First Titan raid

Thazara did her first Titan raid last night. What happened? Joined a bit late, forgot the sigil in the bank and had to go get it, after having gotten a taxi ride up to the volcano. Looted a couple of chests, raised 2 players and failed a jump 2 times (after which I just waited for someone to lower the bridge). We get to the Titan and after breaking the tops and I guess bottoms of the pillars, us casters (or anyone else not on the floor with the titan) were told to get off the floor – pike on a ladder.

As far as I know there was only one death, the sorc. But around when the titan was down to less than half hp, my connection crashes. And only mine. I’m thinking it’s my shitty Internet provider again, but no. I do a speed test while I’m waiting for the DDO client to connect – download ~ 7 Mbps, upload ~ 2 Mbps, which is perfectly good speed for my max 15 M 3G connection (I’m running over 3G + WLAN), shouldn’t be having connection problems. It takes me like forever (5-10 min) to get back online, and when I do the Titan’s dead. The other’s waited for me before opening the chests, but still when I open them, they’re empty. Blah. So, what do I get? No end loot and a useless end reward. At least I got a completion. What ever good that does.

But, as a consolation prize a party member/ friend of mine gave me a souvenir afterwards. This:

Staff of the Seer

πŸ™‚ I have no use for it (at least not at the moment) but she told me that I can brag about the +5 umd. Apparently there’s only 2 items in DDO that has it?

I asked the party if anyone else had lost connection during the raid, but apparently I was the only one. And since my Internet connection was fine, the problem was on the DDO server side. Shame on you turbine. How many years have you been running DDO? And how many customer’s don’t you have? As a paying customer I would expect better service.

Hoping for a better raid the next time around.
See you around Orien.


6 comments on “First Titan raid

  1. Meh – DC’s happen. Frustrating, yes, but no one can ever guarantee connection 100% of the time. I had one where I was running solo in “The Pit” and at the final battle. *POOF* Took me longer than 5 minutes to reconnect, so instance was reset. Grrr. But oh well.

  2. Seems for some there has been a bit of lagginess throughout parts of the game (more so than usual), zone load crashes and the like. But, if you happen to be a Comcast/Xfinity/Cox customer, their network has been a bit ratty lately, as well. Too many danged MyFace users and their Flash games… πŸ™‚

  3. Staff is good but useless for scroll/wand usage compared to the gloves. Those are the only +5 UMD item that matters πŸ™‚

  4. πŸ™‚ crashes suck. But even more when you’re the only one and it takes you a while to get back. Once I was running a sands quest, my connection crashes just as the quest gets finished. When I get back on I’m outside the quest and the party has left.

    πŸ™‚ Yeah, I just realized the staff is a two-hander. Pretty stupid of them to put umd on a two-handed weapon πŸ™‚

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