look at the wiki entry for CC items – there is some AMAZINGLY good gear for a cleric that’s pretty easy to get with out TOO much grinding. And the bonus is, you’re GUARANTEED to get them, not like running ADQ 120 times and never seeing a Torc…

  2. Ty for your comment.

    🙂 I do want the epic dagger, but am I able to get it before level 20? (I am not planning on leveling Thaz to 20 in a while yet)

    Thaz does not have a dex ring, the only dex item she is using atm is the globe of imperial blood.

    The gear she has/will have (should get minos today as a matter of fact):

    Blue Dragonscale Robe
    Minos Legends
    Health +6 belt
    Greater false life ring
    Wis +6 ring
    Cha +6 cloak
    Str +6 gloves
    Silver Flame Talisman
    Striding +30%/ feather fall, +10 balance boots
    Ethereal bracers
    Globe of imperial blood trinket (basically only for the dex +2)
    Goggles of time-sensing (for haste)

    She is also using the medusa shield, Shield of reflecting, which has been great so far, turns 1/3 opponents that try to hit Thaz to stone. In Orchard it turned groups of 5 to stone 🙂

    She does not have an archmage item yet, that would be good.

  3. Yes, you CAN get the Epic versions now. Level 18 Cove runs drop ONLY Emeralds and Diamonds, which are the required gems to purchase the Epic versions of every item. You won’t be able to equip them until 20, but you can still purchase and upgrade them.

  4. Yep, you can indeed get epic items before L20 – I got an epic ring and brawling gloves, both at T3, for my monk when my highest character was about 15 (maybe my bard was up to 16). Unlike Mabar and the Challenges, the epic items don’t require anything in the way of Epics – you just need to be able to run L17+ Coves (if you don’t have anybody high enough for that, just find a group doing gem – not shard – runs in that range and see if you can pike. Or play healbot to the barb *g* And do shard runs on lower level characters)

    All of the items and ingredients are BTA, so you don’t need to run the Cove with the character for whom you want the items.

  5. 🙂 Thanks guys for the information. Let’s see if I manage to get some cove items this time, or if it’ll have to wait for the next time. (Running cove’s not first on the priority list)

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