Gianthold Tor raid flagging

Here’s another post from the newbie 🙂

I’m doing all quests for max favor with Thazara, and I’ve been doing them on level to allow other players to get bravery. I’m also raid flagging. At level 16 I ran Necro 4 until I got all the sigil pieces and then Gianthold until I had enough  relics to flag for Tor. Tor, though, was a lot harder than expected 🙂 I jumped on a party level 18-20 killing the dragons on elite, and I got them through the white dragon. But, the blue dragon ended up being too hard for us. Third time wipe and we gave up. So, I decided to level Thaz to 17 and try again. I haven’t been questing much with the guildies (I’m in Legends of Orien), but one of the officers asked if anyone wanted to run Tor, and I joined the party where everyone was level 20 but me 🙂 We went in on hard. It’s apparently the belief that the white dragon’s the hardest, but the black one turned out to be the hardest for us. I prefer to stand on the side and throw buffed divine punishment (maximize, empower, brilliance V and efficiency VI) at the bosses while I heal, but here I had to focus only on healing. The problem is that I tend to forget to heal myself, Thaz took a few hits of acid and got dead. Second time around went about the same. I healed a couple of times and then went down. Both times party threw me a raise, but before I could heal myself I got hit and died. Third time we went in I summoned a greater air elemental, we went in and I dropped again after a few hits. 4 others dropped a while later. Luckily one person was still standing in the end and was able to slay the giant and dragon. Yay team! 🙂

I’m still loving playing my cleric 🙂 Of course I feel like crap when I fail to keep the party alive, but I am getting better at it. I also just started using the spells destruction and banishment more. Multiple mephits go down with banishment (works on devils and elementals too, but only got insta kills on mephits) and got nice insta kills with destruction in Tor 🙂 I carry two superior ardor VI clickes that I use for all the heals (healing wf or toons with  lot of hp is not a problem anymore), something like six superior efficiency VI and two brilliance V (crafted). I also picked up wands for remove curse, disease, poison and blindness as well as scrolls of greater restoration. Thaz is meant to be a good offensive caster, but also the “healer”, the backbone of the party who buffs, heals and removes negative effects.

I did a greater reincarnation with Thaz at level 12, changed her from a gimped toon into an offensive caster with melee capability. I had a lot of problems at first learning to balance healing and offensive casting. Now I’ve learned to first look at the health bars, and only offensive cast if the party is doing ok. If someone needs healing the heal should come first, since if I don’t heal first, they’re likely to die. Also, when I offensive cast, I’m likely to get aggro which usually means I have to run away rather than heal the party. I love the true resurrection spell, though, since it restores the toon’s hp to full, which means, I don’t have to focus on healing the resurrected toon after resurrect, but can focus on the rest of the party (raise sucks in that way that if you don’t heal the toon fast enough, they’re likely to die again right away).

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading and see you around (if you’re on Orien) 🙂


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