Thazara vs Sinvala

Thazara is a level 18 cleric. Almost 9 months old, and she’s got ok gear for her level, better still when she gets the blue dragonscale robe and minos legends. So, I wanted to test if I could solo Sinvala on normal. I brought with me a lvl 18 wizard hire, which I thought could help do some damage. Well, the hire turned out to be completely useless. The only use I found was to have her summon a hezrou to help take out the kobolds on the way to the dragons. I casted my way through the kobolds on the way to the dragons (heightened, maximized, empowered inflict critical wounds mass – kobold insta deaths) and dp’d the crystals.

We get to the dragon, I buff, through a few dp’s at Varath and she goes down pretty quickly. Rest and rebuff and here comes Sinvala. I’m thinking I should have brought a cleric hire instead, to save sp from self heals. I try to save sp, mostly using aura and bursts for heals, and mostly using buffed dp’s for fighting, still I have to pot to keep going (went through 7 mod TP pots). I keep running around with the dragon after me, throwing dp’s (and a few bb’s), while the hire is standing there looking stupid. The whole quest’s over in less than 30 mins 🙂 End loot was pretty useless, and I’m not too happy about wasting pots, but at least now I know she can do it 😀



3 comments on “Thazara vs Sinvala

  1. Congrats! I just tried soloing my capped Light Monk at Sinvala just yesterday, on Hard. No hirelings. I got her down to less than 50% before my ship buffs wore off and left me losing more HP than Fists of Light, Healing Ki and Vampiric Stonedust Wraps could return. It was a hoot. Next time, I’m coming in there with a Holy Burst ring. Overgrown lizard…! 🙂

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