Here’s my rant for the day.

I play a lot in random groups through lfg (other’s or my own) or by personal requests from people looking for a healer. What I can’t stand are people who leave the party in the middle of a quest, because the quest turned out to be a bit challenging. And I actually find it rude when people do it without a word (or just by saying “bye”). When I join or create a party to do a quest, my goal is to finish that quest. Unless there really is no way to finish the quest, I will keep trying. Why? Because I consider it a waste of time to not finish what you started. Of course, people who do leave are usually ones who weren’t contributing that much to the party anyway, and the loss won’t be that great, but it’s about principles. Unless you have a good reason for dropping out in the middle of a quest (e.g. prior engagements, kids, etc.) , I will very much find you a douche for doing so. And you should at least be polite enough to let us know why you are ditching us. The same goes for failed attempts at runs. So we failed, because people were running all over the place instead of sticking together. I wanna try again with better tactics, and you just drop out (again without a word)? I must remember to start blacklisting people…

Second, I also can’t stand it when I’m lfg:ing for a party and people join only to leave again a few minutes later. I understand if it’s taking too long for the party to fill (hey I hate waiting too), but please don’t join if you’re not gonna do the quest, ok? And read the #@!% lfg, ok? If I’m looking for levels 13-16, don’t join and complain about the level 16 toon ruining your bravery streak. You are just wasting my time.

Third, if you’re playing a divine and join a party that is looking for a healer, you will be expected to do at least some amount of healing, ok? You can’t just jump in with the melees and leave people to die. If you’re not going to heal you should let the party know, and/or not join a party that’s looking for a healer.

🙂 Alright, I’m done now. Thanks for reading.


First post

So, I’ve been playing DDO for a few months now (8) and am slowly getting a feel for the game 🙂 I’m very green, never played D&D or any MMO before, but I love fantasy and fiction, so have fallen in love with DDO (but sometimes I’m feeling a lot of hate for my Internet provider). I started playing my cleric in DDO in the same way as I played my elf in Zelda the Twilight princess on Wii, and very fast learned that it doesn’t work 🙂 Oh, and I was determined to play an elf cleric – elf because elves are cool and a cleric because they’re versatile. What happened? A few levels up and I started to hate my char. She was quite useless for anything but being a healbot, and I didn’t want to play healbot. I was determined to collect as much favor as I could with this char, so I really didn’t want to reroll. So, at lvl 11 I went on the forums for the first time and asked for help. Result? Did a greater reincarnation and turned my char into an offensive caster cleric. And now I love her. 🙂  New plan: make her into an end game toon. I’m still collecting favor, and am therefor leveling very slowly (holding levels), but when I finally hit cap, I want to run some epics. Just need to find and/or craft suitable gear. 🙂 But all in good time. I have no plans on TR:ing this toon, as I will be hitting 3000+favor and do not wish to recollect it 🙂