My name is Thazara

Hi. My name is Thazara. I’m young female elf that has been running around Stormreach since August 2011. I started out as a generalist cleric, mostly meleing at the lower levels, doing crowd control (trying to keep aggro) while my rogue buddy was killing the opponents off with his repeating crossbows. I was mostly doing quests 2 levels lower than my own on elite, and going through all the quests collecting favor. Around level 7 my melee started to stink and I started healbotting. I did a couple of feat swaps and was trying to raise my ac a little. I was a crappy addition to parties, since I spent a lot of time being dead.

At level 12 I went through a greater reincarnation. I got a new look and a new life. My life had meaning again. I was still collecting favor, but now I wasn’t the one being carried through quests, but I was the one who many times got the party through. In the right quests I was even getting insta kills with my spells πŸ™‚ But at this point my only plan was to work on collecting favor and a bit of crafting xp. I was suppose to only be a support to my brothers and sisters. But around level 16 my life got new meaning again. New plan: epics. πŸ™‚

At the moment I’m farming for blue dragonscales for the robe and tapestrys for Minos legends. I will never be a TR, or have the dc of an arcane, but I will be a lot tougher than most first lifers πŸ™‚ I’m working on maxing hp and wisdom, and empowering my spells. I do still melee some, I can successfully melee my way through a quest two levels lower on normal (with some spells to back me up), which is something I usually do when soloing.


Here’s my list of likes and dislikes:

– questing with a good party (I prefer balanced parties with tanks, arcanes and a trapper)
– offensive casting
– tanks, casters and trappers – the ones who keep me alive πŸ™‚
– being the only healer in a party (except raids)
– insta kills
– successful quests
– friendly party members
– semi-fast runs/ fast runs, but no zerging

– weak parties
– mana sponges
– people who kill themselves on traps over and over again
– babysitting the party
– quitters
– people who complain about how I do my job
– people not carrying heals and raises i.e. expect me to do everything and if I’m killed, party wipe
– quests that take too long to finish
– puzzles (basically, I don’t do them)
– soloing

I am friendly and I want to enjoy myself, which I do in a good party πŸ™‚

See you around Orien.
Love, Thazara

P.S. I just recently hit 3000 favor and unlocked veteran status 2 πŸ™‚


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